Killing the cable bill no longer means having to choose between an oversized, fee-filled monthly bill and being able to watch all of your favorite channels live. Now that many live streaming TV services have hit the market, choosing a streaming TV package that’s right for you is easier than ever and in many ways improves on the overall TV experience. One of the most affordable and easy-to-use streaming TV services, Vidgo, has just announced a new set of “Social TV” features designed to combine the best of the social media experience with the best streaming TV has to offer. What could go wrong?

Vidgo announced the new features this week in a press release. “We are continually looking for ways to make the Vidgo app in to the ultimate fun, interactive social experience for our streaming TV customers and future cordcutters.” said Glenn Booth, COO of Kiswe Mobile, who developed Social TV for Vidgo. “I would encourage users to stay tuned on a consistent basis, we plan to innovate Social TV in ways that we probably haven’t even dreamt of yet.”

The new Vidgo Social TV experience will add even more features designed to make watching TV at home alone into a much more social experience. The Vidgo mobile app already allowed users to engage in live chat with other users watching the same content, but now the app will have full YouTube integration to allow Vidgo users to join together in virtual YouTube parties. Groups of friends can now watch YouTube and interact with one another in real time, creating a whole new viewing experience.

Vidgo has more Social TV features in the works to be added with future updates. One feature soon to hit Vidgo is Live React, which will allow users to post short live streaming videos of themselves alongside whatever content they are streaming. Users can post a reaction video to a massive dunk during a basketball game or share the tears streaming down their cheeks as their most beloved cast member gets cut from their favorite reality TV competition show.

Vidgo plans start at just $39.99/month and offer dozens of the most popular cable networks such as ESPN, A&E, BET, FOX, History, MTV, Nickelodeon, and many more. One Vidgo subscription allows for three simultaneous streams and requires no contract. Take it for a spin with a free trial and see what streaming television can do for your household.