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The Romantic Movie Each US State Loves Most [2021 Edition]

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! And with the current state of things, perhaps the best thing you could do is stay home with that special someone and watch your favorite romantic movie. But what movie should you watch while you snuggle up?

We partnered with Mindnet Analytics to take a look at each state’s favorite romantic movie. Using data from Google Trends and Rotten Tomatoes, we not only found each state’s pick, but also how their interest in romances compared to other states.

Check out the results for 2021 below!

Some Interesting Finds

  1. “Gone with the Wind” claims the top spot, ranking as the top romantic movie in five states: Alabama, Kentucky, Ohia, Tennessee, and Virginia.
  2. “Beauty and the Beast,” “Her,” “The Little Mermaid,” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” were some of the most popular across the country.
  3. Many states picked movies that were locally based. Illinois was most obsessed with “The Big Sick,” based in Chicago. New York still thinks that “Brooklyn” is the best romantic film. Washington state naturally is most obsessed with “Sleepless in Seattle.”
  4. Georgia shifted interests this year toward “Romeo and Juliet”, but “Gone With the Wind” (based in Georgia) was a top favorite in neighboring states of Tennessee and Alabama.
  5. Washington D.C. showed the highest level of interest in romantic movies, followed by Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Utah, and Alaska.
  6. Georgia showed the least interest in romantic movies, followed by Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Alabama, and Texas.

Interest Levels by State

states' interest in romantic movies

State Interest Rank
Washinton D.C. 1
Vermont 2
Rhode Island 3
M 4
Utah 5
Alaska 6
Massachusetts 7
Connecticut 8
New Hampshire 9.5
Wyoming 9.5
California 12
Delaware 12
Oregon 12
Idaho 14
Montana 15.5
Washington 15.5
New York 17
New Mexico 18
Nebraska 19
Hawaii 20
Arizona 24.5
Colorado 24.5
Illinois 24.5
Iowa 24.5
Kansas 24.5
Minnesota 24.5
Missouri 24.5
New Jersey 24.5
South Dakota 30
Virginia 30
Wisconsin 30
Nevada 33
Pennsylvania 33
West Virginia 33
Ohio 35
Arkansas 37.5
Maryland 37.5
North Dakota 37.5
Oklahoma 37.5
Indiana 40
Kentucky 41.5
Michigan 41.5
Tennessee 43.5
Texas 43.5
Alabama 45
North Carolina 46
South Carolina 47
Mississippi 48
Florida 49.5
Louisiana 49.5
Georgia 51

Each State’s Romantic Movie Pick

1 Location Most Obsessed
2 Alabama Gone With The Wind
3 Alaska Wuthering Heights
4 Arizona Giant
5 Arkansas Ghost
6 California Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
7 Colorado Once
8 Connecticut Ghost
9 Delaware Howards End
10 District of Columbia When Harry Met Sally
11 Florida The Little Mermaid
12 Georgia Romeo And Juliet
13 Hawaii The Little Mermaid
14 Idaho Howards End
15 Illinois The Big Sick
16 Indiana Titanic
17 Iowa Bull Durham
18 Kansas Jerry Maguire
19 Kentucky Gone With The Wind
20 Louisiana The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
21 Maine Dirty Dancing
22 Maryland Her
23 Massachusetts Jerry Maguire
24 Michigan Once
25 Minnesota Jerry Maguire
26 Mississippi Titanic
27 Missouri The Shop Around The Corner
28 Montana The Shape Of Water
29 Nebraska Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
30 Nevada Once
31 New Hampshire To Catch A Thief
32 New Jersey Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
33 New Mexico Knocked Up
34 New York Brooklyn
35 North Carolina The Big Sick
36 North Dakota Titanic
37 Ohio Gone With The Wind
38 Oklahoma Beauty And The Beast
39 Oregon Enchanted
40 Pennsylvania Beauty And The Beast
41 Rhode island The Town
42 South carolina Her
43 South dakota Slumdog Millionaire
44 Tennessee Gone With The Wind
45 Texas Her
46 Utah Howards End
47 Vermont Cold War
48 Virginia Gone With The Wind
49 Washington Sleepless In Seattle
50 West virginia Beauty And The Beast
51 Wisconsin The Little Mermaid
52 Wyoming Love Actually

Methodological Summary

[Analysis conducted by Mindnet Analytics in partnership with Kill the Cable Bill]

First we used the list of the top 100 best fresh romantic movies from Rotten Tomatoes to determine a set of candidate movies that each state might be most obsessed with and the Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 Romance Movies. We combined these lists and then removed duplicates.

The data used to determine which movie each state is most obsessed with came from Google Trends state-wise search frequencies. In order to avoid counting searches for things that share the name of a movie such as “Her” we used the Google Trends search filter category 34 to return only counts of searches for movies. We only counted search frequencies from February 1st, 2020 through January 20th, 2021.

For our map of romantic movie interest by state, we summed the search frequencies for all movies on our list for each state. Thus the states that we find have more romantic movie interest are the ones that searched more for the most romantic movies.

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