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HBO GO Without Cable

Accessing Premium Content without a
Cable Subscription

Cordcutting Revolution takes a huge Step Forward

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As each year passes and as more people abandon cable, it becomes easier and easier to cut the cord. However, one of the biggest cordcutting obstacles still remains, access to Premium Content like HBO. People love HBO programming but sadly, and for the time being, there is no way to get most HBO’s programming without a cable subscription. Fortunately, this is all about to change.

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How to Watch NHL Online

Watch NHL Live without Cable TV

Hockey Online and Over-the-Air

1x1.trans How to Watch NHL Online video streaming 2 indoor antennas Have no fear Hockey Fans, you can still catch all the exciting action this season without having to pony up to those crooks at Comcast or Time Warner.

October marks the start of the 2014-2015 NHL season. Although I never played hockey growing up, my poor ice skating skills have certainly bred a sense of admiration for the sport. You never realize how much strength and athleticism goes into skating until try it yourself. While not as popular as american football or baseball, hockey is still a national sport that attracts millions of fans, and dollars, every year.

Since the NHL has a much smaller smaller audience than some other sports, there is not very much information out there about how to watch hockey without paying hundreds of dollars every year to Big Cable. Luckily for you, were here to fill the void. Below I describe in detail, exactly how how to watch NHL Over-the-Air and Online. Its not entirely free, but it is far cheaper than paying for a pricey Cable TV subscription.

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How to Watch College Football Online and OTA

1x1.trans How to Watch College Football Online and OTA video streaming 2 indoor antennas Finding a Cable TV Alternative

Watching College Football without a Cable TV


I have a confession to make: I love college football. Don’t get me wrong, professional football is great, but college football will always have its own special place in my heart; and many other Americans agree.

In fact, college football is by far more popular in the south eastern United States than the NFL; in some states you could even argue that it’s the state religion. With the inclusion of the four team play-off system, the 2014-2015 season is going to be the longest and most ground breaking season in all of college football.

Unfortunately for the cord cutting college football fan, roughly 44 percent of all college football games are broadcasted by ESPN; and that 44 percent makes up a lot of the big games, like the NCAA National Championship. At first glance, it would seem like the cord cutting football fan has limited options when it comes to getting their football fix; but in reality, through a little research and chicanery, you can watch the entire college football season without missing any important games.

Here’s how you can do it.

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Mohu Channels: OTA meets Over-the-Internet TV

One Device for all your Cordcutting Needs

The recently released Mohu Channels offers cordcutters the opportunity to combine all of their favorite video services and OTA signals into a single, polished interface.

1x1.trans Mohu Channels: OTA meets Over the Internet TV  video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas The Mohu brand is already well-respected throughout the cordcutter community for its high quality digital antennas, so the news of a new media box from the company was an exciting development. Initially placed on Kickstarter, Channels quickly surpassed its funding goal, and, beginning in late June, the highly anticipated media solution began shipping to backers. Now, Mohu Channels is available for purchase at a price of $149.99. Let’s take a closer look!

The design of Mohu Channels is small and simple, but with the RF remote, you’ll probably never see it.

Mohu offers an Ethernet port for high speed internet access, though internal Wi-Fi is also available. As always I suggest using a hard-lined internet connection for an optimal streaming experience. The option for 5.1 Dolby Digital Pass-Through and an HDMI port will ensure your audio and video is in true HD. On the opposite side of the device, an RF jack for your digital antenna takes center stage. Finally, the RF keyboard allows the set-top box to hide securely out of view without limiting functionality.

Combining Over-the-Air and Over-the-Internet viewing through a single easy to use interface.

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Is TiVo Roamio OTA a True Cable TV Alternative?

An In-Depth Look at the TiVo Roamio OTA

TiVo’s newest offering is targeted directly at Cordcutters

1x1.trans Is TiVo Roamio OTA a True Cable TV Alternative? video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas The TiVo Roamio OTA is the company’s first device engineered specifically to be used as a cable television alternative. Lacking a cable card, the Roamio OTA is designed to allow for a less costly way to record and watch your favorite OTA programming, all while taking advantage of the famous TiVo interface.

So how does the device stack up against its TiVo DVR brethren? Let’s take a look!

The TiVo Roamio OTA features a surprisingly complete set of features to enjoy.

The Roamio OTA is complete with a 500GB hard drive, and  a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Combine that with 1080p recording capability and popular video service integration like Netflix and Amazon, and you will begin to see that the Roamio OTA’s features stack up well compared to other popular TiVo models such as the TiVo Premiere.

With so many features, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable the actual Roamio unit is priced.

