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Watching College Football without a Cable TV Subscription

I have a confession to make: I love college football. Don’t get me wrong, professional football is great, but college football will always have its own special place in my heart; and many other Americans agree.

At first glance, it would seem like the cord-cutting football fan has limited options when it comes to getting their football fix; but in reality, through a little research, you can watch the entire college football season without missing any important games.

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So here is the question I constantly get asked:

How Can I Watch College Football Online Free?

Fortunately for the cord cutting college football fan, roughly 44 percent of all college football games are broadcasted by ESPN; and that 44 % makes up a lot of the big games, like the NCAA National Championship.

Here’s how you can do it.

2015-16 Bowl Season Schedule

College Football 2015-2016 Season Schedule

College Football with Sling TV

Sling_Television_logo_white_webreadyLike I mentioned previously, approximately 44% of college football broadcasts appears on ESPN; and ESPN comes standard in Sling TV‘s base package. If you’re used to having the sports giant bundled into your pricey cable package, you might not have noticed; but if you’re a veteran cord cutter, you sure have.

How to watch College Football Online

Thankfully for all sports fans involved, you no longer need a cable subscription to watch college football on ESPN.

Sling TV is a brand new service that delivers 20+ live television channels for $20 a month; ESPN 1 & 2 included. In addition to those channels, you can also purchase the SEC Network add-on for an extra $5.
If that’s not enough football, you can also access ESPN 3 online for free with no subscription. If you’re a college football fan, Sling TV is your football savior. Start with their 7-day free trial, and cancel if you’re not thoroughly impressed.

Over the Air Broadcasts:

A considerable amount of games can be viewed on the major broadcast networks ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. All you need to watch over the air broadcasts is an OTA Antenna so you can pick up the games; you may also want an OTA DVR if you don’t want to miss any games.

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ABC tends to broadcast games regionally like the NFL; games outside your region can often be found on ESPN 3, which you can stream online for free (I will get to that later in the post). NBC broadcasts Notre Dame home games, various regional games, and the “Bayou Classic”; which is a rivalry game between Gambling State and Southern University. CBS will broadcast mostly SEC games, and has exclusive rights to the SEC championship. Fox broadcasts Pac-12 and Big 12 conference games, with regional stations broadcasting local games as well.

You won’t always be able to watch your favorite team, but you can still get a fair dose of football from the broadcast networks.

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CBS College Sports Live:

Watch College Football OnlineCBS College Sports Live is a subscription package offered but CBS where you can stream college sports and press conferences online. Unfortunately, the vast majority of games are only available to listen to over the radio. For $9.95 a month, CBS’s College Sports Live package may seem like an alright deal; but considering that most schools allow free radio streaming of their games, it’s not as good as it sounds. If you’re a fan of minor football teams, this might warrant a look; but for everyone else, just keep on moving.


Believe it or not, you can actually stream games on ESPN 3 online for free. Most of these are second-tier games that aren’t in your region. They may not be huge games, with the national championship on the line, but you can still find some really entertaining games on there and it’s worth a look.

ESPN Player

In case you haven’t noticed, sports organizations hate American sports fans; or more succinctly, they want to milk more money out of us than the rest of theWatch College Football Online world. ESPN has a streaming app where you can watch college football, but it’s available only outside the US. It’s called ESPN player.

ESPN’s College Annual Pass

Also called NCAA College Pass

There are varying subscription packages you can pick, but the one you’re looking for is College Annual Pass. It gives you access to every ESPN college sports broadcast, including college football. It costs $153.57 for a year or $12.79 a month. If you’re not too keen on other college sports, I recommend paying by the month.

Cable companies want you to think that you have no choice, no other option but them. They want you to think that they have your favorite sports hostage; and that the only way to see them is by paying outrageous monthly fees. As you can see today that is not true.

You do have options. It may take an extra 20 minutes to an hour at best, but isn’t that extra time worth it? Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars a year for channels you don’t want or need? Stop struggling with the cable company, cut the cord, and Kill Your Cable Bill today!

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