What is Fite.TV? Review, Pricing, and How it Works

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When it comes to watching sports, cable used to be an unfortunate necessity. It was the only way to be sure that you’d get the most sports coverage possible. Luckily, with the rise of streaming, families have more options. These days you can supplement your cable plan or get rid of cable altogether, while still getting the content you want! One service offering sports coverage is Fite.TV. If you’ve never heard of Fite.TV, we have all the details you’ll need about this service in our Fite.TV review below!

What is Fite.TV?

Fite or Fite.TV is a sports-themed streaming service that focuses on international sports and combat sports. You’re going to be most likely to find boxing, MMA, wrestling, and soccer coverage available. Most content is included, but there are also pay-per-view events that anyone can watch as long as they are willing to pay for them.

As you might have guessed, Fite is going to work best for fight fans. If you like wresting, MMA, and boxing, this is definitely going to be a service for you. You can enjoy both live events and replays. While most events are included, there are random PPVs that happen throughout the year. Those are optional, allowing you to only pay for the ones that you want to watch.

Fite.TV offers a variety of subscriptions, but the one we are going to focus on is Fite+. This is the main Fite streaming option, offering a wide range of sports coverage, on-demand content, and much more.

How Fite.TV Works

Like every streaming service, Fite works through the internet. You will connect a streaming device to the internet. From there, you just turn on the Fite app and you’ll be able to choose what you want to watch! You can use the following steps to sign up for and enjoy a Fite.TV subscription:

  1. Sign up for your Fite.TV subscription (You’ll get 7-days free)
  2. Sign into your Fite account for the first time
  3. Choose the live or on-demand content you want to watch
  4. If you want to watch on a streaming device, you can connect to your favorites
  5. Pay monthly or annually ($4.99/month or $50/year)
  6. Cancel whenever you want!

That’s really all there is to it. You can be signed up and watching in a matter of minutes. You can choose something airing live or check out the on-demand library until the live event you want to watch comes on.

What Sports Air on Fite.TV?

Most people that are checking out this Fite.TV review want to know what sports they are going to be able to watch. Coverage may change overtime, but you can always expect to find combat sports on Fite.TV. More specifically, you can watch:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Professional Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • And More!

Fite+ has deals to offer coverage from a range of organizations including:

  • AFL
  • BKB
  • Brave FC
  • CZW
  • Diamondback
  • FSW
  • SFL
  • Shamrock
  • Star Boxing
  • Top Rank
  • Unified MMA
  • WOSW
  • And More!

Fite.TV isn’t going to work for someone looking for NFL, NBA, or MLB coverage. The same goes for college sports or a more generalized sports lineup. That said, if you want international soccer and combat sports, you can get that with Fite.TV for just $5 per month.

Fite.TV Features

The Fite+ membership offers a wide range of features that go beyond just live programming. With your subscription you receive:

  • Access to live combat sporting events
  • International sports you might not find through other services
  • An unlimited on-demand library
  • Included access to PPV content a month after it airs live
  • A monthly $2 credit to go towards the cost of available PPV events
  • All content is free of commercials and/or ads

Fite.TV Pricing

One of the best things about Fite.TV is the price. You can sign up for the monthly subscription for $4.99 per month. If you want the annual subscription that’s $49.99 for the whole year. This means that paying annual actually gets you two months free!

You won’t have to sign a contract. You can cancel anytime you want – even during your free trial!

Remember, cable isn’t required. You can sign up to Fite.TV whether you use cable or other streaming services. It’s an independent service, so all you need is a subscription, an internet connection, and a streaming device!

Fite.TV Pros & Cons

If you’re interested in a summary of the pros and cons of the Fite+ service, keep reading!


  • Affordable
  • No contracts
  • Sports coverage that is hard to find elsewhere
  • International sports
  • PPV discount each month
  • Watch on most streaming devices


  • Limited to a small selection of sports
  • No MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, etc.
  • If you don’t want combat sports, this won’t work for you

Fite.TV is a great service if you want combat sports and international soccer coverage. As long as this is your interest, you shouldn’t have any complaints with Fite. It’s an inexpensive service and has coverage you likely won’t find elsewhere.

So, is Fite.TV worth it? It really just depends on the sports coverage that you’re looking for. The coverage is limited to a select number of sports, but the price is right, so this should work for most MMA and boxing fans.

Do you still have questions about our Fite.TV review? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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