Focusing on the DVR’s initial cost only, the Roamio OTA knocks it out of the park! For about $50, you’ll get the sleek device along with a remote control. The TiVo Premiere, for comparison, costs about $140 when purchased new. Both sport multiple tuners (4 for the Roamio OTA and 2 for the Premiere) which allow for plenty of recording opportunities. Both feature an internal hard drive with capacity for at least 45 hours of HD programming (about 75 hours for the Roamio OTA). So what’s the catch?

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Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast

A Streaming Stick Review

Roku or Google – Which One is Better?

Answer: It Depends on What You Are Looking For

One of the hardest parts about cutting the cord is the convenience of cable. You don’t have to go around to different websites, download patches and plug-ins, or switch between devices; all you have to do is sit down and turn on the TV. That’s a huge sticking point for a lot of people out there; and in spite of poor customer service and expensive packages, many people stick with the cable companies because of that convenience.

1x1.trans Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast video streaming devices 2

Out with the Old – In with the New

However in recent years it has become a lot easier to access content online, and even easier to consolidate all of your media devices. When Roku came on the scene in 2010, it was a huge relief for people who wanted to watch Netflix and Hulu but didn’t have a gaming console or a computer to hook up to their television. Four years later, it seems that every tech company wants to get in on the home-streaming market; especially tech-giant Google. In recent years, Google has been looking to diversify its portfolio and the home-streaming market seems like a perfect fit.

Roku vs Google

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Recording Over-the-Air Channels with a Set-top Box

Over the Air DVR Options

Your options are plentiful, but the interfaces and functions can vary widely between models.

1x1.trans Recording Over the Air Channels with a Set top Box video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas

Making the Leap. You have either just discovered the power of accessing over the air channels for free, or your a long time cordcutter who is now looking to supercharge your viewing experience. Either way, you are heading down a very fruitful path. Deciding upon a manufacturer and model can be difficult. Initial cost, tuner features, difficulty of setup and subscription fees can all play a part when choosing the right one for you. If you want to KilltheCableBill without losing the functions and features you enjoy the most, this is a good place to start your search! Though there are plenty of options out there, the following are some of the best DVR (or PVR) devices around based on user satisfaction and included features. Depending upon your computer’s operating system and functionality preferences, one of these could be the choice for you!

1x1.trans Recording Over the Air Channels with a Set top Box video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas

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5 Ways to Watch NFL Football without Cable TV

NFL Online, OTA, & on Your Mobile Device

A CordCutting NFL Playbook


1x1.trans 5 Ways to Watch NFL Football without Cable TV video streaming 2 indoor antennas It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the summer heat is slowly fading, fall will soon be upon us, and NFL football has finally returned. For the cordcutting sports fan, it can be difficult to watch your favorite team without having to buy into some expensive package from the cable companies.

With online streaming becoming ever more ubiquitous, it is surprising that companies like ESPN and organizations like the NFL don’t offer streaming services similar to Netflix or Hulu. In the absence of adequate streaming services, one has to get creative in order to watch sports without a cumbersome cable package. To make sure you don’t miss a game this season, here are 5 ways to watch the NFL without buying cable.

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Build Your Own OTA DVR

Using a TV Tuner Card to build a PC based DVR for Recording OTA Free TV

You can use your home computer to capture and record free TV using an Over-the-Air Antenna!


Since 2009, United States t1x1.trans Build Your Own OTA DVR video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas television programs have been broadcast Over-the-Air (OTA) exclusively in digital format. This means that HD signal is available for free in many locations using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. Goodbye snowy picture!


If you’re already using a digital antenna to watch local programming, and you currently use a PC to stream video to your TV, you may be interested in purchasing a TV tuner card.

What’s a TV tuner card, you ask? Well, a tuner card is a peripheral that can be easily added to nearly any home computer to record free broadcast TV directly to your device. That’s right! You’ll be able to pause, rewind or fast forward your local programming exactly the way you would with an expensive cable or satellite box, without any of those pesky monthly expenses!

Did someone say it’s Football Season?

Record your favorite NFL games and watch them on your own time, and or commercial free. With a setup like this you can not only get Sunday and Thursday Football for free in HD, but you can watch a standard 3 hour game in an hour and a half. Learn more about watching NFL for free in HD

How to choose the right Tuner Card

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Thursday Night Football for Free in HD

Watch More NFL for Free with Mohu

Thursday Night Football Now on CBS


1x1.trans Thursday Night Football for Free in HD indoor antennas

To say it lightly, I am a Football fanatic. I love everything about the game, including my fantasy football team, and my home team – the 49ers. But above all I am a cordcutter and as anyone without cable knows, watching sports can be difficult without the right equipment. It is for this reason that my all time favorite Cable TV Alternative is my Mohu Antenna.


With my Mohu Sky Antenna I am able to watch Sunday Football in HD for free. The bad news is that even with an antenna you are not able to watch Thursday Night Football. Until now…

Antenna Yielding, Cord Cutting, NFL Fans Everywhere are Singing with Joy

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