Cord-Cutters Speak Out Against Big Cable

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Cable TV Executives

A Letter to Cable TV Executives

Back in 2015 I started to ask fellow cordcutters a very simple question that I believe really tells us a lot about how people feel about their cable service.

CordCutters Speak OutThe question I asked was: “If you had a chance to speak to an executive at one of these large cable companies – what would you want them to know?

The responses I have received have been very insightful and I believe paint a clear picture of the change consumers want to see.

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Highest Paid TV Executives

Before we get into what Cord Cutters have to say, lets take a look at a list of the highest paid TV executives as of 2015:

  1. Former Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus
    • Total compensation (2015): $92,300,000
    • Salary: $22,600,000
  2. Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh
    • Total compensation (2015): $40,646,246
    • Salary: $1,800,000
  3. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
    • Total compensation (2015): $36,248,269
    • Salary: $2,928,748
  4. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
    • Total compensation (2015): $25,145,914
    • Salary: $1,741,667
  5. Former Cablevision CEO James Dolan
    • Total compensation (2015): $24,574,453
    • Salary: $2,000,000
  6. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam
    • Total compensation (2015): $18,343,660
    • Salary: $1,661,538
  7. Charter CEO Tom Rutledge
    • Total compensation (2015): $16,361,387
    • Salary: $2,000,000
  8. AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey
    • Total compensation (2015): $10,040,810
    • Salary: $941,667

Cord Cutters Speak Up

Below is a list of my favorite responses over the last 2 years – in chronological order:

25 Apr 2015
That overselling their systems, not having the tech backup to actually service subscribers, is what kills them.

 25 Apr 2015
They need to give their customers what they want. Affordable service because their real competitors are

25 Apr 2015
Do you honestly believe bits are a limited commodity and that data caps make sense?

 7 Jun 2015
That they are greedy and should lower their prices also listen to the customer!

 18 Jun 2015
I would tell them that I could reinvent their company for half the salary they get.

 13 Aug 2015
Why they didn’t think of Netflix first

 28 Aug 2015
Your monopoly is outdated. There are too many other ways to get tv. Change, offer a la carte or custom packages, or perish

 13 Sep 2015
Greed is going to be your downfall.

 12 Sep 2015
That they are crooks 😎

 8 Nov 2015
That as soon as someone finds a way to get me fast internet without their permission I’m out

 8 Nov 2015
There would be far too many expletives in said conversation to willingly admit openly on social media.

 22 Nov 2015
If you want to save your company look to the streaming model it works. Save the money of high priced transmitters & use IPTV

 5 Jun 2016
Why would we want to spend an outrageous sum to watch nothing but commercials?

 23 Jun 2016
That I don’t miss them

 9 Jul 2016
don’t let the content providers hold you hostage!

 9 Jul 2016
That they charge way to much and people can’t afford it. Priced keep going up and up.

 25 Jul 2016
That with the new digital OTA technology, their product has lost much of it’s value.

 14 Sep 2016

 14 Sep 2016
All I need is 25 channels – let me choose the ones I want. Do that and we would come back.

Tell execs we don’t want hundreds of stations. Don’t want house phone. Need cheaper internet.

 9 Dec 2016
Why they don’t let us pay for each channel we want!

 Jan 13 2017
That they are despised and cause more stress than a heart attack. A question. How much is enough?
Do you have to steal too?

 Jan 29 2017
They need to spend 1 week every month serving as a customer service rep via phone. Maybe they’ll rethink customer service

 Feb 17 2017
Their prices are hurting people & causing them to go other directions…

 Mar 8 2017
Lower rates and make it more accessible to everyone.

 @mjarkiver1 April 15 2017
Quit trying to become the “One Service”. All I want from you is a dumb pipe to the Internet. I can pick my own services from there.

April 15 2017
Offer customized packages or cash your stock options now, cause they’ll be worthless in a few years.

 April 15 2017
We don’t need you, better think outside the box if you want customers.

April 15 2017
That they better rethink how they do business and let people choose what they want for less money or they’re goners.

April 17 2017
Hope you enjoyed your time on top. It is quickly coming to an end your customers hate your company!!!

 So what do you think? If you had this opportunity what would you want to say? What changes would you want to see made? How can they improve on their business model? What are you, and aren’t you willing to pay for?

By Helen Back

Helen loves to help people rid themselves of the high costs of cable and satellite TV, through writing about simple cost effective alternatives to cable TV. Contact her at [email protected]

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