Watching Television in Spanish without Cable

Cord Cutting Guide for Spanish TV Content

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Hola cortadores de cable de compañeros, cómo estás? 

Whether you’re just looking for entertainment in your native language or just someone looking for a little practice, it can be hard to find Spanish language content on television. Despite having to pay hundreds of dollars a month to cable providers, the number of Spanish language channels is few and far between.

If the dearth of Spanish language content on cable television has you thinking that your options would be even worse if you cut the cord, then set your mind at ease. Not only is there a wide selection of Spanish language content online, it often costs a lot less than cable.

Today we’re going to take a look at how you can cut the cord and still get all the Spanish language television and film that you crave. Let’s get started!

Over-the-Air Channels

The easiest way to watch Television in Spanish is to purchase an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna. For those of you that don’t know, an OTA antenna picks up the signals from all the major broadcast networks, like ABC or CBS. Most antennas are very affordable, ranging from $30 to $60. I would recommend a Mohu Leaf. They’re inexpensive, dependable, and do a great job picking up signals.

For Spanish language programming, the two television networks you’ll be looking for is Univision and Telemundo. They’ll have all the popular Spanish language shows you’re looking for; like Metastasis or La Gata.

TelemundoSadly, Telemundo and Univision are only accessible to about 50-60 percent of American homes so it won’t be uncommon to be missing one of those networks. Would you like to know what stations are in your area? Check out and find out if Univision and Telemundo are available in your area.

If Univision and Telemundo are not in your area, don’t worry because there are a bunch of different ways to get access to these channels. And if you keep reading, you’ll find out.

Univision Now

UnivisionIn a move similar to CBS All Access, Univision has recently launched its own standalone streaming service call Univision Now. For $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year, and you get live and on-demand access to both Univision and UniMás.

With your subscription, you can watch on up to three screens simultaneously. You’ll also get some DVR functionality, with recorded programs lasting up to 72 hours.  As far as device support goes, you can watch Univision Now on Roku, your PC, or smartphone. Start your free trial today!

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Spanish Channels on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is one of the hottest streaming services to hit the market, and for good reason. Offering a bunch of Spanish speaking TV channels, DirecTV Now is a great cable TV alternative for Spanish speaking cord-cutters.

Here are a few of the channels available on their base-package called “Live a Little” ($35 a month):

  • Galavision
  • Telemundo
  • Univision

To give them a  test drive, check out the Free Trial.

Spanish Channels on Sling TV

Sling LatinoProbably the best bang for your buck is going to be Sling TV. Both Sling TV’s Blue and Orange subscription plans will give you access to Spanish language channels, although Blue is the plan that will give you the most.

For $25 a month, the Blue plan will give you live streaming access to 40+ cable channels; including El Rey, Univision, UniMás, Flama, and Galavisión. In addition to those plans, Sling TV has A LOT of add-ons geared towards Spanish language content. Free Trial Link

Probably the best and cheapest add-on is the Best of Spanish TV add-on. For an additional $5 a month you can get live streaming access to 20+ Spanish language channels; including the following channels.

  • Univision
  • INTI Network
  • BabyTV Español
  • El Financiero
  • UniMás
  • Cine Sony Television
  • Azteca
  • FOROtv
  • Cine Latino
  • Galavisión
  • NTN24
  • De Película
  • NBC Universo
  • Telehit
  • CBeebies
  • Clásico
  • estrellaTV
  • Bandamax
  • Zee Mundo
  • Univision
  • History En Español
  • tlnovelas Univision
  • Univision TDN
  • Azteca
  • VME Kids
  • NBC Universo

If you want access to these channels but you don’t want to have to pay for Sling TV’s Blue or Orange plan, you can always purchase the Best of Spanish TV as a standalone plan for $10 a month. Still not satisfied? Here are the other Spanish language add-ons available:

Mexico – $5 per Month

  • Canal Once
  • CB Television
  • MultiMedios
  • AZ Clic
  • TeleFormula
  • Milenio Television
  • AZ Cinema
  • TLR
  • Video Rola

Caribe – $5 per Month

  • WAPA America
  • Cuba MaxTV
  • Telemicro TV
  • Quisqueya Teleuniverso
  • Cine Latino

