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Below is a complete list of Online TV Channels.
A few of the channels in the “Video Streaming Services” section cost money, but everything else is 100% FREE


Video Streaming Services

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Online Video & TV Show Aggregators

What is CrackleYouTubeMohu One
Reddit.TVCan I Stream It?FlixFindr

Paid Video Streaming Services

NetflixhuluAmazon Video on Demand
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Online TV Channels

{Free Internet TV Channels}
MTVDiscovery ChannelSpike
Nat Geothe CWComedy Central
HGTVTeam COCOmetv2
BravoHistory ChannelLifetime
Food Network

Online Kids Channels

qycNbObJ_reasonably_smallwatch cnToon aftermath

Online News Channels

huff post livelink tvBloomberg
cnetLivestream-LogoABC7 News
NasaDOD NewsNYtimes Video

Online Sports Channels

ESPN VideoESPN-SportscenterCBS Sports
fox sportsbyu tvGolf_Channel_old_logo small
Signature SeriesRedbull TVSurf Bang

Web Only Channels


Internet ArchiveTWiT.TVTED Talks
Smithsonian ChanneltasteytradeDocumentary Heaven
Funny or DieWeather Channel FilmsWorld Science U

Over-the-Air Antennas

(Cant Watch Local TV Online, but Local TV Over-the-Air is Just as Good)
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Indoor AntennaOutdoor AntennaMohu ChannelsAntenna DVR
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watch local tv online

 ** If you don’t yet know about OTA Antennas – click here


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  • KilltheCableBill

    I was able to actually find a full episodes section of – going to add it to the site now. Thanks for the thought

  • KilltheCableBill

    Thanks for the encouraging words. It’s always good to hear from people that this site has helped.

  • cornfused

    I used to be able to stream entire episodes of Keith O and Rachel, (years back) et al. . now I just get the bites . . . Oh well, you get what you pay for, and I’m only paying for the net. Your site has led me to some good sources for movies and documentaries, for which I thank you.

  • KilltheCableBill

    It does not. I aim to keep any gated online tv channels off of this page. When I click on the NSNBC button I am able to watch the news-bites without logging into a cable account. Are you experiencing something different?

  • cornfused

    Um. If you have to sign in to “your cable provider”, who requires you already subscribe to a package including , in this case, MSNBC, then how does that “Kill the cable bill”?

  • SilverPennyPincher

    Wonderful info!! Any chance of getting the FOOD network?

  • KilltheCableBill

    Unfortunately you have to have a cable subscription for TCM

  • Mary Beth Potamkin

    Can you get TCM channel? Thank you!

  • KilltheCableBill

    Please see Facebook – where I responded to this question.

  • KilltheCableBill

    Hi CJ – what is boomerang? Do you have an url you can share with us? And TCM requires a cable subscription. Unless you know of a way to get around that?

  • CJ White

    can you add wlex 18 Lexington kentucky

  • CJ White

    can I get tcm and boomerang

  • KilltheCableBill

    only mean that we are not

  • klgrube

    What do you mean no “religious affiliation” here? Are you kidding me? Seriously, what makes it acceptable for you to discriminate like that? There are a few truly popular and significant channels like INSP that should be included. I find your response truly offensive.

  • Vee

    i love the fact that there are some really good movies that stream from channels like TBN and they have always been free. Daystar, The Inspiration Channel, The Word Network are also free.

  • Vee

    I wonder what affiliation will be necessary in the end? Hmmmh? Cause that one won’t work.

  • KilltheCableBill

    Well there are definitely some options. Read “5 Ways to Watch NFL Football without Cable TV” and let me know what you think. Hope that helps!

  • Jflo94

    NBC Sports app recently added the dreaded “you must sign in with your cable provider” or you can’t watch it free like we used to. Same with Fox sports. I really don’t want to pay for cable as I travel a lot and just want to watch live tv on my iPad. Is there no way to do this w/o a cable subscription? I may have to bite the bullet and get an online only cable subscription. I’ve heard Comcast has it but it’s still fairly expensive. I want to be able to watch Scandal on a Thursday night or NFL games live. Any suggestions? and no, my sister won’t lend me her login. People have suggested “borrowing” a login. I’d feel really cheap and rude to even ask anyone that. lol

  • KilltheCableBill

    Not yet. But I plan on writing up an entire article on the subject. Do you have any suggestions as I prep the research?

