What is Mohu Channels?

A Revolutionary Set-Top Box

Video Streaming Meets Over-the-air Broadcasting

(UPDATE .1.26.2016 – This product is no longer being manufactured. )

First of all, if you are not a cord cutter by now then this is the product that will most likely push you over the fence.Utilizing a combination of Cable TV Alternatives is the only way to cut the cord without losing the shows you love. Now imagine being able to go from watching Over-the-Air TV, to Netflix, to Facebook or any other website, by simply changing the channel on you remote control. What if every website, video streaming service and Over the Air channels could simply be a separate TV channel – accessible via a remote control?

Think channel surfing for Cord Cutters!

Mohu Channels
Mohu Channels

Mohu Channels

Easy To Set Up & Smaller Than A Cable Box

The Mohu Channels Tuner can be easily hidden due to its small size. To connect the device all you need to do is connect one end to your TV (HDMI) and the other to your antenna’s coax cable. Then power it up by plugging it into the nearest outlet. And to access the internet you can either tap into your existing WiFi connection, or for faster download speeds (recommended method) connect via an Ethernet cable (Cat5).

Mohu One

“This is just the beginning. Think of Mohu One like a streaming video service that offers movies and TV shows, with one exception – everything on Mohu One is free content!” ~ Mohu learn more
Now for the fun part: Customizing your own Personal TV Channel Guide:

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7 thoughts on “What is Mohu Channels?”

  1. Hi Clark – thanks for reaching out. You are correct in how you interpreted the clock. But after doing some more research I found that they are actually looking to release this product to the public on or around September 1st. Only people who invested in the Kickstarter campaign will be able to receive their device early. The clock above will be updated shortly.

    I suspect that Mohu Channels will be compatible with all antennas on the market, I will do some digging to confirm. One thing you may want to look into is the Sky Antenna. This too is a long range outdoor antenna that works great for my family and I.

    Mohu Sky Antenna: http://www.killthecablebill.com/sky-hdtv-outdoor-antenna-from-mohu/

    Though I dont watch many Viking games, I am all over the 49ers every Sunday. Watching HD Football for Free… Does not get any better than that!

    Watching NFL for Free: http://www.killthecablebill.com/watch-nfl-free/

  2. It would be cool to see some Viking games this year. A antenna instead of cable, why not!

  3. The clock that you have above is a bit confusing. Does it mean that in 11 Days the product will be available?

    Also, the one question I really have is will it be compatible with a Esky Antenna? The rotor Esky seems to be the right thing to get since it will work at a long range and we live in Kingman AZ which requires a long range antenna. Years ago in Minnesota I used a rotor antenna to get the blackout Vikings games from Iowa! It worked really great and we were able to get the games from an Iowa station. I am not trying to pull in games, but I am trying to go OTA and connect the internet to the HDTV that I have.



  4. Rick Bauer I am sure you installed your antenna properly. I was not trying to imply that you had not. Sorry for the miscommunication. The press page was provided so that people who are new to Mohu products had additional resources to reference. Kind Regards

  5. Dave Kennedy I live in the Philadelphia suburbs, 13 miles from an antenna farm that houses all of the local television stations.

    I don't need to read the press page with all the reviewed information. I know from my personal experience that the leaf did not work to the reported claims, and that isn't going to change my mind. To suggest that I review the claims vs. my own personal experiences indicates that in your own, polite way, that I don't know how to properly hang an antenna on the wall.

  6. Hi Rick – I am really sorry to hear that. Sounds like either you have a defective device or you live in an area where OTA broadcast signals are very weak. I have spoken to hundreds of extremely happy customers of Mohu products, and I stand behind their products 100%. Here is a press page that lists all the 3rd Party Tech firms that have reviewed Mohu: http://www.gomohu.com/in-the-news/

  7. I had a poor experience with Mohu Leaf. The last straw was a powerful thunderstorm in our area that left me with only one channel to watch. I went back to basic cable for local channels only. I gave my Leaf to a friend. He hooked it up to his TV and had the same poor results. I doubt I will use their new product.

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