How to Watch Daytona 500 Without Cable

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It’s February and that means that the Daytona 500 will soon be upon us. As most NASCAR fans know, the Daytona 500 is celebrating its 63rd year and it keeps getting more exciting every year! With the lineup already set, some familiar names will be in the front as expected. You don’t need cable to watch the Daytona 500 live stream. However, you will need a streaming service if you want a legal way to stream the Daytona 500 online.

If you’d like details on how to stream the Daytona 500, this guide should tell you all you need to know. Streaming the Daytona 500 without cable will be easy as there are more than a few services (listed below) that all offer FOX and the Daytona 500 live stream.

Channels You Need to Watch Daytona 500 without Cable

NASCAR mainly airs on FOX and the Daytona 500 isn’t going to be any different. You can watch the Daytona 500 online on Sunday, February 14, 2020 starting at 2:30 p.m. ET on FOX.

There are a wide variety of streaming services that offer FOX and other local channels in their packages. Of course, local channels are available based on location. If you live in an extremely rural area, the FOX live stream might not be in your area. However, streaming services are getting better when it comes to local channels and you’ll know which are available in your area before you sign up!

How to Watch Daytona 500 without Cable: At a Glance

The first people do even before they cut the cord is find ways to watch the things they watched with cable. Cutting the cord shouldn’t mean giving up TV and it doesn’t have to. It’s just a matter of finding the service that offers the channels that you watched with cable. In the case of the Daytona 500 live stream, that means FOX. You can watch FOX on a digital antenna, but if you want to watch FOX online, you’ll need a streaming service to do it. Here are two of the top options.

fuboTV also has FOX, which means you can watch the Daytona 500 online. The biggest difference in these two services is that fuboTV offers the most sports channels of any streaming service out there, starting at $64.99 a month. FOX is available in the majority of areas. Packages also include an on-demand library and access to TV Everywhere apps like the FOX app. You can try fuboTV free for 7 days and watch the Dayton 500 online free.

Hulu with Live TV offers FOX and 50+ other channels, so you shouldn’t have any trouble watching the Daytona 500 live stream. Thanks to the large number of channels, this is a good solution if you’ve cut the cord and are looking for a cable replacement. Most areas of the country will have the FOX live stream. Hulu Live also throws the Hulu on-demand service in as part of your package. A great way to learn more is to try out the Hulu Live 7-day free trial!

Using Live Streaming Services to Watch Daytona 500 Online

It’s not uncommon for new cord cutters to feel a sense of frustration at the loss of cable. Usually this happens because they haven’t found a way to watch their favorite sports or TV shows. Just because they want to save money, it doesn’t mean they are ready to give up their television altogether. Once the research is done and a streaming service is chosen, they are good to go. Streaming allows you to save money without missing anything from the days when cable contracts were required.

Most streaming services, like Hulu Live, AT&T TV NOW, and others offer live TV along with features like an on-demand library, TV Everywhere access, and sometimes even a cloud-DVR. These packages include a mix of content from kids shows to movies, news, sports, and other TV shows. Basically, like with cable, there’s something for everyone in the family! Plans range in price, too. They are budget friendly plans that allow you to stream on the cheap and more expensive ones that offer as many (or more) channels than your previous cable package.

The biggest difference from cable is that streaming services don’t require a commitment. You can cancel whenever you want. There aren’t any hidden fees, either. You get what you want, and you pay a lower bill. All in all, it’s a good option for most people.

Cable bills have been climbing for years and they continue to get higher, which is why more and more customers are dumping their plans and looking to streaming. As you might have guessed a cable company can’t compare to the prices offered by services like Sling TV, which offers plans from $30 per month. Many services like YouTube TV, AT&T TV NOW, and Hulu with Live TV start at $50-64.99, which is still $60 less than the average cable bill.

Streaming services give you the freedom to cancel when you want without any hassles. In fact, you can cancel most services without even speaking to someone. You just click a few buttons and you’re done! Not having to deal with a contract allows you to concentrate on finding the right service for you. If you sign up for one service and find it’s not a good fit, you can just move on to the next one. Most services even offer a free trial, which gives you the chance to try the service before paying for it.

As long as you have Internet service and a streaming device you can use a streaming service. Unlike cable and satellite, there isn’t any real equipment because the service is digital. You’ll use a streaming device to transmit the service to your TV, but otherwise you don’t need any additional equipment. Every streaming service works with specific devices. You’ll find that most services attempt to work on as many devices as possible. Some popular devices that work with numerous services include Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and mobile devices.  