  • Mlove

    Do you have spanish channels like galavision ??

  • KilltheCableBill

    Looks like you watch BBC headlines here:

    And if you are looking for more BBC content you probably could sign up for their iplayer using a VPN – though I have not actually tested this out:

    But unfortunately Syfy is requiring a cable subscription for their shows.

  • Drwho

    Can I get scifi and bbc?

  • Loopy Cooney

    Am I missing something? I don’t get crackle at all. Old tv shows and not all that much content. Either I’m doing something wrong or I just don’t get it.

  • klgrube

    Wow, now THAT is discrimination. That’s really sad.

  • KTCB

    Hi ArmtheAnimals (love then name btw). Yes these shows are free and are ready to watch on demand at any time. No downloading necessary. But as expected they are not live. You will need to wait a few days after the air date before watching. As for Live broadcasts your best bet is to take a look at Mohu’s indoor and outdoor antennas. Many analysts agree that Mohu makes the best antenna on the market. You can even get 10% off by using one of my Mohu links. As for finding a list of channels for your area, Mohu offers this as well. Your other option is to go to AntennaWeb. On both sites you simply add your address info, and the provided tools spit out a list of channels and broadcast towers in your area. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to reach out.

  • ArmTheAnimals

    I’m new to this brilliant idea, and a little confused by the terms like “online TV channels” and “free full episodes”. Does that mean they are available to order for free, or can we actually watch them live at the same broadcast time as cable viewers?
    I do not want to be stuck watching things after their PST air time, and have enjoyed watching Eastern time airings earlier one some cable channels. If I at leat had the option of watching live TV broadcasts or viewing them on demand later, it would be great.

    Also, is there a list of all available channels for a specific area, or a way to send in my must-have or most-watched cable chanels to check if I could still receive them if I cut the evil cable? This will definitely include live Dodger games.

    Thanks much.

  • Susan Dickson

    Yes, I have a Smart TV now, I just haven’t had time to play around with it much at all yet.

  • KTCB

    Hi Susan – Thanks for the comment. Have you looked into Smart TV’s or a Video Streaming Device that turns your TV into a Smart TV? I use a PS3 connected to a standard HD TV, and I can watch Hulu, Netflix, Vudu and more. I definitely suggest looking into buying a Roku, WD player or something that will allow you to stream all the different online tv apps directly to your TV.

  • catsarecool

    I suppose you could use a VPN to get around that, but it may not be necessary once Aereo gets rolled out nationwide–that is unless the networks sue them out of existence.

  • Susan Dickson

    I’ve been with Netflix for about 5 years now, and have to say that I’ve never been happier. I haven’t tried any of the other sites on here, since I’m not much of an computer movie watcher. Once you can stream them directly to the TV, I’ll be looking into them a whole lot more.

  • KTCB

    Possibly. But competition breeds better solutions / services at a lower price point. So If cable companies dont own all distribution channels, the competitive nature of the industry should be beneficial to all of us.

  • KTCB

    This is a great site. Thanks for sharing

  • Jessica Nicole Bayless

    Tim, You can get cords to hook up you laptop/desktop to your TV. I have an HDTV so all I needed was an HDMI cord and now I’m able to watch my shows on my TV.

  • KTCB

    Hi Adam, Thanks for the suggestion. I tested out the service but found that it is only available for us citizens who are abroad. Here is the exact response I received from USTVNow:

    “USTVNow’s service is available only to American citizens (by birth or naturalization) and who hold a United States passport or Green Card for permanent residence WHILE THEY ARE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.” “You can sign up while in the US, but full access is granted once you are overseas.”

  • So_silly

    If and when watching content online becomes more popular than cable, the price to watch it will increase to be the same as cable is now. :)

  • KTCB

    Hi Troy

    I shared your site with my social circles.
    I dont think were ready to add to our main Online TV Page, but please keep in touch.

