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Available on Amazon Video, iTunes, and Google Play – Starz has joined the ranks and is now offering a Stand-alone Streaming Service.

What is Starz

Ever since HBO announced and subsequently launched its own standalone streaming app, HBO Now, television networks have been falling over themselves to follow suit. What was once thought of as cord cutting unicorns, like ESPN (see Sling TV) and “Game of Thrones”, are now widely available to cord cutters; and things are just getting started.

Starz on Amazon Prime Video

Most recently, Starz jumped into the online streaming fray by launching its own online streaming service ($8.99 a month). Most who sign up for this new service are utilizing the Amazon Prime Video offer, as it comes with a bunch more content and free shipping. To learn more about that offer click here.

Amazon Prime and Starz

Starz Standalone Service

Speaking with Deadline, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said that everyone at the company is really “jazzed up” about the new service.

So it opens up a whole new world for us,” said Albrecht. “Because unlike our relationship with Amazon, where it’s their environment that we are putting the Starz product into, this is an environment that’s been created by Starz for Starz subscribers and that experience is one that we curate and we control. And that is a very big difference.” Simply called Starz, the app is now available to consumers via Apple or Android. As far as price goes, Starz is by far the cheapest service when compared to its premium competitors of HBO and Showtime. Starz will run you $9 a month, the Showtime App will cost you $11, and HBO Now comes in at $15.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for a free trial of Starz here:(iTunes Link).

Downloading Option

Even more exciting than its price is the feature that allows you to download shows and movies. HBO doesn’t do that, Showtime doesn’t do that, and not even Netflix does that. That is a promising new development that’s worth getting excited for.

What is Starz?

Now if you don’t usually watch Starz and have absolutely no idea as to what kind of content they have to offer, you might wonder why you need another online streaming service. While it’s true that Starz hasn’t quite found their “Man in the High Castle” or “Game of Thrones“, the network has started working in that direction.

For starters, although not an original series, Starz did pull in a major coup and was able to obtain the rights to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That means with the Starz app, you’ll be able to download and stream perhaps the biggest movie of the decade without having to shell out $30 for the DVD.

Starz Original Content

As far as original content, Starz may not have quite as deep a bench as say Netflix or HBO but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. People tend to forget that Starz is the network that gave “Spartacus”.

They’re also the network that’s currently producing “Ash vs. The Evil Dead”, the thrilling pirate drama “Black Sails”, and the WW2 era show “Outlander”. Looking forward to the future, Starz is set to create an adaptation to Neil Gaiman’s widely successful novel “American Gods”. “American God” has that perfect epic scope that’s sure to suck in audiences and I’m pretty pumped about it.

Most recently they premiered their hot new series the “Girlfriend Experience”, which Rotten Tomatoes is giving a 79%:

But what about you? Do you think Starz new online streaming service is something to get excited about or is just another streaming service you don’t need?

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