How to Watch ESPN2 Without Cable TV

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watch espn2 without cable

ESPN2 was created back in the early 1990s as a way for sports fans to get more of the content they wanted most. Today, the network is still going strong, offering sports news and additional sporting events. Like the main network, ESPN2 is essential for major sports fans, as so many sports broadcast games and events on the channel throughout the year. Having the network will ensure that you’ll be able to remain current on some of the best sports action of the year.

If you’re a cord-cutter, that doesn’t have to leave you out of the game. In fact, with ways to watch ESPN2 online, you won’t need cable to enjoy sports any more thanks to services like fuboTV (free trial)!

Keep reading and this guide should offer you all of the details you need to watch ESPN2 online without cable. There are plenty of ways to watch and we have information on free trials, streaming device availability, and standard features of all of the available services. You’ll be prepared to sign up to watch ESPN2 online in no time!

How to Watch ESPN2 Without Cable: At a Glance

It doesn’t matter which sport is your favorite (but keep in mind, or what reasons you have for wanting ESPN2. What matters is that there are plenty of ways to watch ESPN2 without cable. If you don’t have cable, your only legal option to watch ESPN2 is to use a streaming service. Luckily, there are several streaming services that offer access to a range of ESPN networks, including ESPN2! A couple of the top options are listed here but keep reading to learn the full range of options you have to watch ESPN2 online without cable.

fuboTV (free trial) is the newest way to stream ESPN2 without cable. And it also might be the most complete sports streaming service out there for college football fans! After the free trial, you can pay $59.99 a month with no contract for ESPN, ESPN2, and 90+ other channels – that’s only half the cost of the average cable bill. You get a free cloud DVR, multiple simultaneous streams, and more. And it works on most major devices.

Hulu with Live TV (free trial) is a great option for watching the ESPN2 live stream. Over 60 channels are included in one plan that includes ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, and several other channels. Local channels are included in more areas than with any other streaming service. Plans start at $64.99 per month. You can add movie channels for a fee. If you like on-demand TV, you’ll be delighted to find that Hulu’s on-demand service is included. Hulu Live makes it possible to stream on Chromecast, smart TVs, Apple TV, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, gaming consoles, and more.

Sling TV (free 7-day trial) is another great option when it comes to streaming ESPN2 without cable. The Sling Orange package offers ESPN coverage along with 30+ other channels for $30 per month. Dozens of channel bundles are available that will allow you to increase your package without spending too much money. You’ll also have an on-demand library and a cloud-based DVR. You can watch ESPN2 on Sling TV with AirTV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, mobile devices, and more.

Using Streaming Services to Watch ESPN2 Without Cable

Streaming services are a great way to watch all of your favorite channels for less money. Of course, if you have never used one of these services it can be difficult to navigate all of the options and come out with the right choice for you. So, if you’re new to the idea of streaming, this section will lay out the differences between cable and streaming services, to attempt to help you learn more about streaming and determine if it’s the right solution for you.

The most important thing to understand is that the basic parts of streaming services and cable are similar. When it comes to watching a game, you turn on your TV (or device), point to a channel, and enjoy your show! No matter which service you choose, it’s that simple. It’s the rest of the details that are different. So, let’s look at some of those.

Overall Cost – Both types of services charge you a fee for any package you choose. Ultimately, this price is often determined by the number of channels and whether you have any add-on options like HBO. For streaming customers, you add tax, and that’s the price you’ll pay. With cable, the price varies a bit more, depending on the service you purchase. Some cable providers charge multiple taxes. While that’s usually a small fee, you also have to pay equipment rentals. If you have four connected TVs, you’d need to rent four boxes. These prices add up quickly and before you know it, your reasonably priced service is now well over $100 per month!

In contrast, the average streaming price ranges based on the plan you choose, but on average is around $64.99 per month with added tax. The only way your price goes up is if you add additional channels or upgrades to your account.

