How to Watch WWE Online

Learn why Cord Cutters turn to WWE Network to get their Wrestling Fix


For millions of people, professional wrestling is an American tradition on par with baseball and apple pie. The theatrical sport has decades of storied history, legends, and heart breaks. In its earliest days, wrestling was televised only on local broadcast networks, but as the sport expanded so too did its television reach.

Eventually, professional wrestling rested solely in the domain of cable, blocking out cord cutters for the most part. But as the years have worn on, and more cable TV alternatives have become available, being a cord cutter has gotten substantially easier. And most recently for wrestling fans, this has become especially true.

Lets take a look:

WWE Network

In 2014, the WWE launched the streaming service WWE Network. For $9,99 a month, you get access to almost every single piece of wrestling content that the WWE owns.

Because they are so confident you will love this new streaming service, for a limited time they are offering Free One Month Trail!! No Joke.

Original Content

First, you get a ton of original content. For example, there’s a show called Wrestlemania Rewind where wrestling legends look back on the history of Wrestlemania and provide some context for the major matches. Then there’s Countdown, where they do a countdown of subjects like Greatest Trash talker, Greatest Manager, etc…

You also get a lot of podcasts, interviews, and behind the scenes content that you wouldn’t normally get with cable.

Wrestling Archive

WATCH WWE ONLINEBut if you’re not into original content don’t worry, because WWE network has perhaps the most extensive wrestling archive ever. How in-depth is it you ask? Wanna watch every Wrestlemania ever? You’re covered. Want to go back in time and check out every WCW and ECW match ever? You’re golden. Wanna watch every WCW and (formerly) WWF Pay-Per-View? Yep, they got that too.

What’s better is that all of it is uncensored, so everything looks exactly the way it did when it aired. No airbrushed WWE logos over everything and you can even still watch Chris Benoit matches. It may be a small gesture, but they definitely get points for respecting history.

If you’re a fan of the history of wrestling, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better selection. Just be careful, you may get lost in all the content.

Live Matches

As far as current wrestling goes, it’s somewhat of a mixed bag. You can still check out current episodes of RAW and SmackDown, but they only become available 30 days after broadcast. 


WATCH WWE ONLINEHowever, as disappointing as that may be, you do get access to all 12 Pay-Per-View events; Wrestlemania included. PPV events usually cost $50 a pop, so that is a heck of a savings for big-time fans. 

Supported Devices


Device support is pretty standard fare. WWE Network supports:

  • iOS, Android
  • Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV
  • PC, Mac

WWE on Hulu

Watch WWE Online

Another great way to watch the WWE Online is through Hulu. If you have not tried Hulu yet, click here for their free trial.

Hulu offers almost every WWE series available and allows subscribers access within 24 hours of the live event. Everything from Total Divas, to Smackdown, to NXT, to Monday Night Raw is available. Though this option is not great for the die hard fan that needs to watch everything live, for the mass majority, this options works very well.

Note: Hulu abbreviates episodes of Monday Night Raw, but everything else is available unedited.

Live Stream WWE with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue is a new service that is being offered by Sony. Going head to head with Sling TV, PS Vue offers live streaming of a plethora of popular channels. Read “SLING TV VS PLAYSTATION VUE – A TELEVISION STREAMING BATTLE ROYAL” to see how it stacks up.

As for watching the WWE without a cable bill,  Playstation Vue allows WWE fans access to USA and SyFy. Having access to these channels allows you to watch Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown, Live each and every week.

WWE on Youtube

WWE on Youtube

When all else fails we always have Youtube. As everyone already knows, you can find almost anything on Youtube, and WWE is no exception. Here is a great WWE Youtube channel that offers backstage footage, top 10 lists, recent broadcast clips, sneak peeks into upcoming events, and much more: WWE Fan Nation – Youtube

Start Watching Wrestling Online Today

The bottom line is that if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll want to have the WWE Network. The savings on PPV alone is worth it, but when you throw in a bunch of original content and classic wrestling; there’s simply no argument.

So who are your favorite classic wrestlers? Sound off in the comments below or send us tweet!