You’ve Killed the Cable Bill; Now Let’s Cut the Price on the Rest of Your Bills!

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BillcutterzNow that you’ve cut the cord on cable, you’re already saving so much money a month while still watching your favorite shows, but don’t stop there! Let’s take a look and see how you can save even more by cutting your other bills.

Electricity & Gas

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What is Sling TV?

Flexibility, Premium Content, Live TV at a Price we Can Afford

We asked, they delivered!

What is Sling TV

In the world of streaming services, things are changing every day. I can’t go one day without finding something new on my Netflix queue, and there’s always something popping up on Hulu. But perhaps the biggest change to the streaming community as of late has been the addition of the new service: Sling TV.

Produced by Dish Network, Sling TV is a streaming service unlike any other competitor. Instead of streaming on-demand video, Sling TV gives you access to 24 streamable live channels for $20 a month (with a 7 Day Free Trial). In addition, you can add on extra channel packages for $5 more a month.

The best part about Sling TV is that you pay month-to-month; which means that there are no lengthy contracts or termination fees.  If you want low-cost, low-commitment, television; Sling TV is right up your alley!


Today we’re going to take a look some of the channel packages offered by Sling TV see how that will affect your content as a cord cutter. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Basic Channels – $20 per Month

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Netflix Originals You May Have Missed … Part I

Flying Under the Radar, Netflix is Producing some of the Best Shows on TV

netflix originals

Whether you know it or not, the face of television is changing. Entertainment has become much more fragmented and decentralized; and the success of a new television is no longer dependent on being placed in a “prime time” spot. When you can stream content online, who cares about when it airs as long as you can stream it at your convenience?

Because of this new reality, thousands of people are cutting the cord in search of a new cable TV alternative; and that alternative has come in the form of streaming services. One company that’s leading the charge in the cord cutting revolution is Netflix. Not only has Netflix revolutionized entertainment by introducing us to streaming as we know it, but they are also changing the face of television production by releasing their own original content.

We all know about House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, but there are also dozens of other Netflix shows available to stream; and some of them may have slipped through the cracks of your proverbial field of observation. So what I’m going to do for you today is introduce you to some Netflix originals you may have missed the first time and give you a heads up on some great ones that will be coming out this year.  Let’s take a look! Continue reading Netflix Originals You May Have Missed … Part I

What is Net Neutrality?

Why Cord Cutters and Internet Lovers alike need to Fight for Net Neutrality

net-neutrality-100245449-largeAn issue in the news recently that I think bears addressing is Net Neutrality. If you’re a little confused about what that term means; don’t feel bad. There is a lot of vested interest when it comes to the issue of Net Neutrality, which consequently leads a lot of interpretations of what that term means.

Essentially, Net Neutrality is the concept that all information shared over the internet deserves to be treated equally and that no corporation or government has the right to deliberately slow down that data.

Video Streaming

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Watching TV Online with Youtube

Time to add Youtube  to your Cord Cutting Arsenal

more youtube logo (6)The great thing about living in the digital age is that entertainment comes in all shapes and forms; and you never know what you’re going to find next. In contrast, outdated forms of entertainment, like cable television, continue to do the same thing day in and day out until the end of time.

One website that’s perfect for endless entertainment is YouTube. Besides cute cat videos bad cover songs on ukulele, you can find thousands of hours of shows, movies, and helpful information. In fact, you could almost completely replace cable TV with just YouTube.

Youtube as Cable TV Alternative

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Watch UFC Online and Over-the-Air

Cut the Cord and Bring the Fight to the Cable Companies

Watch UFC Online
Before baseball, basketball, and football; there was the original sport of fighting. For as long as man has been battling one another, there have been people sitting on the sidelines and making bets. In the bygone times of yesteryear, boxing was the number one fighting sport in the United States; but in the new millennium, the mixed-martial arts league Ultimate Fighting Championship reigns supreme.

Watch UFC OnlineWith millions of Americans watching UFC, many of these fans have become torn between the sport they love and the cable bill they hate. Through bloated cable packages and little competition, companies like Comcast and Time Warner have soured America’s love affair with cable television; and now most people keep cable simply because they think they have no other option. Continue reading Watch UFC Online and Over-the-Air

Your VPN could be Selling your Information

Free VPN Hola has been selling its user’s bandwidth for use in botnets


emrEDkkv_400x400 (1)A common item in the cord cutters toolbox is the Virtual Private Network or VPN.

However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and with accusations that popular free VPN Hola has been selling its user’s bandwidth for use in botnets, that aphorism has never been truer.

The Accusations

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Simple, Cost Effective Cable TV Alternatives