Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna from Mohu

On the Cutting-Edge of Antenna Technology, the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna Produces Results!



Sleek Design, Meets Superior Performance

From the makers of the #1 selling Indoor Antenna on the Market (Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor Antenna) comes the Sky: a powerful, multi-directional outdoor antenna solution that provides free over-the-air broadcast television in 1080.


Sleek Design, Meets Superior Performance

A longtime fan of Mohu’s amazing product line, I could not wait to buy and install their latest release – the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna. If you’re new to Over the Air broadcasting, Mohu’s antennas capture HD over-the-air (OTA) TV signals, and relay them for FREE to your TV set via a standard coaxial cable. Major network channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, along with countless other channels can be accessed using a simple indoor or outdoor Mohu antenna.

The Sky is different because it is the first outdoor antenna that Mohu has ever created. And if you familiar with Mohu at all, you would know that they have been building antenna technology for the military for a long time, and produce the highest quality antennas on the market.  What does this mean for you? Better picture quality and access to more channels.

How do you install the Mohu Sky Outdoor Antenna?

To find out what channels are available in your area, start by going to AntennaWeb.  All you need to do is type in your location, and work your way through a short survey. Then Antenna Web will provide you an overview of all the channels that are available in your area.

Installing the Sky is very easy and takes about 20 – 30 minutes:


Why choose Mohu?

“The Sky antenna is closely related to the mudflap antenna developed for covert, wide-bandwidth, military communications by Mohu’s parent company, GreenWave Scientific,” said Mike Barts, Ph.D., Senior RF Engineer at Mohu. “The Sky belongs to a class of ultra-wideband antennas, which are inherently non-resonant and provide even performance over large frequency ranges. This is a big advantage for over-the-air (OTA) TV reception where the frequency range from high to low is more than 10 to 1. The Sky’s performance is remarkably consistent across the channels and we are extremely proud of it.”

“The patent pending Sky is a variant of an antenna developed for Naval Surface Warfare special applications and has no similarities to any HDTV antenna products on the market,” said Mohu Founder and President Mark Buff, Ph.D. “The design has inherent frequency independent properties, leading to optimized performance across the VHF and UHF bands.”


Sky HDTV Product Highlights

The MoHu Sky HDTV Outdoor / Attic Multi-Directional Antenna is designed to be mounted either on a rooftop or in an attic – allowing the antenna capture the optimal amount OTA signal strength. The multi-directional outdoor Mohu antenna is recommended for people who are sick of paying the high cost of cable or dish tv,  who live within about 60 miles of the broadcasting towers. The Sky features CleanPeak filter technology, which provides low noise digital amplification. This means that the antenna comes with an amplifier that takes the signal strength the antenna receives, and then amplifies it before it reaches your TV set. This amplifier can be plugged directly into a wall outlet, or through a usb connection. The antenna even includes a 30′ high performance coaxial cable and mounting brackets, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

  • Light weight at only 4.4 pounds
  • Sleek design, measuring at 23 x 3 x 11 inches
  • Multi-directional design allows signal reception from multi directions
  • US Military based technology
  • 30′ high performance coaxial cable and antenna mount for quick installation
  • CleanPeak filter – Digital Amplifier technology
  • 60 mile antenna range


The Sky is definitely not cheap, but if you consider how much money you could save by canceling cable or dish TV, and the superior quality of this device, you will find that this antenna is worth every penny.

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  • KilltheCableBill

    Antenna Web and Mohu are different companies – so unfortunately you need to take the info you gathered at Antennaweb and apply it to your purchase at Mohu. A Leaf should work for you, however if you have the funds and can install one where you live, the Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna is your best bet.

  • jimbo1164

    Also, Mohu says that since I live 44 miles from the towers outside Dallas, that the other Leaf or the outdoor will give me 52 and 57 channels respectively

  • jimbo1164

    Well they tell you all that but use color codes to figure out which antenna you need which by the way,they don’t mention the mohu. So how do you know what to get?

  • KTCB

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Demi. Please check back in and let us know how things are going 8 months later… and how much $$ you have saved through making the switch would be helpful as well ;)

  • KTCB

    unless you have a very unique situation, drilling should not be a requirement. I typically just run white coaxial cable along the ground and up the corners to hid the cable. So if your ok with that, then you should be good to go.

  • JJ

    Question about instillation….do you have to drill through exterior siding and/or exterior/interior walls to attach the coaxial cable? Curious, because as a renter, this won’t be allowed by my landlord.

  • KTCB

    Absolutely. Here is a great little app that saves me a bunch of time. Its called “TV Listings” and i installed it onto my smart phone. This app allows you to enter your zip code, and it spits out a customized over the air tv guide for you. Right at your fingertips, so you always know what is on in your area!

  • KTCB

    Here is another quick tip – I use a great app called “TV Show Favs” that allows me to tag all my favorite shows. Then the calendar lets me know when they are on so I know when to tune in.

  • KTCB

    Thanks for Sharing Jane. One extra tip is you can go into your TV menu and hide all the channels you dont want to watch. For example: if you dont speak Spanish and you live in California – you can hid all the spanish channels from your Channel Listing. This really helps when trying to find something to watch.

  • KTCB

    Excellent. So glad we could help. How do you plan on spending your new found savings? ;)

  • KTCB

    There are definitely alot of options out there. I have tested many of them and done 100’s of hours of research & Mohu simply provides a superior product.

  • KTCB

    totally. took me about 30 minutes. Check out the youtube video above to see how easy it really is.

  • KTCB

    I agree. The design is amazing. Super small and you can install it almost anywhere.

  • KTCB

    Ya its amazing that we can get HD tv over the air. Even more amazing is how many people are still unaware of this.

  • zzzzz88

    As long as your tv has a coax input. It’s also known as an RF/Antenna input.

  • jane

    the best choice to my satellite TV, 32 channels coming through clearly, about 4 – 6 channels i disregard but on the over-all it is awesome!

  • ric

    it’s super slim and does pick up all the major networks especially top shows on TV

  • jay

    this is way better than my rabbit-ear antenna, it’s thin and so easy to set up that even my gramps can do it

  • katlyn

    will Mohu Leaf work in my more than 5 years old TV?

  • Tessa

    buying the appropriate anntenna is cunning, what i like most with mohu is it so light, no outdoor mounting and still gives me HDTV quality, channels ranging major networks, to public television and many Spanish language stations available

  • demi

    when i terminated my cable subs 3 months ago, i was hesitant if mohu will work for me but now t’was indeed a wise decision, big savings and technically easy to set up with the walk through video and tips to pick up most channels, i am very satisfied with my mohu!

  • KTCB

    Go to and then fill out your address info. This tool will show you exactly how far you are from a tower, and what stations you can expect to pick up.

  • Deidre Magee

    how do we know if we are within 60 miles of a broadcasting tower?

  • KTCB

    Hey Diego – thanks for the feedback. Its an amazing antenna. Please keep in touch and let us know what other cable TV alternatives you are using.

  • diego

    mohu is so handy, twice i relocated, it is still giving me HD performance!