DAZN Review: How’s DAZN’s Sports Streaming Service?

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Cord-cutters have more and more options these days to watch the content they love. Even for sports fans, it’s getting a lot easier to keep up. A new startup streaming service aims to make it even easier to watch sports online. It’s called DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone”), and it just recently launched here in the US.

But what is DAZN? How much does it cost? What sports can you watch with it? Find out in our DAZN review below.

What is DAZN?

DAZN is an online streaming service that offers both live and on-demand content. It’s solely focused on sports. At this point, the main focus is on fighting sports, including boxing (they have exclusive deals with Canelo Alvarez and GGG at this point and are adding more fighters) and MMA.

That said, the company has plans to expand into other realms of the sporting world, and has recently started taking steps adding things like a live MLB look-in show every evening (think of it as baseball’s equivalent to NFL RedZone).

Basically, DAZN is a way to watch MMA (mostly Bellator) and boxing matches live, some baseball, and also catch up on replays of past events. It even features many title fights that are normally exclusive to pay-per-view. Everything is included, so if you have a DAZN membership you’ll never be asked to pay for a PPV match.

Eventually, we expect DAZN to be one of the best ways to watch sports without cable. For now in the US, it’s mostly useful for MMA and boxing fans as well as MLB fans who want to keep up with action around the league but don’t need to watch full games. But for those fans, it offers a great value.

DAZN costs $19.99 per month or $99.99 for the annual plan (That works out to just over $8 a month). The annual plan is a great deal, giving you a full year’s worth of fight nights and sports for about the price of one major PPV event.

How DAZN Works

DAZN works over the internet. You’ll need a solid internet connection, a DAZN subscription, and a compatible device (or a computer) to use it. Here are the basics:

  1. Sign up for DAZN here.
  2. You will pay $19.99 per month or get the annual plan for just $99.99 (a savings of over $10 a month)
  3. You are free to cancel any time
  4. Use DAZN on your computer, or download the DAZN app on your devices
  5. Browse an extensive library of on-demand replays of fights
  6. Check the schedule for upcoming MMA fights and boxing matches
  7. Enjoy live access to over 100 Fight Nights per year

DAZN can be used right on your computer, through a web browser. Or, you can download the DAZN app on your smartphone. It also works on streaming players like Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast, and even on select smart TVs.

Once you’re signed up, the service is quite easy to use. Simply sign into your account, browse the available content, and choose something to watch!

DAZN Features

DAZN is a new service here in the US, but the service has been live in other countries for the last few years. This also means that DAZN is a lot more established in terms of technical features, when compared to your average newly-launched service.

Some highlights of DAZN include:

Epic Combat Sports Coverage – DAZN is focused primarily on combat sports. They have deals with Bellator, Matchroom USA, Golden Boy Promotions, and more. DAZN is also the exclusive home to all of Canelo Alvarez’s and Gennady Golovkin (GGG) fights.

Live & On-Demand – Enjoy both live sporting events and an on-demand library of replays and other exclusive content. On the live front, DAZN plans to host at least 100 fight nights per year. For on-demand, there’s a wide selection of hundreds of past events.

All-in-One (No Pay-Per-View) – Fight fans know that most of the big title fights are locked behind expensive paywalls. But not with DAZN! For one low monthly fee ($9.99), you get full access to all the content on the service – including many fights that are normally pay-per-view!

Exclusive Fights – DAZN is a must-have for fight fans, simply because of all the exclusive rights they’ve secured. The most notable exclusive is ALL of Canelo Alvarez’s next 11 fights. As one of the biggest names in boxing, fight fans won’t want to miss any of Canelo’s fights – and now, the only place to see them is on DAZN.

Over 100 Fight Nights Each Year – DAZN will host at least 100 fight nights in the coming year. And that’s the entire fight night – from the undercard to the main event.

Expanding Selection – DAZN is currently focused on combat sports. However, in other countries, the service covers all sorts of sports from soccer to NFL and more. DAZN plans to rapidly expand their offerings for US customers as well, so we should soon see a LOT more options on the service.

No Contract – DAZN is non-contract. You pay month to month and are free to cancel at any time.

Device Compatibility – DAZN works on most of your favorite devices. Use it on Android and iOS phones/tablets, Amazon Fire devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, select smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more. You can also use your computer.

DAZN Sports Coverage (in USA)

So, what is DAZN offering in terms of actual sports coverage?

In the USA, DAZN is almost exclusively hosting combat sports events, combining both MMA and boxing.

Right now, the franchises/events on DAZN include:

DAZN is likely to continually expand into other sports, as well. They’re even planning on original programming, like sports talk-shows and podcasts. It will be interesting to see what this service looks like in a year – we’ll keep this DAZN review updated as things progress.

DAZN Sports Coverage (International)

In addition to the USA, DAZN is also available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan and Canada. They have plans to roll out in Brazil and other countries soon, as well.

In Canada, DAZN has rights to:

In each country, it offers a different selection of sports. Soccer, American football (NFL), cricket, baseball, and others are all common. Wikipedia maintains a full list of all the sports available in each package for those that are curious.


DAZN is a month-to-month subscription service, and it costs $19.99 per month or you can get an annual pass for $99.99 (works out to just over $8 a month).

Given that a high profile fight can cost $80 or more on PPV, DAZN is a good value for fight fans.

That said, it’s close to the price of Netflix and other streaming platforms. Which don’t offer sports, of course – but offer significantly larger selections than a service like DAZN, nonetheless.

DAZN Pros & Cons

For a quick recap of our DAZN review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Affordable at $19.99/mo (the annual pass is an even better deal at $99.99 for a full year)
  • No contract
  • Excellent value for combat sports fans
  • Exclusive coverage of Canelo Alvarez fights and much more
  • Live & on-demand options
  • Rapidly expanding
  • Works on most devices


  • Coverage is limited to MMA and boxing right now (very minor soccer/cricket offerings, as well)
  • Glitches on some devices

Is DAZN Worth It?

Is DAZN worth the money? That’s up to you.

In our opinion, for big fans of boxing and/or MMA, it’s a great deal. It’s likely to continue getting better, as well, as the company expands its offerings.

We think that DAZN is certainly worth trying out. Whether it’s worth keeping long-term remains to be seen.

As the service expands, we’ll keep this DAZN review updated. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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This isn’t a review, It’s a marketing ad for Danz.
I’m a former customer and big boxing fan. I left because the app is awful, the tevht is awful. It’s unreliable and they have no ready to contact them. Doesn’t matter the content if your can’t watch it

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