How to Watch Telemundo without Cable

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Telemundo is one of the most popular American Spanish-language TV networks in the country. Owned by NBCUniversal, Telemundo is considered a local channel. That means that you may be able to get Telemundo live with a digital antenna. The network offers a mix of reality TV, sports, telenovelas, cartoons, news, and even movies. If you don’t have cable or a digital antenna, you can also watch Telemundo live online. The rest of this article will offer all of the details you need to stream Telemundo live or on-demand with all of your favorite streaming devices.

Whether you want to watch FIFA matches, Miss Universo, MasterChef Latino, or any of a dozen telenovelas, Telemundo has you covered. If you have a digital antenna you may already have access to this popular network. If not, you still have options. Keep reading to find out how you can sign up and watch Telemundo live without cable in no time!

How to Watch Telemundo Live Without Cable: At a Glance

You can stream Telemundo on multiple streaming services. All of these services give you a free trial, so you can be sure you’ve picked the right service for your needs.

None of them use contracts either. That means you’re always free to cancel your subscription whenever you want. If you’re ready to sign up and start streaming, you can look to two of the most popular options – FuboTV and Hulu + Live TV. Later, you can find a complete list of ways to stream Telemundo live!

FuboTV starts you off with over 100 channels. From there, you can add almost as many through add-on options. The main package is $64.99. You’ll have access to Telemundo live, along with AMC, CBS, USA, TNT, Syfy, beIN Sports, NBCSN, and several other channels.

You can stream on Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and most other devices. And it allows you to stream simultaneously on 3 devices and includes 250 hours of DVR storage.

FuboTV offers a free 7-day trial to all new subscribers. During the trial, you’ll have the chance to cancel and avoid paying for the service if it’s not right for you.

Hulu + Live TV also costs $64.99 per month. This package gives you access to 75+ channels including local channels in most areas. You’ll also have news channels, general entertainment channels, and much more.

Additionally, it includes the full range of Hulu on-demand content. You can stream on Hulu + Live TV or check things out with TV Everywhere apps.

You can stream Telemundo live on Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, Chromecast, Fire TV, and more. You can stream on two devices simultaneously. There’s also a cloud-DVR that’s included with 50-hours of space.

Start your subscription today with a free 7-day trial.

Using Streaming Services to Watch Telemundo Live

If you’ve never used a streaming service, you might wonder why people are willing to cancel cable to try them out. One of the main reasons is that these services are cheaper. However, there are others. Here are some of the highlights that you’ll find with most streaming services:

  • Risk-free subscriptions! All of the services on this list will allow you to cancel whenever you want. This gives you the freedom to try a service without fear of ending up stuck with something that you don’t like.
  • Free trials! Most streaming services want people to actually like their service. With that in mind, they offer free trials to give you some time to try things out for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel. If you are, just keep watching TV and you’ll be billed at the appropriate time.
  • Live and on-demand TV! Each service on this list offers a wide range of live TV. There’s a good chance you’ll find a full on-demand library, as well. That’s because streaming services often offer a way to watch live and on-demand TV using their service and sometimes TV Everywhere apps, too.
  • Most features are all inclusive! If something is mentioned as being available for a service, it’s often included. There are ways to customize your packages, for a fee, but overall most added features are included. This includes the cloud-DVR that comes with most packages.
  • On-the-go streaming! Watching TV at home, on your TV, is fine. However, if you want to watch it from the park, the beach, or on the subway, you should be able to do that. Streaming services give you that chance. As most devices are portable, you can take them pretty much anywhere. In the case of mobile devices and laptops, you’re covered as long as you’ve got an internet connection.
  • Family features! Many services offer features that benefit families that share an account. These features might include simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, the ability to make user profiles, and even parental controls.

Now that you have a better idea of why people sign on to streaming services, let’s look at how you can use those services to watch Telemundo live online.

Live Telemundo on FuboTV

FuboTV offers a little something for everyone in the family. You’ll have local channels ranging from Telemundo to NBC, CBS, and FOX in most areas.

Nationwide channels include AMC, Hallmark, USA, Food Network, Syfy, FOX News, MSNBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, beIN Sports, and much more. Over 100 channels are included in total.

This package is $64.99 per month. You can stream Telemundo live on most streaming and mobile devices.

