A Cord Cutters Guide to Watching the Sochi Olympics

In this busy life, TV still holds an important part of household entertainment. But, when it comes to Winter Olympics, fans put their daily tasks to the side and spend majority of their time in front of TV. But what If you are a Cable Cutter? How can you watch the Sochi Olympics without a Cable Bill?

The Winter Olympics starts today, and is expected to draw about 3 billion viewers. Many blog sites will tell you to use nbcolympics.com, but what you will quickly find is that without a Cable TV subscription your access will be blocked. So if you cut the cord, you’re out of luck. Or are you? In this post, Ill show you two ways to watch the Olympics without a Cable or Dish TV Subscription.

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Watching the Olympics Over-the-Air

NBC provides over 185 hours of programming, but without a Cable or Dish subscription how do you watch NBC? The answer: a digital TV antenna. With a digital antenna (indoor or outdoor), you can access the over-the-air (OTA) TV signal in HD for free and its 100% legal. Be careful to buy the right antenna though, as most models only offer a fraction of the channels and picture quality when compared to competing brands. The one manufacture that I can recommend with absolute confidence, is Mohu. Learn more about Mohu and how to get 10% off their products click here. For more proof, check out this survey LifeHacker just released on how Mohu compares to competing brands.

Additionally here is a link to the Sochi Winter Olympics Schedule that you can access in HD with an antenna.


How to watch the Sochi Olympics Online

In the U.S, cable companies have put a lot of restrictions on streaming content. But in many other countries the rules are much more relaxed. Specifically, the BBC will be offering around 650 hours of live competition, while Canada’s CBC will be providing 12 feeds of live event coverage online. And none of this viewing requires a TV subscription or login. But what you do need is to be physically living within the country’s borders; or at least your IP address needs to be. Beyond that, the picture quality is going to be nowhere as sharp as OTA; especially if you want to watch on a big screen.


So there it is, you have two options Cord Cutters: OTA or Online. For me the answer is a simple one, as I love my big screen TV and want to watch the games in crystal clear HD. But there are some people who live too far from broadcast antennas for this to be a viable solution. To find out what channels are available in your area just enter your zip code. Good luck and please let me know what other questions you have about Cable TV Alternatives.

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