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The Favorite Christmas Movie of Each US State

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The holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time to cue up our favorite Christmas movies to get into the spirit of things. And with so much uncertainty surrounding this year’s season, you’ll have all the time you could want to watch your favorite Christmas movies!

Not sure which to watch? Using data from Google Trends and Rotten Tomatoes, we partnered with Mindnet Analytics to take a look at each states favorite Christmas movies. In addition, we took a look at interest in Christmas movies across states.

Check out the results below!

Interesting Findings

  • It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas appear the most for traditional Christmas movies, while Gremlins, Die Hard, and Batman Returns are movies you might not expect that appear at the top of many states’ lists
  • Gremlins and Bad Santa are tied for the Christmas movie most states are obsessed with, winning in 4 states
  • Batman Returns, Die Hard, It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, The Best Man Holiday, Trading Places, and White Christmas all appear at the top of the list for 3 states each
  • West Virginia and Utah tie for showing the most interest in holiday movies, followed closely by Indiana, Kentucky, and Idaho
  • Washington D.C. shows the least interest in Christmas movies, followed by Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, California, Georgia, and Louisiana

Interest in Christmas Movies

Favorite Christmas Movie by State

State Holiday Movie Most Obsessed with
Alabama Bad Santa
Alaska Love Actually
Arizona Bad Santa
Arkansas Gremlins
California Batman Returns
Colorado White Christmas
Connecticut Christmas in Connecticut
Delaware Black Christmas
District Of Columbia Trading Places
Florida Batman Returns
Georgia The Best Man Holiday
Hawaii Love Actually
Idaho The Ref
Illinois It’s a Wonderful Life
Indiana A Christmas Story
Iowa Die Hard
Kansas Bad Santa
Kentucky Babes In Toyland
Louisiana Gremlins
Maine Miracle on 34th Street
Maryland The Best Man Holiday
Massachusetts Love Actually
Michigan Holiday Inn
Minnesota White Christmas
Mississippi The Best Man Holiday
Missouri Die Hard
Montana A Christmas Story
Nebraska Die Hard
Nevada Bad Santa
New Hampshire Scrooged
New Jersey Trading Places
New Mexico Edward Scissorhands
New York The Apartment
North Carolina Home Alone
North Dakota Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Ohio White Christmas
Oklahoma Gremlins
Oregon Babes In Toyland
Pennsylvania Trading Places
Rhode Island Elf
South Carolina Gremlins
South Dakota National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Tennessee It’s a Wonderful Life
Texas Batman Returns
Utah While You Were Sleeping
Vermont The Night Before
Virginia Scrooged
Washington Scrooged
West Virginia Better Watch Out
Wisconsin It’s a Wonderful Life
Wyoming The Santa Clause

Methodology for Favorite Christmas Movies

First we used the list of the top 50 Christmas movies from Rotten Tomatoes to determine a set of candidate movies that each state might be most obsessed with. We then added top movies from other December holidays such as “Eight Crazy Nights” and “The Black Candle”.

The data used to determine which movie each state is most obsessed with came from Google Trends state-wise search frequencies. For example, if you look at the relative search frequency for “The Apartment” across states you see that people in New York have searched more for this movie than any other state.

This movie is therefore the movie that according to Google Trends data we deemed New York is most “obsessed” with – the state’s favorite movie in relation to other states. It is not necessarily the movie that they searched for more than all other movies, but the movie that residents searched for more than other states did. The same procedure and logic applies to all other movie-state matches in our results.

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