Best Antennas and DVRs for Cord-Cutters to Never Pay a Cable Bill Again

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You can use an OTA Antenna to access and record locally broadcasted Network Channels (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) for free and in HD with a DVR. Here’s a quick overview of your options.


Provides FREE access to locally broadcasted Over-the-Air (OTA) HD channels. Before purchasing one you need to find out if you are within range of broadcasting towers and if your TV has a DTV Tuner.

Mohu Airwave Wireless OTAAirWave Antenna – This is wireless antenna that broadcasts its signal directly to your streaming device through an app called Mohu TV. OTA TV is now accessible via any WiFi connected device.
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Leaf Indoor Antenna – This antenna, built by Mohu, is the paper-Leafthin, omni-directional, and comes in models that have a range of 30 & 50 miles. Takes 5 minutes to plugin and you’ll gain access to HD Broadcast TV for Free, with access to local television shows.
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FLATennaFLATenna – Channel Master offers a flexible, ultra-thin, omni-directional indoor antenna that is able to receive broadcast signals from up to 35 miles away.
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ClearStream EclipseClearStream Eclipse – Built by Antennas Direct, this antenna has a range of 50 miles, and their Sure Grip™ Technology lets you easily position & re-position the antenna on any flat surface.
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Mohu SkySky Outdoor Antenna – Mohu’s Sky offers a unique design that allows for easy mounting. This omni-directional antenna includes a tightly integrated low noise state-of-the-art digital amplifier which greatly increases it’s signal range (60 miles) .
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STEALTHtennaSTEALTHtenna – Channel Master is a durable UHF/VHF, compact outdoor directional antenna that receives signals within a 90-degree radius, from up to 50 miles away.
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DB8e Extreme Long Range BowtieDB8e Extreme Long Range Bowtie – The DB8e antenna, built by Antennas Direct, has an impressive gain of 17.4 dBi, is multi-directional” or “omni-directional” and has a 70+ Mile Range.
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Masterpiece 100 Outdoor AntennaMasterpiece 100 – Channel Master line-of-sight, directional (log periodic) outdoor antenna that receives signals from a single direction. This powerful antenna is designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and has a reception range of up to 100 miles.
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*** Note: There are dozens of other antennas out there by various manufacturers… too many to list here. Do you research and figure out which one best fits your needs.


Monster Standard RF SplitterMonster Standard RF Splitter – Effectively split your Cable TV and over-the-air antenna signals. These splitters allow you to break up your signal into three separate outputs, while losing minimal signal strength.
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Channel Master AmplifierChannel Master Distribution Amplifier – works to boost your digital TV and HDTV OTA broadcast signals, increasing their overall signal strength. This device comes in very handy when you dont have enough signal strength to get either a clear picture, or connect your antenna to multiple TVs.
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Channel Master Amplify Adjustable Gain Pre-Amplifier – Amplify Adjustable Gain PreamplifierProfessional grade, easy to install, TV antenna amplifier. By design, this Pre-Amp can boost signal strength on any Indoor or Outdoor Antenna on the market.
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OVER-THE-AIR DVRs for Antenna TV Recording

If you want to record free TV, you’ll need to get a DVR for antenna TV recording. Here are some of the best OTA DVRs out there.

DVR + SmallChannel Master DVR+ – DVR Free Live TV With No Subscription Fee. One of the things cord cutters miss the most about cable is the awesome DVR (Digital Video Recorder) feature that many cable subscription packages come with. With a DVR, you never have to worry about missing your favorite show because you got home from work a little later than usual.
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Tivo Roamio OTATiVo Roamio OTA – If you are looking for a way to record OTA TV, the TiVo Roamio OTA could be a great choice due to its full set of features and easy-to-use interface. When purchasing you want to be sure to buy the lifetime service, or the monthly fee will add up quickly.
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TiVo Bolt ReviewTiVo Bolt – TiVo’s top tier iteration to the OTA DVR Streaming Box brings together your OTA signal, DVR and all your streaming options via a single smooth interface. No need to switch from device to device in order to find the show you want to watch.
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Tablo ReviewTablo – A OTA DVR that works seamlessly with your HDTV Antenna. Tablo is system designed to stream and record your Over-The-Air (OTA) TV broadcast signal, to  any device – anytime, anywhere in the world.
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HDHomeRun ConnectHDHomeRun Connect – SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun is a TV tuner that allows you to record OTA TV. Once it is connected to your home router, you can access the content from any computer in your home, using Windows Media Player.
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PlayOnPlayOn – Not quite an exact match for this list, but well worth mentioning, as this software allows you to record streaming services, acting as a Streaming DVR of sorts. This is a really great option for people who are looking to record shows in off peak times – due to how their paying for internet access.  Or for people going on a road trip, and want to download a reservoir of movies before they hit the open road.
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Looking to build your own OTA DVR? Read Using a TV Tuner Card to build a PC based DVR for Recording OTA Free TV

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