Hulu with Live TV Now Has More Subscribers Than Sling TV

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Is this the beginning of the end for Sling TV?

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The streaming world is always in flux. Streaming video and streaming television are still relatively new markets, so it’s natural that new companies and products will come and go. When it comes to the streaming TV world, Sling TV has been dominant in recent memory, luring in subscribers with a great value compared to other streaming television packages. With that, Hulu with Live TV has now become the top live TV streaming service in terms of total subscribers, passing Sling TV for the first time.

Sling TV jumped out to an early lead in the streaming TV market in 2015 when there were far few choices available to cable cutters. Hulu launched its Live TV feature two years later in 2017 and has been gaining on Sling TV ever since.

Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV have drawn frequent comparisons dude to being quite similar in their offerings. While Sling TV offers a lower price, Hulu Live comes with the massive and award-winning Hulu on-demand library. Choosing between the two is all about what customers are looking for: a better value for live TV, or a larger on-demand library.

It seems that the on-demand library has helped Hulu Live gain an edge on Sling TV, because new data released this week show that Hulu has finally surpassed Sling TV in terms of subscribers. Monthly business magazine Fast Company published a brief stating that Sling TV lost 94,000 subscribers in fourth quarter 2019 to end up with a total of 2.59 million subscribers. Hulu Live, on the other hand, keeps gaining subscribers and currently boasts around 3.4 million paid monthly customers. Both services raised their prices at the end of 2019.

Hulu Live has made more efforts to bring local channels to its live TV streaming packages, however, which could potentially have something to do with its overtaking Sling TV. Is this the beginning of the end for Sling TV?

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