A Must have Cable TV AlternativeWhat is Crackle TV

With Crackle TV’s HD streaming and multi-platform support, it is now a must have Cable TV Alternative. The formula is simple: Indoor Antenna, Video Streaming Device, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video & now Crackle TV

What is Crackle TV?

No longer just a descriptive verb, Crackle is now a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company which offers free movies, video and television shows across multiple platforms. While it’s not a relatively new service, having bowed roughly four or five years ago, it is a company which is designed to appeal to the guy (or TV gal) in all of us.

So, then, what is Crackle TV? Is it a new web-based television channel? Online movie services? In truth, it’s both; and with the cool Crackle video stream offered on a variety of platforms by Sony, there are a variety of possibilities for your viewing pleasure. Crackle is video entertainment network that offers full length movies and TV shows in full HD. Crackle provides programming your favorite genres – including comedy, crime, horror, Sci-Fi, action and thriller.

Crackle App

Crackle TV

Just flip over to www.crackle.comor to your crackle app, and find your favorite action flick or comedy show and watch the time melt away. Crackle offers free, uncut movies and TV series on your mobile device, computer, internet connected TV, desktop box, and gaming console  Access Crackle by installing their free Crackle App on your preferred, supported device (Google Play App Download).

  • Mobile Devices: Apple, Android, Nook, Kindle, Windows
  • Connected TVs: Sony, Google, Verizon
  • Desktop Boxes: Roku, Sony, Google, Tivo
  • Game Consoles: PS3, Xbox

Crackle App on Xbox 360

Crackle App on PS3

Crackle System Requirements

Crackle offers very high quality video streams, so they require a faster connection than some other video sites (Crackle does not support dial-up connections). To make sure Crackle will play properly check your connection speed ~ And on a side note: always hard-line your internet connection if possible; WiFi simply may not cut it. If your connection is less than 500 kbps (kilobytes per second)/0.5 mbps (megabytes per second) you will find it difficult to watch Crackle Free Movies. If you would like to test your internet speed go to https://speedtest.net.

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Chrome & Firefox
  • Cookies & JavaScript must be enabled
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 or above
  • Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 and Macintosh OS X

Crackle TV

Crackles free movies offers a wide spectrum of action entertainment designed to also give us a good laugh. Given the target audience is male, Crackle TV prides itself on having hand-picked television shows and movies from favorite male-dominated genres, including science fiction, horror, and comedy. Crackle TV includes, among its lineup: nostalgic shows such as Sanford and Son as well as Different Strokes; many cartoon hits like Astro-Boy and Ironman; and old school sci-fi like The Prisoner. While Crackle TV offers viewers a wide range of viewing possibilities, there’s still a lot to choose from with Crackle free movies. Whether it’s a 90s classic like Double Team with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman, or low brow comedies like Joe Dirt, there are a number of Crackle free movies to choose from.


Additional benefits of becoming a Crackle Member:

  • Become a fan of Crackle people
  • Subscribe to your favorite Crackle shows
  • Group your favorite videos into playlists
  • Rate & comment on the videos you love or hate

Join Crackle Today! Go to www.crackle.com  and click on the ‘Register’ button on the top right corner of the page. Fill in the required information and click ‘JOIN’. Its that easy. Specific questions go to Crackle FAQ

What could be better than watching Crackle’s free movies on your laptop while curled up in bed, or on the PS3 that is hooked up to your HD big screen. Even better – without the aggravation of trying to find something good on satellite or digital cable to watch only to find that nothing is on, and that your paying $100 a month for channels you don’t watch.

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