Bally Sports Sun: How to Watch Without Cable for Florida Sports Fans on a Budget

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If you want to watch Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat, or Tampa Bay Lightning regular-season games, you’ll need to get Bally Sports Sun. This network is available throughout the state of Florida, and it may also be available to viewers in certain parts of Alabama. It usually partners with Bally Sports Florida to provide content to viewers within its broadcast area.

In a hurry? If you are here, you probably already know that Bally Sports Sun is essential to enjoying the coming baseball, basketball, and hockey seasons. And there’s only one way to avoid cable/satellite contracts to get it: Sign-up for DirecTV Stream with its Choice Plan (or above).

What Is Bally Sports Sun?

Bally Sports Sun is the primary cable broadcast home of the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), Miami Heat (NBA), and Tampa Bay Rays (MLB). It offers specific feeds for viewers in Miami, Tampa Bay, and Orlando to ensure that it is in compliance with blackout rules imposed by the leagues.

In addition to professional sports, Bally Sports Sun offers programming featuring the Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles.

Streaming Bally Sports Sun

Two years ago, you would have had a lot of options to stream Bally Sports Sun. But almost all of those old contracts have been cut and there has been no sign of that changing.

Right now, there is only one choice to stream Bally Sports Sun. Luckily, it is a good one that you can depend on.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream offers three different service packages that provide access to Bally Sports Sun. The least expensive package, Choice, is $84.99 per month and provides you with more than 90 channels that feature live and on-demand programming.

The higher-level plans provide more channels including many premium channels from HBO, Showtime, Cinema, and Starz.

In most cases, you will get Bally Sports Florida as well as Bally Sports Sun for full coverage of the MLB, NBA, and NHL teams throughout Florida. You will also get a great selection of national sports channels like ESPN, FS1, MLB Network, and NBA TV.

The channel lineup also includes SEC Network, which means that you can watch most Florida Gator football and basketball games. For more information, see our DirecTV Stream review.

Get Bally Sports Sun With DirecTV Stream!

Bally Sports Sun Alternatives

If you don’t want to subscribe to DirecTV Stream, it may still be possible to watch live coverage of your favorite Florida sports teams.

If you do not live in the Florida area, you have some great options. NHL Center Ice (available on Sling TV) will allow you to watch Tampa Bay Lightning games. NBA League Pass will provide you with Miami Heat games. And MLB.TV provides all the Rays games.

The problem: you must live outside each teams’ blackout area. So if you are a local fan, you are out of luck unless you don’t mind watching the games after they’ve been played.

Multiple streaming services offer national networks such as ESPN, ABC, and TNT that showcase the Lightning, Heat, and Rays on a regular basis. These services include SlingTV, FuboTV, and Hulu + Live TV. Another option for MLB and NHL fans is ESPN+.

Tampa Bay Rays
Cleveland Indians vs Tampa Bay Rays by Erik Drost under CC BY 2.0.

Streaming Devices for Bally Sports Sun

Most streaming devices are supported by DirecTV Stream, so you can watch Bally Sports Sun on them. The most popular devices, the “TV sticks” (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, various Roku devices), are all supported.

You can also watch on pretty much all phones and tablets that use Android or iOS. You can also use these devices to cast DirecTV Stream to your TV using Chromecast.

And you can use the most recent Samsung smart TVs and pretty much all web browsers. Finally, DirecTV Stream offers its own device for $120 or $5/mo.

Bally Sports has its own app that runs on all these devices as well as Android TV devices and the gaming console Xbox One. Using your DirecTV Stream account, you can log in and stream Bally Sports Sun.

Wrapping Up

Bally Sports Sun makes it possible to watch Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, and Miami Heat games without worrying about blackouts. If you live in Florida, sign-up with DirecTV Stream so you can catch all the action.

Get Bally Sports Sun Now!


Why can’t I get Bally Sports Sun if I’m outside its coverage area?

Professional sports franchises are given exclusive rights to broadcast games in their home markets. Therefore, regional networks such as Bally Sports Sun can broadcast games to viewers who live in those markets. Out-of-market fans are served by league subscriptions like MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice.

Why is a Bally Sports Sun game blacked out?

League rules may prohibit games from being broadcast on Bally Sports Sun if a national network has the exclusive rights to the game. Conversely, a national broadcast may be unavailable in Florida so that Bally Sports Sun can be the only provider of the game.

Is there a direct subscription to Bally Sports Sun?

It is not possible to subscribe to Bally Sports Sun directly at this time. Instead, the only way to obtain this network is to subscribe to DirecTV Stream or to sign up for a cable package that includes it as part of its lineup. It’s worth mentioning that Sinclair Broadcasting has announced its intention to create a Bally Sports streaming service at some point in the future but this is not at all certain.

What can I do if I’m not qualified to get Bally Sports Sun?

If you are not in the Bally Sports Sun coverage area, you should look into subscribing to services such as NBA League Pass, MLB.TV, or NHL Center Ice. Additionally, general streaming services like FuboTV and Vidgo allow you to stream national networks that may broadcast select games featuring your favorite professional sports teams.

Does Fox Sports Sun still exist?

In 2019, Fox Sports Network properties were acquired by the Walt Disney Company after it purchased 21st Century Fox. However, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) ruled that allowing the company to keep those networks would be a violation of antitrust laws since it already controlled ESPN.

Therefore, the Fox Sports RSNs were sold to a joint venture between the Sinclair Broadcast Group and Entertainment Studios. On March 31, 2021, the network formerly known as Fox Sports Sun was rebranded as Bally Sports Sun.

How can I watch sports on channels besides Bally Sports Sun?

We’ve created guides for streaming most sports-oriented channels:

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I have Hulu live tv, and pay 73.95 a month. I live in Sarasota Fl. and had Sun Sports for almost two years. Now it’s not in my available channels. Main reason to watch Rays, Lightning etc. What happened?

You either have to upgrade your cable package orrrr wait for the Heat to play on espn or tnt or regular tv this is bs we live in florida and cant even watch home teams well 🖕🖕🖕 all the providers then

Fox Sports Sun screwed over us Frontier customers. Refused to back off their rediculous command for more $$$ so Frontier cut them off. I don’t blame frontier but it sucks we can’t watch the Rays anymore!

I heard you tube TV will be offering fox sun sports. they reached a deal. is this true

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