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5 Ways to Watch Football without Cable TV

NFL Online, OTA, & on Your Mobile Device

A CordCutting NFL Playbook


1x1.trans 5 Ways to Watch Football without Cable TV video streaming 2 indoor antennas It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the summer heat is slowly fading, fall will soon be upon us, and NFL football has finally returned. For the cordcutting sports fan, it can be difficult to watch your favorite team without having to buy into some expensive package from the cable companies.

With online streaming becoming ever more ubiquitous, it is surprising that companies like ESPN and organizations like the NFL don’t offer streaming services similar to Netflix or Hulu. In the absence of adequate streaming services, one has to get creative in order to watch sports without a cumbersome cable package. To make sure you don’t miss a game this season, here are 5 ways to watch the NFL without buying cable.

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Build Your Own OTA DVR

Using a TV Tuner Card to build a PC based DVR for Recording OTA Free TV

You can use your home computer to capture and record free TV using an Over-the-Air Antenna!


Since 2009, United States t1x1.trans Build Your Own OTA DVR video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas television programs have been broadcast Over-the-Air (OTA) exclusively in digital format. This means that HD signal is available for free in many locations using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. Goodbye snowy picture!


If you’re already using a digital antenna to watch local programming, and you currently use a PC to stream video to your TV, you may be interested in purchasing a TV tuner card.

What’s a TV tuner card, you ask? Well, a tuner card is a peripheral that can be easily added to nearly any home computer to record free broadcast TV directly to your device. That’s right! You’ll be able to pause, rewind or fast forward your local programming exactly the way you would with an expensive cable or satellite box, without any of those pesky monthly expenses!

Did someone say it’s Football Season?

Record your favorite NFL games and watch them on your own time, and or commercial free. With a setup like this you can not only get Sunday and Thursday Football for free in HD, but you can watch a standard 3 hour game in an hour and a half. Learn more about watching NFL for free in HD

How to choose the right Tuner Card

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Thursday Night Football for Free in HD

Watch More NFL for Free with Mohu

Thursday Night Football Now on CBS


1x1.trans Thursday Night Football for Free in HD indoor antennas

To say it lightly, I am a Football fanatic. I love everything about the game, including my fantasy football team, and my home team – the 49ers. But above all I am a cordcutter and as anyone without cable knows, watching sports can be difficult without the right equipment. It is for this reason that my all time favorite Cable TV Alternative is my Mohu Antenna.


With my Sky Mohu Antenna I am able to watch Sunday Football in HD for free. The bad news is that even with an antenna you are not able to watch Thursday Night Football. Until now…

Antenna Yielding, Cord Cutting, NFL Fans Everywhere are Singing with Joy

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Online TV with Mohu One

A Free Web TV Channel Guide

1x1.trans Online TV with Mohu One video streaming 2 video streaming devices 2
Imagine a one stop shop platform that cultivates the Internet’s best short videos, and organizes them by genre. Then imagine that this tools is 100% free and only a click away. Well the team at Mohu has once again turned our dreams into a reality.


What is Mohu One?

There are so many great videos hitting the web every day, but traditionally it is very difficult to track down which ones are worth watching. With Mohu One, this is all taken care of for you. Mohu One is a free web Video discovery service that takes all the best content available for free on services like Youtube and organizes it by category, within an easy to navigate interface. It is a like a “Best of Youtube” Channel on steroids.

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Why PlayStation is a Better Video Streaming Console

1x1.trans Why PlayStation is a Better Video Streaming Console video streaming devices 2 Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Game consoles can be a convenient source for streaming services, but there are still many different consoles to choose from. Using video game consoles as streaming devices is a cost-effective option for gamers, combining a source of gaming with a high-quality set-top box to stream TV and video files. The real consideration from that point is which console is best for streaming, with XBox and PlayStation being the two key players. Though the two consoles have similar streaming options, the PlayStation is a superior service. PlayStation and XBox compete so vigorously that any advance one of the consoles makes will quickly be matched by the opposing console, but there are several characteristics that reign PlayStation over XBox.