Check out more on FuboTV:

  • $64.99 per month
  • No commitments – you can cancel any time
  • Over 100 channels are included
  • Add more channels for a fee
  • Most cities receive some local coverage
  • An on-demand library is included with 3-day replay
  • Watch on mobile devices, Apple TV, computers, smart TVs, Roku, Fire TV, and more
  • Cloud-DVR with 250 hours of storage
  • Use simultaneously on 3 devices.

FuboTV gives you a chance to try things out risk-free, during the FuboTV 7-day trial. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel during the trial and you won’t be charged. You can learn much more by checking out our FuboTV review.

Live Telemundo on Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV offers 75+ channels in their main package. This includes local channels in most areas. You’ll also have popular options including ESPN, FX, Syfy, USA, TNT, CNN, Freeform, and many other channels. Hulu on-demand is also included, which means you’ll have thousands of hours of TV shows and movies available at all times.

You’ll pay $64.99 per month, and with no contract, so you can cancel whenever you want. Hulu + Live TV is compatible with most streaming devices, so you can watch TV when and where you want!

Here are some more highlights:

  • 75+ channels for $64.99 per month
  • Stream all of Hulu’s on-demand content with this package
  • Watch ESPN, local channels, TNT, Freeform, USA, Disney, NBCSN, TBS, Syfy, and more
  • Most areas will have access to local channels
  • A free trial gives you a week to try Hulu + Live TV
  • Watch using computers, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, mobile devices, Fire TV, and more
  • The cloud-DVR offers 50-hours of space.

Hulu + Live TV offers a packed service with both live and on-demand content. You can try things for yourself when you sign up for the free weeklong Hulu + Live TV trial. If you have any questions, make sure to visit our Hulu + Live TV review.

Live Telemundo on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has one package available with more than 85 channels. This package is available for just $64.99 per month. You won’t sign a contract, so you can leave your package behind whenever you want.

Like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV includes local channels in most areas. Beyond local channels, you’ll have AMC, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, Syfy, USA, FX, Discovery, and much more. An on-demand library is also included.

You can stream YouTube TV on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more. And use it simultaneously on 3 devices. You’ll also have a cloud-based DVR with unlimited space (but each item you save will be deleted after 9 months).

Here are some highlights on YouTube TV:

  • 85+ channels
  • Most areas receive local channels
  • An on-demand library is included
  • $64.99 per month – cancel whenever you want
  • Make user profiles if you share your account
  • Stream on three devices at once
  • Watch using Amazon Fire TV devices, mobile devices, Apple TV, computers, Roku, etc.
  • The cloud-based DVR comes with unlimited space.

YouTube TV offers an easy signup that only takes minutes. Best of all, when you sign up, you’ll start with the free one-week trial offer. This gives you a risk-free way to try things yourself. Our YouTube TV review can tell you more.

Live Telemundo on AT&T TV

AT&T TV is one more way that you can watch Telemundo live without cable. There are several packages offered here, but the cheapest starts at $69.99 per month. This package offers 65+ channels. Larger packages will cost more. One unique feature of this base package is that it includes HBO. You can stream on most popular streaming devices. All packages include an on-demand library, a cloud-DVR, and access to TV Everywhere apps. There are no contracts, so you get to decide when you cancel your package.

Here’s more on AT&T TV:

  • Several package options starting at $69.99 per month
  • 65+ channels in the base package
  • Some packages include HBO and other movie channels
  • An on-demand library is included
  • Stream TV Everywhere apps with this package
  • A cloud-DVR is available so you can save shows and watch them later
  • Watch on Apple TV, Fire TV, mobile devices, computers, Chromecast, and more

Get more details in our AT&T TV review. Or you can head over to the AT&T TV website.

How to Watch Other Local Channels Online without Cable

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully you see how easy it is to watch Telemundo live online without cable. Streaming TV is becoming easier every day, especially as more services are released. Once you choose your plan, you’ll be able to sign up and start streaming in minutes.

All of these services offer a free trial and no contract, which gives you a better chance of finding the right service for you. So, if your first choice doesn’t work on, just move onto the next until you find the one that works best for you!

If you have any questions about how to watch Telemundo live online without cable, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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