Watch 2017 NBA Finals Without Cable – 1st Round

Watch 2017 NBA Playoffs without Cable

How to Watch 2017 NBA Finals Online & with an Antenna

Do you love the NBA but hate cable television? Would you like to know how to watch the NBA playoffs without cable? Then stick around, because that’s exactly what we’re going to be discussing today.

Isn’t it funny how time catches up on you? It only seems like yesterday that the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA championships. But nearly a year later, here we are again eagerly awaiting the start of the 2017 NBA playoffs.

Like most sport events these days, it’s incredibly easy to tune in to the NBA playoffs without a costly cable subscription. That is, as long as you know where to go, and what to do.

To begin lets take a look at the channels you’ll need to catch all the action.  The NBA playoffs will air on these six channels: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, TNT, and NBA TV.

Now lets take a look at the different tools and platforms you can use to access these channels over the coming weeks. Continue reading Watch 2017 NBA Finals Without Cable – 1st Round

How Amazon Prime Started the Downloadable Revolution

Amazon Prime Started it and Netflix Had No Choice but to Get on Board

In the world of cord cutting and cable TV alternatives, companies are scrambling to one-up each other in order to corner the market of over-the-top streaming services. Resting firmly in the number one spot is Netflix. As one of the first true streaming services on the market, Netflix helped kick off the cord cutting revolution; paving the way for other services like Sling TV and Amazon Prime Video.

But Amazon is not willing to sit on the sidelines silently. A few years back Amazon Prime Video made a move that would forever change the level of service offered to cordcutters. Continue reading How Amazon Prime Started the Downloadable Revolution

Using Audio Books as a Cable TV Alternative

Audio Books as a Cable TV Alternative

Rethinking What it Means to be a Cable TV Alternative

As great as movies and television shows are, there’s nothing like a good book. With a good imagination and the right combination of words, there’s no limit to where you’ll be able to go. Although it doesn’t quite count as reading, an audio book can be a fantastic way to absorb great literature.

Ever since I purchased my Bluetooth headset (preferred device on Amazon), I’ve been listening to more audio books and podcasts non stop; as I clean the house, exercise, commute to work… I absolutely love it.

Not only can you listen to your favorite novel, but you can also learn about absolutely anything you want.  There are dozens and dozens of books on any topic you choose; and hundreds of podcasts…

Naturally, as a cord cutter, my natural instinct was to seek out the most cost effective way to acquire audio books. Keep reading and Ill show you what I found. Continue reading Using Audio Books as a Cable TV Alternative

Streaming TV Matrix

Streaming TV Matrix - preview

Find the Perfect Cable TV Alternative

Using the Streaming TV Services Matrix below you can easily figure out which streaming service is right for you. If you know what channels your favorite shows are on, then you know what channels you need to prioritize.

Like with most things, one size does not fit all. You  need to balance out cost and channel selection to find the cable TV alternative right for you.

Note: I did not include any packages of $50 or more. I made this decision because I don’t feel that packages at this price point are meant for cord cutters, nor do I believe they will help you save money. If you are looking for advice on robust TV packages, then you have come to the wrong place.

How to Use the Stream TV Matrix


  • PlayStation Vue offers a Cloud DVR
  • Sling TV offers a Cloud DVR on Fire TV (soon across all devices)
  • DirectTV Now does not offer DVR functionality

Continue reading Streaming TV Matrix

Can I Watch March Madness Online?

Watch March Madness 2017 Online

How to Watch March Madness 2017 Without Cable

Spring is in the air and college basketball is everywhere. Yes, that’s right, March Madness is finally here! Over the next two weeks, millions of Americans will watch dozens of teams square off in one of the greatest sporting events of our time. However, if you’ve decided to kill the cable bill and cut the cord, you might be feeling a little left out of all the hype.

Also check out our Cordcutter’s Guide to Watching College Basketball Online and OTA

watch final four onlineIn these modern times money often means more than love of the game, so naturally cable companies and sports organizations often like to black out big events to anyone that doesn’t have cable; and
March Madness is no different.

The vast majority of March Madness will air on cable television; but luckily for us, and unfortunately for Big Cable, you don’t have to miss out on all the action. While cable executives may try to keep you from streaming every game in one convenient location, there are still plenty of ways to watch March Madness without cable and today I’ll tell you how.

Let’s get started… Continue reading Can I Watch March Madness Online?

Cord-Cutters Speak Out Against Big Cable

Cable TV Executives

A Letter to Cable TV Executives

Back in 2015 I started to ask fellow cordcutters a very simple question that I believe really tells us a lot about how people feel about their cable service.

CordCutters Speak OutThe question I asked was: “If you had a chance to speak to an executive at one of these large cable companies – what would you want them to know?

The responses I have received have been very insightful and I believe paint a clear picture of the change consumers want to see.

For a full list of the tweets used
to compile this list click here

Highest Paid TV Executives

Before we get into what Cord Cutters have to say, lets take a look at a list of the highest paid TV executives as of 2015:

  1. Former Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus
    • Total compensation (2015): $92,300,000
    • Salary: $22,600,000
  2. Comcast CFO Michael Cavanagh
    • Total compensation (2015): $40,646,246
    • Salary: $1,800,000
  3. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts
    • Total compensation (2015): $36,248,269
    • Salary: $2,928,748
  4. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson
    • Total compensation (2015): $25,145,914
    • Salary: $1,741,667
  5. Former Cablevision CEO James Dolan
    • Total compensation (2015): $24,574,453
    • Salary: $2,000,000
  6. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam
    • Total compensation (2015): $18,343,660
    • Salary: $1,661,538
  7. Charter CEO Tom Rutledge
    • Total compensation (2015): $16,361,387
    • Salary: $2,000,000
  8. AT&T Entertainment Group CEO John Stankey
    • Total compensation (2015): $10,040,810
    • Salary: $941,667

Cord Cutters Speak Up

Below is a list of my favorite responses over the last 2 years – in chronological order:

25 Apr 2015
That overselling their systems, not having the tech backup to actually service subscribers, is what kills them.

 25 Apr 2015
They need to give their customers what they want. Affordable service because their real competitors are

25 Apr 2015
Do you honestly believe bits are a limited commodity and that data caps make sense?

Continue reading Cord-Cutters Speak Out Against Big Cable

PlayOn offers a Streaming DVR for Cord Cutters

What is PlayOn

Record Online TV Channels so you can Watch them Without an Internet Connection

How do you watch Online TV Channels when you have no internet connection? Are you looking for a way to watch your favorite shows in a no-WiFi zones? Well I am here to let you know that there is a tool available that allows you to record streaming videos at home and load them to your iPad or mobile device for later viewing.

You most likely already use Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon to watch TV at home, but what if you want to take these shows to a smaller screen such as your mobile or tablet? And what if your devices do not have an access to the internet, like when you are on a flight? THIS is when PlayOn comes to rescue.

Continue reading PlayOn offers a Streaming DVR for Cord Cutters

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