How to Watch USA Online without Cable

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USA is one of the most popular cable channels around for a reason. They offer the right mix of sports coverage, original programming, and daytime syndicated offerings. This means cable users can watch everything from Modern Family re-runs to original shows like The Sinner, The Purge, or Queen of the South.

They also offer a variety of sports coverage including popular franchises from WWE RAW. They even cover a lot of The Olympics. If you’re looking for streaming options, keep reading to learn how to watch USA online without cable with services like fuboTV (free trial).

Each of the services below will give you access to a USA live stream without cable. You’ll also be able to enjoy a wide range of other cable channels, also cable-free.

Packages are inexpensive, easy to use, and sign-up happens within minutes. You have nothing to lose as none of these services require contracts, so let’s get started!

How to Watch USA Online Without Cable: At a Glance

This section will give you a look at two of the easiest ways to watch USA without cable. There are more services that offer USA, but these are two of the most popular options. You’ll find out the basics about both services. If you continue reading, you’ll get a chance to find out more about every service that offers a way for you to watch USA online without cable.

fuboTV has one of the largest streaming packages available with 100 channels to start. This package is $64.99 per month. You can also add several channels if you want to increase your lineup even further. You can watch USA, Bravo, Hallmark, some local channels (based on location), over 30 sports channels, cable news networks, cartoons, and more! The on-demand library features 3-day replay. You’ll also have a cloud-based DVR, and you can access many TV Everywhere apps. You can stream USA on mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, mobile devices, and more. Try fuboTV free for 7-days!

Hulu Live gives you over 60 channels plus all of the content included in Hulu’s on-demand library. You can enjoy all of this content for $64.99 per month. The USA live stream is just one included channel. You’ll also have ESPN, TNT, Syfy, Freeform, NBCSN, local channels, and much more. You can even add movie channels if you’re looking for more entertainment. TV Everywhere apps are compatible with most networks. You’ll also have a cloud-DVR. You can stream USA on Xbox, computers, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices, and more. Get Hulu Live free for a week!

Using Streaming Services to Watch USA Without Cable

Streaming services have made it easier than ever to enjoy all the positive aspects of cable while leaving the negative ones behind. For starters, you’ll pay less, and you’ll get many of the same channels. More importantly, you get more channels you’ll watch with less of the fillers that just add to your channel count.

Here are some streaming features that tend to be the most popular:

  • Each package offers a variety of channels for less – Streaming packages all vary quite a bit in how much they offer, and what they cost. You can expect to get anywhere from 30-100+ channels from packages as low as $30 per month. These packages include channels you want to watch, instead of filling you up with music channels or other fillers that you pass by as you channel surf.
  • Try each service for free – While not every streaming service offers a free trial, all of the ones that offer a USA live stream, do. This means you have at least one week to try out each service. None of them require any type of contract, so if you’re not happy, you can easily cancel and move onto the next service.
  • You own your streaming device and can use as many as you want. Options can range from Roku, Xbox, PS4, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, computers, and other devices. This means you can watch TV when and where you want.
  • You can watch TV live or on-demand. Each service offers a set of live channels and the option to add more. Beyond that, you’ll be able to watch content in the on-demand library that’s included with each package. You’ll also be able to use TV Everywhere apps for many of the channels in your package.
  • Save the content you want. Like the other features you’ve learned about, each package also includes a cloud-based DVR. This means you can save as much content as you want. Some services even allow you to upgrade the amount of space that you receive.

Hopefully, this helped you learn more about streaming, so now we can move on with how to watch USA streaming online.

Watch the USA Live Stream on fuboTV

fuboTV features about 100 channels in their main package. You’ll pay $59.99 per month for this package. This includes USA, AMC, Syfy, TNT, NBCSN, TBS, and much more. If you’re looking for extra channels, there are many add-on options available to you. Each package also comes with an on-demand library and a cloud-based DVR. As this is a contract-free service, you can leave your package behind whenever you want. Here are some additional fuboTV details:

  • $64.99/month to start
  • 100 channels are available, and you can add many others
  • An on-demand library is included with a 3-day replay
  • Watch fuboTV free for one-week
  • Stream on iOS/Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more
  • A cloud-DVR is included, and you can upgrade the space

fuboTV is a popular choice for sports fans because of the number of sports channels that are included in the main package. Despite the large package, you can still add dozens of additional channels for a fee. Along with live TV, you’ll have an on-demand library and much more. Our fuboTV review has more details.

