Streaming Service Free Trials

Complete List of Free Trials Available to Cord Cutters

When searching out a cable TV alternative, what streaming service you pick is critical. The ideal situation for a cord cutter is to get all the great content they had before quitting cable but with few commitments and fees. Because everyone is different, it can sometimes be hard (and expensive if you’re not careful) to find that perfect cable TV alternative.

To help make that search for the right streaming service a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of online streaming services with free trial periods. More will be added in the future, so be sure to check back later.

Now, let’s get to our list:

fuboTV Free Trial
fubotv free trial

Fubo TV is one of our favorite live streaming services. A subscription to Fubo TV will give you the best of live sports, along with many of your favorite entertainment and news channels. And if you’re really looking to get away from cable and satellite, know that fuboTV is a startup not owned by any of the telecoms! Our review of fuboTV has more info.

Trial Details: This trial subscription will last you 7 days.  After that, if you choose to keep it, you’ll get a $5 discount for the first month! If you don’t want to keep it, no worries. There are no contracts!

Why You Should Sign Up: This is a must-have for sports fans and anyone looking to get away from cable companies. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better cable-free live streaming experience.

7-Day Free Trial Link

Hulu Free Trial

Owned by NBC Universal and their evil overlords, Comcast, Hulu (Hulu Review) is already a quasi-free streaming service. You can sign up for a free subscription, but you’ll have significantly fewer shows and movies to choose from. If you want the full Hulu treatment, you’ll have signup for Hulu Plus; and wouldn’t you know it, they have a free trial.

Trial Details: Like Netflix, you’ll have to put in a credit card to sign up for a Hulu Plus trial. But, unlike Netflix, this trial only lasts a week; so be sure to cancel before it expires. otherwise, Hulu will charge you $8 for the month.

Why You Should Sign Up: If you’re the kind of person that hates having to wait an entire year for Netflix to update your favorite show, then Hulu might be for you. Hulu’s also got a nice collection of Latino-oriented content, which is harder to find than you would expect; not to mention a surprising amount of international TV. Trial Link

Amazon Prime Free Trial

amazon prime free trial

Not content to rule the retail world, Amazon has ventured into the online streaming market and to great effect. In addition to a fabulous streaming service, Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime Review) offers its users a bunch of goodies to help entice people to sign up.

Trial Details: The trial lasts for 30 days, requires a credit card, and it will charge you once the trial ends. Be sure to cancel this one if you don’t want to continue because it charges you for the whole year ($99) instead of for the next month. Customer support is usually pretty accommodating if you forget, but save yourself the call if you can.

Why You Should Sign Up: As I mentioned before, Amazon Prime comes with a lot more than just online streaming. Free 2 day shipping, a subscription to Audible (which comes with 2 FREE audiobooks of your choice), thousands of e-books to read, incredible original TV series, and over a million songs to stream. If you like getting a big bang for your buck, then you’ll love Amazon Prime. Trial Link

Sling TV Free Trial

Sling TV Free Trial

Sling TV is a slightly different online streaming service. Instead of offering only on-demand content, Sling TV (Sling TV Review) allows you to stream dozens of live television channels; including networks like ESPN and NFL RedZone.

Trial Details: Sling TV’s trial lasts for 7 days and it will require a credit card. Once the trial expires, Sling TV will charge you $20 for the month; so be sure to cancel ASAP if you plan on not subscribing.

Why You Should Sign Up: If you’re a sports fan, I would say Sling TV is a must-have. Through either its default package or the experimental Blue Package, you will get access to plenty of sporting events you wouldn’t otherwise have. With the addition of channels like AMC, even casual cable fans can appreciate Sling TV. Trial Link

DirecTV Now Free Trial

DirecTV Now is the hottest internet TV streaming service to hit the market. With 4 channel bundles to choose from, DirecTV Now offers a complete cable tv alternative.

Trial Details: No other streaming service offers so many signup bonuses with giveaways ranging from free Apple TVs and Fire TVs to 3 Months for only $10 a month. Learn more here

Why You Should Sign Up: When trying to figure out which streaming service is best, start with the free trial. With a contract-free, free trial, you really have nothing to lose, and a ton to gain.