Contracts – Streaming services never use them, and cable companies use them quite a bit. In the beginning, a contract doesn’t seem so bad, especially when it comes to promotional pricing. The problem is that when this pricing is over your package price gets higher. This explains frequent price hikes and bills that cost as much as they do. Streaming services don’t have contracts. You get what you pay for and every customer pays the same price for the main package. When the price goes up, it goes up for everyone.

Ways to Watch – Cable is generally watched on TV. Occasionally cable services will offer mobile apps, but they often come with limitations. You can watch streaming services on your TV, but you don’t have to. In order to watch ESPN2 online through a streaming service, you need a streaming device. If you’re reading this, you’re on one right now! You can use computers, smartphones and tablets, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, VR devices, and many other devices. In short, you can take your pick of devices that will work with most services.


  • Get the same channels for less – common cable packages are over $100 while streaming packages average $45
  • Some streaming packages are as low as $20 – plenty of pricing options are available
  • Streaming services do not require contracts
  • Use many different streaming devices for easy viewing with plenty of options

With that, it’s time to check out the services that will allow you to watch ESPN2 without cable!

Watch ESPN2 Online without Cable via fuboTV

fuboTV offers the ESPN2 live stream in its base plan, the first of a few plans that the service offers. This plan includes 100+ channels for $59.99 per month. Here’s more on fuboTV:

  • Take your pick of multiple packages – start with 100+ channels at $59.99/month
  • Larger packages are available
  • Most areas will receive local channels – on-demand nationwide access is also included
  • The cloud-DVR is included as part of your package
  • Watch on computers, mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and more
  • 100+ channels on fuboTV

fuboTV gives you a lot of options and several packages to choose from. You can stream on most devices. If you’re not sure about this service, you can try the fuboTV weeklong trial and learn more for yourself.

You can find added details in our fubo review.

Watch ESPN2 without Cable using Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is one of the top options when it comes to streaming TV online. With this $64.99/month package, you have just about everything you could need. This plan includes 60+ channels including ESPN2, Hulu’s on-demand service, and a cloud-DVR with 50 hours of service or you can upgrade for more space. You can stream on most devices and if you want more content you can either add on movie channels or watch TV Everywhere apps. Here are the highlights:

  • 60+ channels are included
  • Watch ESPN, ESPN2, Freeform, TBS, FX, USA, and more
  • Watch local channels in more areas with Hulu Live
  • Plans start at $64.99
  • A solid option if you want the most live and on-demand TV for the least money
  • Hulu Live starts you off with a free weeklong trial
  • Watch on Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, computers, iOS and Android phones or tablets, and more
  • Hulu’s on-demand service is included

Hulu Live is a great choice for people that want a lot of content. You’ll be able to watch live and on-demand TV through Hulu Live and TV Everywhere apps. You can stream on most devices, so you can watch from most places with the Internet. There’s also plenty of room for customization. You can add streaming for unlimited simultaneous devices, more space in your cloud-DVR, or even movie channels. Your subscription starts with a one-week trial and, with no contracts, if you’re not satisfied you can cancel right away!

Our Hulu with Live TV review can tell you more.

Watch ESPN2 without Cable on Sling TV

Sling TV is the cheapest streaming option, especially when it comes to sports streaming. Packages start at $30 per month and you’re going to watch Sling Orange, which includes multiple ESPN networks, including ESPN2. You’ll have around 30 channels but will be able to add several add-on channels if you want to increase your lineup. You can stream on most of the popular streaming and mobile devices. Here is more on Sling TV:

  • Great option if you’re on a budget but still want popular channels
  • 30+ channels are offered in Sling Orange – other plans available
  • Some plans included limited local access
  • Plans from $30/month with no contracts
  • Stream free for one week during Sling TV’s free trial
  • An on-demand library is part of every package
  • Stream on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices, and more

If you want the most affordable way to legally stream sports, Sling TV is what you want. Starting at $30/month, this package is cheaper, but otherwise not much different than the competitors. Sling TV allows you more of a chance to build your own package, which could give you more or what you want for less money.

