How to Watch Bally Sports Wisconsin without Cable

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Wisconsin sports fans really need to consider signing up for Bally Sports Wisconsin. And the best thing is, you don’t need a cable subscription to do it.

In a hurry? If you want Bally Sports Wisconsin, there is only one way to get it outside of cable and satellite providers: DirecTV Stream. Sign-up for their Choice Plan for $84.99/mo, which comes with roughly 100 total channels.

Bally Sports Wisconsin broadcasts Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks games as well as Wisconsin Badger college games. You may also be able to watch Minnesota Wild and Minnesota United games via Bally Sports North depending upon where you are located. Local high school contests are also made available through this network.

Get Bally Sports Wisconsin With DirecTV Stream!

What Is Bally Sports Wisconsin?

Bally Sports Wisconsin is a regional sports network — the primary Bally Sports affiliate for viewers in the state of Wisconsin. The station is also available to viewers throughout Minnesota. You may also be able to get it in parts of Michigan and Illinois.

In the event that more than one team plays at the same time, one of the games may be shown on Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus. This typically happens during the spring when both the Brewers and Bucks are playing. It may also happen in the fall when the Brewers, Bucks, and Wild are all playing at the same time.

You’ll typically see NCAA Division I sports from the Wisconsin Badgers and Marquette Golden Eagles. Packers preseason games are also broadcast on Bally Sports Wisconsin along with niche programmings such as the World Poker Tour and AU softball.

Finally, multiple Wisconsin high school state athletic tournaments can be found on this network.

Streaming Bally Sports Wisconsin

There is only one option to stream Bally Sports Wisconsin. However, later on, we’ll cover a few ways to help you watch BSW programmes without this service.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

Back in 2020, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV all offered Bally Sports Wisconsin (then called Fox Sports Wisconsin). But the following year, all of them dropped Bally from their channel lineups. Today, only DirecTV Stream offers Bally Sports Wisconsin.

To get it, you must live in the channel’s coverage area (generally Wisconsin or Minnesota) and subscribe to one of their plans that offers RSNs. The cheapest is the Choice Plan for $84.99/mo. In most locations, you will get both Bally Sports Wisconsin and Bally Sports North.

Additionally, you get roughly 100 general channels with a good selection of sports including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ACC Network, SEC Network, and FS1. You also get the Tennis Channel, NBA TV, and MLB Network. The higher-priced plans include even more channels.

An amazing benefit of using DirecTV is that it allows you to stream on up to 20 TVs and devices at home. So if you have a large household, it’s a particularly compelling plan. It also allows you to stream on up to 3 screens outside your home.

Get Bally Sports Wisconsin Now!

Bally Sports Wisconsin Alternatives

If you don’t live in the Bally Sports Wisconsin coverage area or you don’t want to pay $85 per month, you have some other options for watching Wisconsin-based sports.

If you are a Brewers (MLB) or Bucks (NBA) fan, you can get access to all their games through MLB.TV ($24.99/mo) or NBA League Pass ($28.99/mo). Both of these have cheaper full-season rates.

These are great if you live outside the Wisconsin area because you can watch all the games live. If you live in the area, however, you will have to wait until the game is over and watch it on-demand.

A less appealing choice is to restrict yourself to nationally televised games. In this case, general streaming services like Hulu + Live TV or Vidgo will work well. What’s even better, is FuboTV, which comes with the four Big Ten Network channels.

Watch Bally Sports Wisconsin on Your Streaming TV or Device

You can watch Bally Sports Wisconsin via DirecTV Stream on most devices. Recent Samsung smart TVs are generally supported. And devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku are too.

You can also watch Bally Sports Wisconsin on smartphones running iOS or Android. And you can cast to your TV via Chromecast either with a smartphone/tablet or Chrome web browser. And finally, you can use DirecTV Stream’s own device, which costs $5/mo for the first 24 months or $120 flat.

You can also use your DirecTV Stream account and use the Bally Sports App. It supports most of those devices plus some other smart TVs and the Xbox One gaming system.

Wrapping Up

Bally Sports Wisconsin is the primary television home of the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Wisconsin Badgers. The only way to access it is through DirecTV Stream.

If this isn’t an option, check out MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, or one of the general streaming services that offer good national sports coverage like FuboTV and Sling TV.

Bucks vs Celtics
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What is the cheapest way to stream Bally Sports Wisconsin?

DirecTV Stream is the only way to stream Bally Sports Wisconsin. The cheapest way to get the channel is the Choice Plan for $84.99 per month. If you are only interested in the Brewers, it may work to get MLB.TV for $24.99 per month. And if you are focused on the Bucks, try NBA League Pass for $28.99 per month.

Why can’t I get Bally Sports Wisconsin if I’m outside its coverage area?

Bally Sports Wisconsin is contractually barred from operating outside of its designated coverage area. This ensures that teams in smaller markets don’t have to compete for viewers with teams that may have larger fanbases simply because they exist in larger markets. It’s also a way through which live ticket sales are encouraged.

Why are some games blacked out?

National networks routinely negotiate for exclusive broadcast rights to NHL, NBA, and MLB games. If a contest is being broadcast to a national audience, it usually means that it will be blacked out on that channel for the local audience. This is a way of encouraging local fans to sign up for Bally Sports Wisconsin.

Can I subscribe to Bally Sports Wisconsin directly?

You cannot subscribe to Bally Sports Wisconsin directly. The only way to get access to this channel is to sign up for DirecTV Stream or to purchase a cable television package that includes it as part of its lineup. There have been rumors that Bally Sports will start offering direct subscriptions but it looks unlikely to happen.

What can I do if I’m not in Bally Sports Wisconsin’s coverage area?

If you are not in Bally Sports Wisconsin’s coverage area, you have two options. You can get a league streaming subscription like MLB.TV or NBA League Pass. Or you can satisfy yourself by watching Brewers, Bucks, and Wild games when they play on national television. This is because the channel is not allowed to operate outside of its designated geographic area.

What happened to Fox Sports Wisconsin?

When Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, it also acquired all the Fox Sports Network (FSN) properties. The US DOJ ruled that the acquisition violated antitrust laws because Disney already possessed ESPN. All the Fox Sports RSNs were sold to Diamond Sports Group, which rebranded them as Bally Sports networks. So Fox Sports Wisconsin became Bally Sports Wisconsin.

How can I watch sports on other channels without cable?

Need to know how to watch games on another channel? Check out the channel-specific guides below:

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This article is misleading. HULU does NOT have Fox Sports Wisconsin. In the past 2 years, HULU has increased prices by over 40% and decreased services available. Look somewhere else for service !


We live in Oostburg, WI which is about 50 miles north of Milwaukee. We use Roku and when we try to stream Fox Sports Wisconsin we are told that we must have cable access. We already subscribe to Fubo because they had Fox Wisconsin Sports but now no longer have it. Are we out of the area that can access Fox Sports Wisconsin directly?

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