Netflix Free Trial

Netflix Free Trial

Although they may not have been the first, Netflix (Netflix Review) is still the company that kicked off the online streaming trend.  With thousands of shows and movies to choose from, Netflix has become the staple service for cord-cutters everywhere; as well as desperate individuals looking to “chill” with their date.

Trial Details: The Netflix trial period is for 30 days, requires a credit card, and is only available to first-time customers. Once the trial period ends, you WILL be charged for the next month, which is $9, so be sure to cancel before then.

Why You Should Sign Up: As I previously mentioned, Netflix has become a staple service for cord-cutters everywhere, and for good reason. The company has been churning out some of the best original television series in years (House of Cards anyone?) and in September became the home of all Disney/Pixar films. Even if you’re on the fence, you should still give Netflix a try. Trial Link

Crunchy Roll Free Trial

Crunchyroll Free Trial

Crunchy Roll is a streaming service that specializes in Anime and Manga. For those of you unaware of what that means, I’ll give you a somewhat easier to understand explanation: Anime (Japanese Cartoons) Manga (Japanese Comics). There’s a bit more to it than that, but you get the picture.

Trial Details: A trial subscription to Crunchy Roll lasts for 2 weeks, after which you will be charged $7 for a month’s subscription.

Why You Should Sign Up: This is a must for anime and manga fans. No more waiting for new episodes, no sketchy streaming sites, no more having to buy DVDs. The world of anime and manga hasn’t always been the most easily accessed, but with Crunchy Roll, it will be.  Trial Link

Showtime Free Trial

showtime free trial

Not to be left out by HBO, Showtime (Showtime Review) has decided to launch its own standalone streaming service. Your subscription will get you get on-demand access to all of the content owned by Showtime; including Spartacus, Dexter, and the upcoming Twin Peaks revival.

Trial Details: This free trial will last for 30 days and will require a credit card. Once your subscription ends, you will be charged $11 for the month. If you added Showtime on through your Hulu subscription, you will only get charged $9.

Showtime is also available via your Amazon Prime membership. Through your Prime membership, it only costs an additional $8.99 a month.

Why You Should Sign Up: If you love Showtime’s original content then this is a no-brainer. You won’t have an easier time getting access to your favorite Showtime shows.

HBO Free Trial

HBO Now Free Trial

HBO turned a lot of heads when they announced that they would be launching their own standalone streaming service. Dubbed HBO Now, you get access to HBO’s full library of movies and shows; including Game of Thrones.

Trial Details: Your HBO (HBO Now Review) free trial will last for 30 days and require a credit card. When your subscription ends, expect to pay $15 for the next month.

HBO is also available as an add-on via Sling and PS Vue (which we will cover momentarily). Adding this channel through one of these existing services will also cost you $15 a month.

Why You Should Sign Up: HBO Now is perfect for people that love HBO content. Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, etc… You’re likely to get earlier access to some movies than Netflix; but if you’re not a huge fan of HBO’s original content, there might not be enough to keep you interested. Trial Link

PS Vue Free Trial

PS Vue Free Trial

In an interesting departure from the standard fare, PlayStation has ventured into the online streaming market. PlayStation Vue (PS Vue Review) works a lot like Sling TV, as you get dozens of streamable live television channels. Although slightly more expensive than Sling TV, you get access to more sports channels than any other streaming service. The only catch? PlayStation Vue is not available on every device.

Trial Details: The trial to PlayStation Vue lasts for 7 days and requires a credit card. After your trial ends, you will be charged based on which streaming package you signed up for. The cheapest package costs $30 a month.

Why You Should Sign Up: Even at the smallest package, which costs $30 a month, you get access to over 50 live streaming channels. It’s an impressive lineup and includes some of the channels cord cutters have long sought after; such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NBC Sports, and Fox Sports. If you want some bang for your buck, check PlayStation Vue out.  Trial Link

Additional Free Trials to Consider

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