Cord Cutting: Not a Fad

Blueshift Market Research Survey

Alternatives to Cable TVIt’s no secret that people are fed up with cable companies. Two of the largest cable provider, Comcast and Time Warner, have been ranked as one of the worst companies in customer satisfaction.

Although it is widely known that people are dissatisfied, what is unknown is whether or not people are actually doing something about it; that is, until now.

Blueshift Market Research, in conjunction with Survey Monkey, recently surveyed American households about their television habits; and the results just might surprise you.

Alternatives to Cable TV

According to the survey, the number of cord cutting Americans has been consistently rising, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Approximately 35 percent of Americans do not have any form of cable television in their homes; and that number has been rising by 5.5 percent every quarter.

In addition to declining cable subscriptions, the number of people using cable service add-ons has declined by four percent every quarter, and in every age demographic. The reason is that much cheaper Over-the-Top (OTT) alternatives, like Netflix, have all but replaced the now seemingly antiquated Pay-per-View system.

Cord Cutter

OTT services in general have seen a sharp increase in subscriptions. The most popular service by far is still Netflix; with over 45 percent of OTT users having a subscription. Coming in second is YouTube with 23 percent of OTT users. Amazon Instant Video is a close third with 16.8 percent; although if you combine free accounts and premium subscriptions, Hulu takes the number 3 spot with 17 percent.

Although Netflix is still OTT king, its success has inspired dozens of competitors to enter the market; HBO, CBS, Showtime, and PlayStation have all announced their own stand-alone OTT service.

Alternatives to Cable TV

More choices will mean a more competitive market; and that means better options for consumers. This proliferation of OTT services and streaming devices like Roku has spurred online streaming to grow by 146 percent!

That’s good news for cord cutters, but bad news for cable. Respondents under the age of 60 are more likely to cancel their cable than they were last month.

The total number of respondents who have cut the cord has risen by six percent; and the number of people who have never had cable has risen in every demographic except for the 30-44 crowd (although the difference is less than one percent).

Cord Cutting

More people than ever are cutting the cord and odds are that won’t stop anytime soon.

These findings from Blueshift Market Research show that the once iron clad grip that cable used to have on American households is slowly slipping. It is certainly amazing to see what happens when customers are given a choice in their entertainment; instead of having to lie down and take whatever the likes of Comcast has to offer.

Despite what cable companies would like you to believe, cutting the cord is easy. All you need to a streaming device like Mohu Channels, a subscription to a couple OTT services like Netflix or Hulu, and a good internet connection.

It’s that easy; and as we have seen today, millions of Americas are doing just that. So what are you waiting for? Stop sticking paying thousands of dollars every year for bad customer service, over-saturated cable bundles, and terrible choice.

Take the leap, kill the cable bill, and join the cord cutting revolution today!