Set-top Box Streaming Options

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Aereo Brainstorming New Ways to Fight Back

1x1.trans Aereo Brainstorming New Ways to Fight Back video streaming devices 2 indoor antennas Aereo was knocked down but not out by the recent Supreme Court ruling. Now they are developing new ways to fight back.



The Cable TV Alternative Start-up was dealt a heavy blow by major TV networks and the Supreme Court

Aereo the start-up company that was offering users network programs without a cable or satellite TV subscription took quite a blow from the Supreme court last month. The court ruled that the start-up had violated copyright laws and forced them to stop broadcasting. Big broadcasting companies called this is a major victory for copyright protection, and for Aereo it seemed like the end. An idea that was reinforced when the companies CEO said he didn’t have a backup plan.

Aereo is not ready to give up just yet

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What is Mohu Channels?

A Revolutionary Set-Top Box

Video Streaming Meets Over-the-air Broadcasting

First of all, if you are not a cord cutter by now then this is the product that will most likely push you over the fence.Utilizing a combination of Cable TV Alternatives is the only way to cut the cord without losing the shows you love. Now imagine being able to go from watching Over-the-Air TV, to Netflix, to Facebook or any other website, by simply changing the channel on you remote control. What if every website, video streaming service and Over the Air channels could simply be a separate TV channel – accessible via a remote control?

Think channel surfing for Cord Cutters!


1x1.trans What is Mohu Channels? video streaming 2 video streaming devices 2
1x1.trans What is Mohu Channels? video streaming 2 video streaming devices 2

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Amazon Fire TV is not a Cable TV Alternative

Amazon Instant Video is not Enough

What Else Can Amazon Fire TV do?

1x1.trans Amazon Fire TV is not a Cable TV Alternative video streaming devices 2

A Video Streaming box (media set-top box) should provide access to video content from every source available – including over-the-air broadcasting. It should offer a user friendly interface for easy searching and navigation, and it should prioritize content options based on price and video quality. Jumping from show to show or movie to  movie, should be as easy as changing channels on a standard Cable TV remote control. Most importantly a set top box should take advantage of free broadcast TV, record it for you via a DVR, and should always route users towards the most cost effective way to enjoy the shows they love.
In short a video streaming device should act as your ultimate Cable TV Alternative.Lets look at Amazon’s Fire TV video streamer and see how it matches up to these requirements.

How to Connect Multiple TV’s to your OTA Antenna

Free HDTV on Every Screen in Your Home

Cable TV Alternatives: Splitters & Amplifiers


First of all congratulations. If you are reading this post you are ahead of the masses, and have realized OTA (Over-the-Air) TV is an amazing alternative to Cable TV. Now you are looking for a way to push your free HD TV signal to multiple TVs in your house.


Coaxial Splitter

The first thing you need to do is buy a coaxial splitter. This is an inexpensive device that will split your OTA signal into multiple sub-signals, allowing you to push free TV broadcasting to multiple TVs. It’s my understanding that splitting the signal in two results is a 50% drop in signal strength (3.5db). And every additional split will continue to decrease the overall signals strength. So if you have a weak or marginal signal coming into the house from the antenna, splitting it will have a negative effect. This also means that if you only need a two-way splitter, don’t use a 4-way splitter because you’re losing more signal strength with every unused output. Finally the more distance the signal has to travel, the weaker the signal becomes. So less feet in coaxial cable, means stronger signal, equating to better picture quality.

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How to watch Online TV Channels, When you’re not Online

1x1.trans How to watch Online TV Channels, When you’re not Online video streaming 2

Cable TV Alternatives for a Cordcutter on the Go

PlayLater: Record Online TV Channels so you can Watch them Without an Internet Connection


How do you watch Online TV Channels when you have no internet connection? Are you looking for a way to watch your favorite shows in a no-WiFi zones? Well I am here to let you know that there is a tool available that allows you to record streaming videos at home and load them to your iPad or mobile device for later viewing.

You most likely already use Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon to watch TV at home, but what if you want to take these shows to a smaller screen such as your mobile or tablet? And what if your devices do not have an access to the internet, like when you are on a flight? THIS is when PlayLater comes to rescue.

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