You can learn more in our Sling TV review.

Watch ESPN2 Online on Vidgo

Vidgo is a new way to stream many of the most popular cable networks online without cable. Offering social streaming, you can watch on mobile devices with your friends and other viewers. You’ll start with 60 channels for $40 per month. Multiple ESPN networks are included along with lots of other channels. A larger package is also included. Added features like an on-demand library or cloud-DVR are not currently available.

Vidgo Highlights:

  • 60+ channels for $40 per month
  • Cancel when you want
  • Vidgo only currently offers live TV
  • Watch ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, beIN Sports, and much more
  • No added features beyond live TV
  • Stream on mobile devices, computers, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV
  • Stream simultaneously on three devices at once
  • Start things off with a Vidgo 7-day trial

Vidgo works great if all you need is live TV. There is a variety of channels and you can stream on multiple devices at the same time. Remember, there are no contracts, so you can cancel whenever you want. You’ll even be able to sign up for the free 7-day trial. Learn more in our Vidgo review.

Watch the ESPN2 Live Stream on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the newest services on this list, but as they are owned by Google, they are no stranger to streaming video. Here you’re offered over 70 channels for $50. ESPN and ESPN2 are both included along with a wide variety of local, regional, and nationwide channels. A small selection of movie channels can be added, as well. Access to TV Everywhere apps and an on-demand library is included. You even have your own cloud-DVR with unlimited space! Here are some more details about YouTube TV:

  • 70+ channels for $50 per month
  • Local and regional coverage in most areas
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Works on Apple TV, mobile devices, Roku, and Chromecast
  • The cloud-DVR includes unlimited space

YouTube TV is a great choice, especially if you like streaming on the go. The mobile app is a favorite among mobile streamers. You can also watch on many other streaming devices. User profiles can be made for the whole family. The cloud-DVR should help keep you current on all of your favorite shows, but if not, there’s also the on-demand library and you can check TV Everywhere apps for more content. All in all, this is a fairly priced cable replacement with plenty to offer the average viewer.

Our YouTube TV review has even more info.

How to Watch Sports on Other Channels without Cable

Need to know how to watch games on another channel? Check out the channel-specific guides below:

ACC Network FOX Sports Florida FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket NBC Sports Northwest 
BeIN Sports FOX Sports Indiana FOX Sports Wisconsin NBC Sports Philadelphia
Big Ten Network FOX Sports Kansas City FS1 NBC Sports Washington
CBS Sports Network FOX Sports Midwest FS2 NESN
ESPN FOX Sports New Orleans Golf Channel NFL Network
ESPN2 FOX Sports North MLB Network NFL RedZone
ESPN3 FOX Sports Ohio Marquee Sports Network NHL Network
ESPNU FOX Sports Oklahoma MSG Pac 12 Network
FOX Sports Atlantic FOX Sports San Diego NBA TV SEC Network
FOX College Sports Central FOX Sports South NBCSN SNY
FOX College Sports Pacific FOX Sports Southeast NBC Sports Bay Area SportsTime Ohio
FOX Sports Arizona FOX Sports Southwest NBC Sports Boston YES Network
FOX Sports Carolinas FOX Sports Sun NBC Sports California
FOX Sports Detroit FOX Sports Tennessee NBC Sports Chicago

Wrapping Up

ESPN2 is an important channel to a sports fan and it’s one that you can easily watch without cable. This is just one way to watch sports without cable. With ESPN2, you’ll have access to a variety of sporting events including college football, NBA, NFL games, and more all to occur on ESPN2.

The services mentioned here are the only way to watch ESPN2 without cable. Luckily, there is more than one way to watch, so you’ll be able to choose the best option for you. If you have any questions about how to watch ESPN2 without cable, we’re here to help!

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