    Best Regards


  • KTCB

    Thanks Ralph! If you hear of Pub-D-Hud being available outside of Boxee please let us know. Also how do you like the Boxee? And what other devices do you use to stream video content?

  • Ralph Romeo

    Pub-D-Hub which is on Roku and I think Boxee now is pretty cool. Has alot of public domain classics – many that are so cheesy they are actually fun to watch! They are also going to offer online streaming soon too.

  • KTCB

    Thanks Beth. Please check back in and let us know if you like the new page format

  • KTCB

    Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the great comment. Crackle is amazing for sure. You will see a link to it at the top of this page, and recently wrote an entire article on the tool:

    As for Plexapp – first time i have heard of it. Are you still using this app, or have you moved on to a more user friendly aggregator? Additionally, do you have any suggestions for us PC users?

  • KTCB

    Tim, your awesome! and I could not agree more! Hope you like our new TV Channel (button) format. (SyFy, History and more are now available)

  • KTCB

    Hey Teressa, Thanks for reaching out. Looks like TLC only offers a few Full Episodes so i can add that one to my list, but looks like HGTV offers a ton of shows with Full Episodes. Thanks for the Tip! I am adding that to my list now.

  • KTCB

    unfortunately the CN requires a Cable or Dish Subscription. But there are plenty of other options for kid friendly content. Check about some of the links in the TV Channels Section of this page.

  • KTCB

    Agreed Tim. If I only had the investment capital needed to build it. Maybe later this year…

  • KTCB

    Sorry no religious affiliation here

  • KTCB

    Thanks JL! Just added this to the button list


    Hi Sharon, Thanks for reaching out! One of our other commenters mentioned and it does seem to be a great resource for spanish TV programs. Additionally I would seriously concider an indoor antenna. I know i my area, we have access to a ton of spanish channels.. all for free and in HD:

  • Sharon Brown

    How do I get Spanish Channels ie: AZTECA AMERICA, FOX DEPORTES, UNIVISION, GALAVISION,TELEMUNDO, TELEFUTURA through a streaming device. I have noticed in best buys and wal-mart they (different brands) are only offering english channels. If I had the money to invest in this I would be a billionaire. We are dumping Direct TV. Thank You in Advance. :)

  • admin

    Hi Brian – yes Cartoon Network offers a ton of shows for free online:

    Ill add this to my site list above. Thanks!

  • brian

    would like to see if Cartoon network is easily accessible

  • KilltheCableBill

    Hi Bonnie – Thanks for reaching out.

    TLC SFYC and Nick at Night all offer snip-its of their shows for free – but who wants snip-its!

    I think your best bet is to subscribe to Hulu if you have not already. They have ton of tv shows for a low flat rate. way way cheaper than cable.

    I would also highly recommend Its a great way to find out the best way to view your favorite shows.

    Please check back and let us know how this works for you.

  • Bonnie

    we have roku plus and netflix streaming both on the tv, I find it frustating unless we pay 1.99 per episode we can no longer watch the SFYC, TLC, Nick at night or E channels, is there any way to stream these channels without paying 1.99 everytime through amazon ? We recently got rid of our cable ;I only watch about 5 channels;plus we really cant afford cable anymore;and there selection is unsatisfactory? ?Are there any solutions to getting these channels with cable or dish

  • admin

    Hey Suraybay – Your best bet is to subscribe to the following formula: Netflix + Hulu + Indoor Antenna = More than enough TV !!!
    Read more @ and let us know what you decide to go with.



  • Surayabay

    Can I get The History Channel, Syfy, HO2, Channels 2-11, 32, and please tell me Morgan Freeman and “Through the Worm Hole” too, with any of these, or do I have to have several different “Hulu’s or the others? And which ones? $100.00 bucks a month for Com-Cast, “no can do” anymore! And, I could care less if there in HD or not, if that ain’t a rip-off! so, “Be afrarid, Cable companies – be very afraid”! You had the chance to become “American Heroes” and provide everyone with reasonably priced service, (especially folks on fixed incomes), but instead you blew it because of “GREED”! But “Greed is good”, right!

