What is Plex?


All Your Media Under One Roof, and On Any Device with Plex Media Center

In the bygone days of DVDs and VHS, maintaining your media library was a tedious task that took up time and space. Often you would find yourself wondering where you put your copy of Meatballs or season 1 of the Sopranos. With digital downloads and online streaming, you never find yourself asking where you put a movie; you just pull it up on Netflix or Amazon and start watching.

However, as the digital age solves one problem another surely appears. With dozens of different ways to watch television and movies, you now run into the problem of bringing your media across different devices. The family wants to watch The Hobbit on TV but can’t because it’s downloaded on your tablet. Pretty annoying, right? Well, let not your heart be troubled because there is a wonderful app called PLEX which just might solve your media woes.

What is Plex?

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How to Access Blocked Websites

Watching Geo Blocked Content

how to access blocked websitesShould you use a VPN or a DNS?


In the ancient days of VHS and Betamax we had to wait for more than a year for a movie to come out on tape and you could forget about watching your favorite shows whenever you want. When it comes to entertainment in the 21st century, we have come a long way. Now you can download movies only a few days after they come out and we can even occasionally watch new episodes of hit shows that haven’t even aired yet.

Yet sadly, with these advantages comes a bit of risk.

Media companies love to make obscene amounts of money, so they region-lock (or geo-block) shows on popular streaming services. If you want to know how ridiculous it’s getting, just ask your Australian friends how their Netflix experience is going.



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How to Watch Tennis Online

A Cordcutting Guide to Watching Tennis without a Cable Subscription


It’s hard being a cord cutting sports fan, especially when the sport you love isn’t a billion dollar juggernaut like the NFL or Major League Baseball. For tennis fans, that pill has been especially hard to swallow. Gone are the days when tennis tourneys were routinely broadcasted over-the-air. Instead, most tennis fans have been forced into lengthy contracts with cable companies in order to watch most major tennis events; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Things are rapidly changing in the sports and entertainment world as online streaming continues to change the way we consume media. ESPN and its affiliate networks are finally available to the cord cutting community, CBS is working on bringing live streaming of its NFL broadcasts, and it has never been easier to watch tennis without a cable subscription than it is today.

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Simple, Cost Effective Cable TV Alternatives