Free Streaming Service Tubi Saw Record Growth in 2021

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Tubi, the world’s largest ad-supported free streaming video service, has just announced record growth in 2019,

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The tide may be turning for ad-supported free streaming video. Even though subscription-based streaming video providers still get the vast majority of press attention and subscribers these days, free streaming video is quickly gaining ground. In fact, Tubi, the world’s largest ad-supported free streaming video service, has just announced record growth in 2019, showing that free ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) may soon catch up with the rest of the streaming world. 

Tubi announced the record growth in a press release this week which offers a wealth of stats to show just how quickly the service is growing. According to figures released by the streaming service, in 2019 Tubi’s monthly active users rose to 25 million while year-over-year total view time grew by 160%. In December 2019 alone, users watched over 163 million hours of free, ad-supported video on demand on the service.

Tubi’s growth wasn’t just in the United States. The streaming service saw a 357% increase in total view time in Canada and Australia and has plans to expand its international reach even further. Tubi has recently formed partnerships in the United Kingdom and just penned a deal with one of Mexico’s largest broadcasters to bring Spanish language content to the free streaming service.

“Our growth over the last year is a clear testament to the success of our focused strategy in a now-cluttered marketplace,” said Farhad Massoudi, Tubi’s CEO. “We’re excited people globally have embraced Tubi as a complement to subscription video and aim to deliver an even larger library of premium content in 2020.” 

Tubi has already formed partnerships with some of the biggest names in Hollywood to bring exclusive content to the streaming service. Just this month, legendary director Robert Rodriguez formed a deal to bring an exclusive series and film to Tubi. 

Tubi can be watched free on Android and iOS mobile devices, most major streaming devices, and on some smart TVs and gaming consoles. Tubi can also be watched on the web at

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