Sudamérica – $5 per Month

  • Caracol
  • Nuestra Tele
  • NTN24
  • Novelas
  • TV Venezuela
  • Ecuavisa Internacional
  • TyC Sports
  • Bolivia TV
  • Canal Sur
  • Estudi 5

España – $5 per Month

  • tve
  • Antena 3
  • MIS Peliculas
  • SupreNe
  • TLR

Spanish Movies on Netflix

Netflix is a great go-to source for Spanish language content. Now if you have been using regular Netflix to find  Spanish language content, it might be a little difficult. Unless you know exactly what to look for, you will most likely find content in English first, with a handful of things in Spanish. However, that can be easily fixed.

To get Netflix content delivered to you in Spanish, hop on the computer and go to Once you log in, go to My Account and scroll all the way to the bottom. Under My Profile, click the option that says Language. From there you should be able to change your preferred language to Spanish.

Quick Note: Not everything that is available in English is available in Spanish, but at the very least you’ll have an easier time finding things.

Hulu Latino

Hulu Latino

In addition to offering great original content geared toward Latino Americans, like East Los High, Hulu is also your go-to source for all things Telemundo. Earlier this year, Hulu signed an agreement with Telemundo to exclusively offer its content. Every single Univision show that was available on Hulu has been dumped and replaced with content from Telemundo.

Start with a no obligation 2 Week Free Trial!


fuboTV is an online streaming service with an emphasis on Spanish language television and international sports; especially soccer. There are three fuboTV subscription plans that you can choose from, but really you’ll probably only want the first two since the third is for those that speak Portuguese (fubo TV review).

The first subscription plan is called fubo Premier. It costs $40 a month and will give access to 60+ live channels; including the following Spanish language channels:

  • beIN Sports
  • Univision TDN
  • Fox Deportes
  • Univision
  • Galavisión
  • UniMás
  • El Rey.

Currently, there is a special going on where you can subscribe to fubo Premier and get the first two months for only $20 a month, but it might not last long so check it out as soon as you can. Now if you don’t really want to pay $20 or $40 a month, you can also subscribe to fuboTV’s second plan:  fubo Latino.

For $14.99 a month, fubo Latino gives you access to the following Spanish language channels:

  • beIN Sports
  • Univision TDN
  • Fox Deportes
  • Univision
  • Galavisión
  • UniMás
  • GOLTV Spanish
  • TyC Sports
  • Baby TV HD
  • Sony’s Spanish language movie network
  • FoxLife
  • Nat Geo Mundo

For an extra $5 a month you can also get the Entretenimiento Plus add-on, which gives you the following channels:

  • El Rey
  • Antena 3
  • Bandmax
  • de pelicula
  • de pelicula clasico
  • FOROtv
  • NTN24
  • TeleHit
  • TLNovelas Univision

Start your FREE Trial today

PlayStation Vue

Although PlayStation Vue is a great live TV streaming service, it might not be the Spanish language resource that you are looking for. True, there are a few channels available but there are cheaper options available. For completeness sake, here are the Spanish language channels that you can get with PlayStation Vue

Access – $39.99 monthly

  • Telemundo

Core – $44.99 monthly

Same as above

Elite – $54.99 monthly

  • ESPN Deportes
  • FOX Deportes
  • Telemundo

There is also a Spanish television add-on for $4.99 a month or $3.99 a month if you have a PS Plus membership. Here’s what you get with the  Español Pack:

  • CNN en español
  • Discovery en español
  • Familia Discovery
  • Fox Deportes
  • FoxLife
  • Nat Geo Mundo
  • NBC Universo

Cut the Cord and Get Even More Spanish Television

It may be hard to find someone speaking Spanish on cable television these days, but if you ditch the cable subscription you’ll be surprised at what kind of content you can find Between Sling TV, fuboTV, your trusty old OTA antenna, and all the rest; there’s a whole world of Spanish language content just waiting to be discovered.

So what are you waiting for? Deje de pagar demasiado por la televisión por cable . Tome el salto , cortar el cordón , y matar a su factura de cable hoy!