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Watching Television in Spanish without Cable

Cord Cutting Guide for Spanish TV Content

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Hola cortadores de cable de compañeros, cómo estás? 

Whether you’re just looking for entertainment in your native language or just someone looking for a little practice, it can be hard to find Spanish language content on television. Despite having to pay hundreds of dollars a month to cable providers, the number of Spanish language channels is few and far between.

If the dearth of Spanish language content on cable television has you thinking that your options would be even worse if you cut the cord, then set your mind at ease. Not only is there a wide selection of Spanish language content online, it often costs a lot less than cable.

Today we’re going to take a look at how you can cut the cord and still get all the Spanish language television and film that you crave. Let’s get started! Continue reading Watching Television in Spanish without Cable

Watching Spanish Television Online with Sling Latino

Why Sling TV Latino is quickly gaining ground amongst Spanish Speaking Cord Cutters

Although Hulu Latino is currently in the lead for Sling Latinostreamable Latino content online, they are no longer the only kids on the block. Sling TV, the new streaming service that burst out onto the scene earlier this year, now offers its own selection of Latino-geared content; and it just might give Hulu a run for its money.

Not familiar with Sling TV? Read “What is Sling TV

How much does Sling Latino Cost?

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