Watch USA Streaming on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is a popular package choice because it blends live and on-demand TV, unlike other packages. You’ll start with 60+ channels including a USA live stream. From there, you’ll have all of the content that comes with the main Hulu on-demand service. This means thousands of hours of content including Hulu Originals. All of this is available for $64.99 per month. There are also several ways to upgrade your package should you want to. Here are some more highlights:

  • 60+ channels
  • The full Hulu on-demand service is included
  • $64.99 per month
  • Most areas receive have access to local channels
  • You can make extra user profiles if you share your account
  • The first week is free when you sign up for the Hulu Live trial offer
  • Watch on Amazon Fire TV, computers, Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, etc.

Hulu Live offers some of the best in live and on-demand content for a price lower than cable. Each package comes with access to TV Everywhere apps. You can also save content to the included cloud-DVR. Streaming is possible on most devices, and with no contract, you can cancel whenever you want. Our Hulu with Live TV review can tell you more.

Watch USA without Cable on Sling TV

Sling TV has three package options and there’s a USA live stream in two of them. The cheapest option is the Sling Blue package. You’ll get 45+ channels for $30 per month. Otherwise, you can get the Orange + Blue package, with around 60 channels for $45 a month. Each package includes an on-demand library and a small cloud-based DVR with the option for upgradeable space. Sling TV is the cheapest streaming service that allows you to watch USA online without cable. Here is more on Sling TV:

  • One of the top ways to stream TV on the cheap
  • Packages starting from $30/month
  • 45+ channels are available in the Sling Blue package
  • Several package add-ons are available, each for a small fee
  • Each package now includes some cloud-DVR storage space
  • Stream Sling TV free for 3 days
  • Watch on iOS/Android devices, computers, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV

Sling TV has been around since the beginning of live streaming TV. As a result, they offer an inexpensive package that’s been tested for years. You can stream live and on-demand TV on Sling TV or through TV Everywhere apps, using most streaming devices. There’s no risk included because there’s a free trial and you can cancel when you want. You can learn more in our Sling TV review.

Watch USA Streaming on AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW provides one more option if you want to watch USA without cable. Here you can pick from multiple packages. No matter which package you choose, they all include USA. This means you can focus on the other channels in the package. The cheapest package is $64.99 per month and includes HBO, ESPN, and 40 other channels. Like other services, there are channels that can also be added to your package for a fee. Here’s more on AT&T TV NOW:

  • Multiple packages are available
  • Start with 40+ channels for $64.99/month
  • HBO is included with this package
  • An on-demand library and cloud-DVR are included
  • Stream your first week for free
  • Watch on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, mobile devices, Chromecast, and more

AT&T TV NOW isn’t going to be for everyone, due to the higher cost associated with each package. Still, if you want something easy to use and don’t mind the price, this could be the option for you. Other than the smaller package sizes, AT&T TV NOW offers an on-demand library, cloud-DVR, and other features common to similar streaming packages. You can learn more in our AT&T TV NOW review.

Watch USA Online without Cable on YouTube TV

YouTube TV includes USA and over 70 other channels for $64.99 per month. You can also watch ESPN, TNT, FX, AMC, Syfy, ESPN2, FS1, TBS, and other channels. A small number of other channels can also be added to your account for a fee. Each package comes with an on-demand library. The really impressive feature is the cloud-DVR that offers unlimited space. You can save recordings for up to 9 months! Here are some more details on YouTube TV:

  • 70+ channels are available for $64.99 per month
  • Most local channels are available in most areas
  • Stream using Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, and more
  • Unlimited space comes with the cloud-based DVR
  • You’ll also have access to an on-demand library

YouTube TV offers most of the things that other services offer, plus additional options like the chance to make user profiles or to save unlimited content to the cloud-DVR. There aren’t any contracts included, so you can cancel whenever you want. Our YouTube TV review has even more details. YouTube TV even starts you off with a 7-day free trial!

How to Watch Other Entertainment Channels without Cable

Looking for info on how to watch another channel without cable? Check out the chart below.

BETHallmark Mysteries & MoviesTruTV
Comedy CentralHGTVTV Land
Discovery ChannelInvestigation DiscoveryVH1
Food NetworkLifetimeweTV


Wrapping Up

With five services to choose from, there is no shortage of ways to watch USA without cable. Each service offers some pros and cons, so the choice will depend on your interests. No matter what choice you make, remember you can always cancel each service whenever you want. This means there’s no risk in trying any of these services. If you find one you think might be for you, just sign up for the free trial. If it doesn’t work out, you can always choose another service!

That’s everything you need to know to watch USA online. If you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them!

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