On Saturday, November 2, fight fans will have a chance to experience the 500th UFC event with UFC 244. The main event will start at 10 p.m. ET. The headlining bout for the UFC 244 live stream is Masvidal vs Diaz. Of course, that’s just one match. Fans will also be able to enjoy Gastelum vs Till, Thompson vs Luque, Lee vs Gillespie, and Lewis vs Ivanov. These are just the bouts in the main card. Things get started at 6:15 p.m., so you can spend the whole evening watching a number of dynamic fights. Best of all, you can watch UFC 244 online without cable!

The UFC 244 live stream will air on ESPN+. This event is a pay-per-view event, so you won’t need cable. You don’t even need to be a member of ESPN+. All you need to do is head over to ESPN+, pay for the event, and then you’ll be able to stream the main card starting at 10 p.m. ET. You’ll be able to opt between the $60 UFC 244 live stream or the PPV plus one-year of ESPN+ for $80. Keep reading to learn more about ESPN+ and how to watch UFC 244 online.


How to Watch UFC 244 Without Cable: At a Glance

The UFC 244 live stream is a PPV event airing on ESPN+. The main card starts at 10 p.m. ET on Saturday, November 2. Only the main card will require the PPV pricing. You will be able to watch the Early Prelims through your regular ESPN+ subscription starting at 6:15 p.m. ET. The Prelims will air on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET. If you don’t have cable, there will be details on how to stream ESPN2 without cable, later. For now, let’s look at ESPN+ and how you can watch the UFC 244 main card.

ESPN+ is the only way you’re going to be able to watch the UFC 244 PPV online. You don’t need ESPN+ to watch this event. You can pay $60 for the UFC 244 live stream. Of course, with bundle pricing, you can get a year of ESPN+ for just $20 more. ESPN+ offers a wide range of sporting events, both live and on-demand. The service is easy to use, cheap, and allows you to watch sports on most devices, from just about anywhere.


Using Streaming Services to Watch UFC 244 Without Cable

Streaming is the way of the future. Whether you want to thank millennials for their disinterest in traditional cable or it just comes down to people looking for a good deal, streaming continues to get more popular by the day. Cost is one of the biggest reasons for this, but it also has a lot to do with the options that you can find with streaming that aren’t always available on cable. Some of the main reasons people are making the switch to streaming include:

Extra Money – The average cost comparison could save you about half of what you’d pay in cable, maybe more! Cable packages vary in price, but usually top $100 per month. The average streaming service often starts at $50 or less per month. Think of all that you could do with that extra money!

Watch What You Want – Each available service gives you a set amount of live content. For some services that means a selection of channels and for others that means one channel or lineup 24/7. In either case, all of these services also offer on-demand libraries. This allows you to watch what you want when you want. If you can’t find content in the on-demand library, most services also include a cloud-DVR, so you can save it yourself and watch TV on your terms.

Watch Where you Want – Streaming services require streaming devices to work. You can use computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices. The point being, you don’t need to watch on your TV unless you want to. If you’re commuting and your stuck on a bus, you can pull out your tablet and enjoy some live or on-demand TV.


  • Streaming allows you to pay less and often get more content
  • No contracts – Each service allows you to cancel when you want
  • Watch TV on most popular devices, from anywhere that offers an internet connection
  • Watch live, on-demand, through TV Everywhere apps, or from saved shows on your cloud-DVR
  • Most devices work with most services, so you’ll have a variety of ways to watch

Now let’s learn more about how you can watch UFC 244 online!


Watch UFC 244 Online without Cable on ESPN+

ESPN+ is a cheap way to add more sports to your streaming schedule. All it takes is $5 per month or $50 per year. You’ll get tons of sporting events, live and on-demand, in an easy to watch format. Of course, the UFC 244 live stream is a pay-per-view event, so you don’t need to sign up for ESPN+ unless you want to. The UFC 244 main card will take place at 10 p.m. on November 2. The cost of the PPV is $60. However, you can also bundle 1 year of ESPN+ into the PPV price and get both for $80. This allows you to save money off the annual pricing and watch tons of sports including the UFC 244 PPV.

Here are some ESPN+ highlights:

  • Watch UFC 244 online for $60
  • Bundle the PPV with a year of ESPN+ for $80
  • Regular prices from $5/month
  • Watch MMA, MLS, cricket, MLB, college sports, golf, and other sports
  • Stream live round-table analysis shows and sports-related documentaries
  • The on-demand library offers the 30 for 30 series and much more
  • Stream on most devices – Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and more
  • ESPN+ is a contract-free service

ESPN+ is a popular option for sports fans because it gives you a cheap way to watch tons of extra sports. In this case, it’s also a way to enjoy the UFC 244 live stream without cable. Even though this is a PPV, if it were on cable, you’d need to have cable to purchase the event. That’s not required, here. You can choose between the PPV or the PPV and one-year of service. Either way, you’ll have an easy way to watch the UFC 244 live stream from just about anywhere.

Our ESPN+ review can tell you more.


Options to Stream the UFC 244 Prelims without Cable

If you want to watch the Early Prelims online, you’ll need ESPN+ for that. If you’re not a member, the bundle package will allow you to sign up for a full year along with the cost of the UFC 244 live stream. The Prelims will air at 8 p.m. on ESPN2. While this is commonly thought of as a cable channel, there are other ways to watch ESPN2 without cable. Additional options include:

Sling TV – Sling Orange features ESPN2 and 30+ other channels from $25/month Read the Sling TV review here.

YouTube TV – Get 70+ channels and an unlimited cloud-DVR for $50/month. Read our YouTube TV review here.

PlayStation Vue – Multiple package options from $50/month for 45+ channels. Read our PlayStation Vue review here.

AT&T TV NOW – Several packages with 40+ channels from $50/month. Read our AT&T TV NOW review here.


Wrapping Up

ESPN+ makes it easier than ever to watch sports without cable. The important thing to remember about the UFC 244 live stream is that it’s a pay-per-view event. You don’t need cable or even to be a member of ESPN+ to watch the UFC 244 main card. You can purchase just this one event and that’s it. Of course, if you’re curious about ESPN+, the bundle offer will allow you to try ESPN+ for a year along with the PPV for just $20 more. That’s $30 off the regular annual membership. ESPN+ doesn’t require any contracts, so if you have service beyond the PPV, you will be able to cancel at anytime.

You can leave any questions you have about how to watch UFC 244 online without cable, in the comment section!