Change is Good and CBS All Access is Change

Is CBS All Access right for you? Maybe.

Is it another step in the right direction? cbs-logoYES!

The last six months have been a roller-coaster ride for the cord cutting community. HBO announced it would unbundle from cable, so did Showtime, and everyone was rocked at the announcement of Sling TV at Consumer Electronics Show this year. With all the fuss that’s been made, it has been really easy to not notice that CBS also announced its very own streaming service; and unlike HBO, it’s already on the market.

CBS All Access Cost

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Weighing Out the Amazon Prime Benefits

Why Cord Cutters have fallen in love with Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Benefits

Everyone knows about Netflix and Hulu, two game-changing streaming goliaths, but not a lot of people talk about Amazon Prime. When you think of Amazon, you think of a “one-stop shop”, “buy anything” website. Even if you’ve heard of Amazon Prime, you might think it’s just some overpriced plan for free shipping.

Believe it or not, Amazon Prime Benefits include a wide variety of services that give you unparalleled access to online media like never before. Today we’re going to take a look at Amazon Prime, its features, and how it can be the missing piece of your cord cutting puzzle.

What are the benefits of having Amazon Prime?

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Can I Watch March Madness Online?

Let’s Look at the March Madness Schedule, and What Channel March Madness is on.

Watch March Madness OnlineThen our March Madness streaming options

Spring is in the air and college basketball is everywhere. Yes, that’s right, March Madness is finally here! Over the next two weeks, millions of Americans will watch dozens of teams square off in one of the greatest sporting events of our time. However, if you’ve decided to kill the cable bill and cut the cord, you might be feeling a little left out of all the hype.

In these modern times money often means more than love of the game, so naturally cable companies and sports organizations often like to black out big events to anyone that doesn’t have cable; and March Madness is no different.

The vast majority of March Madness will air on cable television; but luckily for us, and unfortunately for Big Cable, you don’t have to miss out on all the action. While cable executives may try to keep you from streaming every game in one convenient location, there are still plenty of ways to watch March Madness without cable and today I’ll tell you how.

Let’s get started…

What Channel is March Madness On?

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What is Rabbit TV?

Simply: Rabbit TV is Convenience

But Not Everyone will See the ValueRabbit TV

If you’re under the age of thirty, odds are that navigating the internet is like second nature to you. There are even some young adults out there today that have never known a world without high-speed internet and video-on-demand. For many others, well, the internet can be its own special kind of headache.

You may not be as clueless as a centenarian going on the internet for the first time; but at the same time you have a job and a life that leaves little time to fiddle around on the computer all day looking for something to watch.

How Much Does Rabbit TV Cost?

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Can I Watch NASCAR Online?

How to Watch NASCAR Without Cable

From Online to Over-the-Air

If there is one group of sports fan that gets often overlooked, it’s NASCAR fans. There are a few, sometimes difficult but available, ways to watch baseball, football, basketball, and even soccer without cable; but for the last several years, options for the cord cutting race fan has been few and far between. Lets take a look at what options we do have.

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Is Sling TV a Complete Cable TV Alternative?

Sling TVAs the List of Channels Grows, Sling TV Keeps Getting Better and Better


And by adding just one more device, we may have the Complete Solution we have been waiting for

The one topic the cord cutting community cannot stop talking about is Sling TV.  An over-the-top service produced by Dish Network that offers 14 live television channels (and growing) for $20 a month; with the option of adding on additional channel packages for $5 each. Launched February 9th 2015.

To many, this is the service that cord cutters have been waiting for; a cable TV alternative that makes companies like Comcast obsolete.

But is it really?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Sling TV is amazing, and it will definitely help change the way we view television; but I don’t think Sling represent the end all cable TV alternative we’ve all been waiting for. But with one or two companion devices – it could be. Allow me to explain.

What is a Complete Cable TV Alternative?

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CordCutter’s Guide to CES 2015

Sling TV Makes Headlines, But What Else Did We Learn?CES 2015

Technology from CES 2015 that will help us Cut the Cord but keep the shows we love

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most prestigious and famous technology trade shows in the world. Thousands of tech-geeks come together to see, experience, and showcase upcoming technology.

For years the CES has served to set the stage for the coming year in the tech industry; and in keeping with that tradition, CES this year set the stage for 2015 to be the year of the cord cutter. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing technology revealed at CES 2015 that’s going to change television, and cord cutting, as we know it.

Netflix Recommended TV

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Watch Golf Online and Over-the-Air

Watch Golf Live without a Cable Bill

Cut the Cord but Keep Your Golf


Watch Golf Online

Golf is an easy sport to pick up, and a very difficult one to master. It may not be the most popular sport in the country, but golf still enjoys a healthy following and rich tradition dating back hundreds of years.

In the last couple of weeks I have been getting e-mails about how to watch golf without a cable subscription. You never know how much you truly rely on the Golf Channel until you cut out the cable company are left to find golfing events yourself.

While it may be true that cable networks like the Golf Channel make it easier to view profession golf; in truth the cord cutting golf fan has just as many options as someone who has cable.

Today, I’m going to walk you through on how to watch golf without relying on an expensive cable plan. Let’s get started…

Watch Golf with an Antenna

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Simple, Cost Effective Cable TV Alternatives