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The last few years have seen a revolution in TV. It is no longer necessary to be tied to a cable provider to access live TV. Many companies have sprung up recently to provide streaming live TV services that are as good or better than what the cable companies provide — for a lot less money.

For the last decade (!) KillTheCableBill has been providing simple but detailed information for cord-cutters to get the best experience possible without cable. We provide information of where to stream different channels, what individual streaming services offer, and how to use the best technologies.

Whether you’re a sports fan, movie buff, parent with curious kids, or just a general TV consumer, we provide you with everything you need to leave your cable contract behind.

Why Get Rid of Cable TV?

Some reasons for getting rid of cable are obvious. But there are some that may not have occurred to you.

  • TIME: Too much television is a waste of time. If you cancel cable and only watch your favorite TV shows, you can spend more time with your friends and family.
  • MONEY: a cable or satellite subscription costs at least two times as much (on a monthly basis) as it does to utilize Hulu and Netflix. When times are tough the first thing that needs to go is entertainment. But if you can get the same entertainment at a fraction of the cost — then that is even better!
  • TECHNOLOGY: Streaming Video is the future of TV. Before long all video entertainment will be via an online connection. Might as well get on board now, learn the tricks, and save money in the process.
  • INFORMATION: Be more informed. When you don’t rely on cable news for your updates, you will learn to select those news stories that interest you. Rather than be at the mercy of local news anchors, you will revert to more reputable news feeds such as PBS, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, and LinkTV.
  • DIGNITY: Stop getting ripped off! Calling up the cable company and canceling your cable will simply make you feel good. Not only that, you will enjoy spending the extra money.

Best Streaming Services

Choosing the right streaming service is probably the most important decision that a cord-cutter will make. There is no absolute Best Streaming Service. It all depends on what you want in live TV streaming.

Some streaming services are free, like Peacock TV (although they have a premium plan). Sling TV offers value plans that are low-cost but offer a lot. And the full-featured plans (FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV) provide what you would expect from a standard cable plan but with differences that will appeal to different viewers.

You can get access to all our detailed and up-to-date reviews of the major streaming services, Free Movie & TV Streaming With Hulu, FuboTV & Sling TV. It also provides links to get free trials so you can make sure before you buy.

Internet Without Cable?

Most cable TV subscribers also get their internet access from the same place. In many cases, there are other options for internet. In some cases, cable is literally the only game in town.

We’ve put together everything that cord-cutters need to know about getting internet service. Even if you are stuck with cable for your internet, you can probably get a reasonably-priced internet-only plan.

Cord-Cutting Wisdom

There are a lot of aspects of cord-cutting that newbies may be faced with. These range from what’s worth watching to getting access to particular channels to buying and installing specialized technologies. We discuss it all. Here are some of our most popular articles:

Stream Major Events

Major TV events are still a big part of our social lives — just look at Facebook and Twitter during the Super Bowl or Academy Awards. Cord cutters have full access to these events. For those just starting out, we have primers on how to stream the biggest events:

Stream Sports

Most major streaming services offer good access to live sports. But the standouts are FuboTV and YouTube TV. We have articles about everything related to live streaming sports:

Stream TV Shows

With live TV streaming, you never have to miss your favorite shows, mini-series, and films when they are broadcast live. Here are some of our articles about streaming some recent must-see TV:

Get Started Now

We understand that dumping cable — regardless of its many advantages — is intimidating. So we’ve written a detailed step-by-step guide to the process, How to Watch TV Without Cable.

It also gives you an overview of all the top streaming services and features answers to the most frequently asked questions from would-be cord cutters.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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