  • Surayabay

    Don’t we have an “APP” for this yet? Seriously? A user friendly, step by step and device(s) you’ll need and cost to get what cable rips us off for now?

  • Beth

    This is spectacular information, and it is very organized and easy to understand (all in one article with great links). I’m so impressed with your communication skills! You are a good communicator. It is very appreciated!!!

  • Ian

    Only if they have web broadcast and you could make a custom roku channel.

  • Ian

    Crackle is another free streaming movie and show site. It works with Roku as well.
    I have a Mac mini as a home theater setup running Plex ( which can easily be configured as a media server for the roku. Plex has built in plugins for nearly all the major network channels which just Puts the same content from and such all in one place. It has Netflix and Hulu plugins as well. Combining that with built in DVD support and personal media, it really is a complete package. It dies take some patience and reading forums for help and figuring it all out but to save the monthly cable bill, it was worth it for me. Instead of the $135 I was paying for service, I now pay $29 for Internet (which I would regardless), $7.99 for Netflix and $7.99 for Hulu+.
    Plex also works on my iPad and iPhones as well as my daughter’s iPod when I’m on my local wireless.

  • Killthecablebill

    Great idea James. Do you have any more info on exactly how Nettalk works?

  • Killthecablebill

    Hi Debbie – for this you don’t need a Roku. Start by reading “How to Connect a Laptop to a TV” and then let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck!

  • Debbiebuster

    I have several dvd discs that will not play on my fairly new dvd player, something to do with codecs, etc. I can do several things, but wanted to know IF I could use Roku to use my PC to play the disc (it will) and “send” it to my hd big screen? This would probably help others who cannot view some persaonlly recorded discs on Some dvd players. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry the frequency is 88.7 Mgz and not 87.7!

  • Anonymous

    I listen to music online from a radio station brodcasting at 87.7 Mgz. As my AM/FM tuner is not capable of receiving 87.7 Mgz, is there a way to stream this music to my TV using my Roku?

  • James Dyer

    Great site lots of good information. I have done every thing you’ve mentioned even before I ever visited your site. I’ve even dumped my phone service and I now use Nettalk for $30.00 a year and I now get a lot more service and it works ten times better than Magicjack and you can use the phone you already have and you don’t have to keep your computer turned on. Check it out and perhaps you could + kill your phone bill.

  • Anonymous

    Tough one for sure. Cable companies do their best to lock down sporting events – especially NFL. First I would check to see if it is being broadcast-ed on a local channel like FOX or NBC. To do so you can use
    where you can customize your location and even select “Antenna” as a service type. If it is being broadcast-ed in your area I would then go out and get an indoor antenna. Read more about this option at: . Chances are you wont get the Denver game but you will get Sunday Football in HD, without paying the high cost of expensive cable. Good luck.

  • Misterice1906

    I’m a Denver Broncos fan living in Ohio. Is there any way to watch games other than paying $300 to direct tv?

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  • Anonymous

    I did some research and found a great site called iDesiTV:
    This site claims to be the home of South Asian entertainment. is a live streaming portal which indexes live streaming “Desi” content which are freely available on the internet. We strive to provide the best and the most updated content to our viewers. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Fox News offers alot of content for free on their home site:

  • Brenda

    what product will give me FNC news and Fox business

  • tOM

    which indian tv channels would i be able to watch using any of the content provider?

  • Marwildrose

    could you add TBN

  • admin

    Hey Scott – Thanks, and Yes feel free to link to / feature our blogs on your site. Good catch on the Hulu price. Just fixed it. Thanks!

  • Scott

    Great site. At our company we direct people to take advantages of these exact services. Would you mind if we featured your site in our next blog?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    PS Hulu plus is only 7.99 /mo, not 9 as is listed above

  • JL Blakborn

    Suggest to add to your list, a site dedicated to bringing (legally!) television content from Latin America, to spanish speaking US Hispanics across the United States. Enjoy! It’s currently a free service.