If you’re hoping to watch Daytona 500 online without cable, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of services that you can use to stream the Daytona 500 online.

Use fuboTV to Stream the Daytona 500 without Cable

fuboTV is a top option when it comes to sports streaming. The package offers over 80 channels, so it offers a good mix of sports and non-sports channels. It’s popular with sports fans because the package offers more than 30 channels dedicated to sports. This is more than you’ll find in other streaming services. fuboTV includes FOX in many areas. Even if you don’t get the FOX live stream, you can use the FOX TV Everywhere apps to watch the Daytona 500 live stream. fuboTV packages start at $64.99/month.

While they do offer more sports than any other service, fuboTV offers plenty of non-sports channels, too. TV Everywhere apps can be used for other channels beyond FOX and FOX Sports Go, too. The addition of TV Everywhere apps allows subscribers to decide when and where they want to watch TV, choosing either the fuboTV app or the network app for the show they want to watch. Here are some more details about fuboTV:

  • A great choice for sports fans with over 30 sports channels in one package
  • Over 80 channels are included in the main package
  • Additional sports channels can be added to your package
  • Pay $64.99/month 
  • An on-demand library is included, and you can use TV Everywhere apps, too
  • A cloud-based DVR is included, as well
  • Watch on Fire TV, Roku, mobile devices, Apple TV, and a variety of other streaming devices
  • Try fuboTV free for 7 days

If you love sports, fuboTV is going to be one of the best choices for you. If you’re not a big sports fan, you should definitely check the channel lineup before you sign up for fuboTV to ensure that the included channels will work for you. Another way to learn more is to try the fuboTV free weeklong trial. You can learn more in our fuboTV review.

Hulu with Live TV is a Good Option if You Want to Watch the Daytona 500 Without Cable

Hulu with Live TV offers local channel live stream access to more markets than any other streaming service currently, so this is a great way to watch the Daytona 500 online. FOX is included along with 50+ other live channels, so as long as the FOX live stream is in your area, you’ll be all set! Hulu Live offers a wide variety of channels ranging from Disney and Cartoon Network to USA and MSNBC. So, the whole family should be covered no matter what kinds of TV they want to watch.

Hulu Live is available for $64.99 per month, which is a pretty standard price for many packages with a similar channel count. This package blends 50+ live channels with Hulu’s on-demand service. This means you’ll have thousands of hours of live and on-demand entertainment ranging from sports to movies. Here are some additional details:

  • Watch 50+ channels with the on-demand Hulu service
  • Packages from $64.99 per month
  • No commitments and cancelling is hassle-free
  • FOX is available in most areas – You can also watch TNT, USA, Disney, Freeform, and many other channels
  • You can watch sports without cable on Hulu Live
  • Works with game consoles, iPhone, Roku, Chromecast, computers, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more
  • Get started with a free 7-day trial

Hulu with Live TV has all you need to enjoy the Daytona 500 live stream without cable. Not only will you have live channels, Hulu’s on-demand service is also included. You can learn more in our Hulu with Live TV review.

Other Ways to Watch Daytona 500 Without Cable

Hulu Live and fuboTV are just two of the options you have to stream Daytona 500 without cable. There are other options available in streaming. Here are some of the more popular options if you want to watch the Daytona 500 live stream without cable.

Sling TV – from $35/month (free 7-day trial)– Sling TV packages offer 30+ channels including FOX, depending on your location. In order to get FOX, you’ll need to pick the Sling Blue package. Along with Sling TV’s live TV interface, you can also use the FOX TV Everywhere apps. Our Sling TV review has more details.

YouTube TV – from $64.99/month –YouTube TV offers FOX in most parts of the country and like with the other services, you can use the FOX TV Everywhere apps, too. YouTube TV also includes a DVR that comes with unlimited space. You can stream on most devices, except Amazon Fire TV devices. Our YouTube TV review will help you learn more. 

Vidgo – starts at $40 a month – Some areas will receive the FOX live stream. Learn more in our Vidgo review.

Choosing the right streaming service for you will depend on how much you want to pay and what channels you want in addition to FOX. No matter which service you decide on, it’s easy to see that you have plenty of options!

Wrapping Up

You don’t need cable to watch the Daytona 500 online or any of NASCAR online. You can watch the race legally online with any streaming service that’s mentioned here. As long as you have a streaming service, you’re good to go! You’ll be able to watch the Daytona 500 live stream on most streaming devices including mobile devices.

If you’re a big sports fan, you can learn more about how to watch sports online. Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of cable you’ll see that streaming services offer everything you know and love about cable at a much lower price!

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