Don’t Miss These Crackle Original Series… Part 1

Crackle Original Series Provide Premium Content for Free Online

Crackle Original Series

They say the best things in life are free, and I am a firm believer of that. As a cord cutter, you’ll be amazed to find out how many cable TV alternatives are not only better than cable but are also free. For instance, the online streaming service Crackle has hundreds of hours free content just waiting to be discovered.

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Some of the shows will be very familiar – think classic television, like “All in the Family” or “Seinfeld“; but there’s also a lot of new content available. No streaming service would be complete without its own collection of original content and in this department, Crackle does not disappoint. Let’s take a look at some of the original content that Crackle has to offer.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld is back with his Emmy nominated series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is simple and exactly what it sounds like: Seinfeld drives around in different cars with another famous comedian, like Stephen Colbert, and they get coffee. It may not sound like much but you would be surprised what happens when two funny people get together, trade stories, and talk about the good old days.


Everyone’s got issues, and none more so than super heroes. Issues centers around a psychologist named Ted whose job is to listen to the woes and worries of the world’s finest heroes; who also happened to be animated and voiced by the likes Seth Green. From daddy issues to the complications of being a human torch, this show is short sweet and completely hilarious.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself “Man, 12 Angry Men would make a great TV show,” then your day has finally come. Sequestered is a show about 12 jurors struggling to decide the fate of a man accused of kidnapping and murder.  Meanwhile, an attorney tries to unravel the vast conspiracy surrounding the case before the truth is lost forever. If you like drama, suspense, and court room drama; look no further.

The Art of More

Everything has a dark side to it; even the seemingly boring business of auction houses. The Art of More is a high stakes thriller about the Parker-Mason in New York. When the auction house comes into possession of a rare art collection, it propels one man into the spotlight and sparks a dangerous competition with another auction house. It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards come tumbling down, which is why you want to be around to see it.


There’s no such thing as a simple job and in the show Cleaners, contract killers Roxie and Veronica find this out the hard way. While doing a “simple” job for their employers, the femme fatales make the fatal mistake of asking “What’s in the truck;” putting their jobs and very lives in mortal danger. If you’re looking for something smart, sexy, and high octane; you’ll love Cleaners.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? Crackle Originals Begs to Differ

The “gold” Crackle is hunting for: Fresh eyeballs that will stick around to consume its growing slate of programming, since the company — whose ad-based content doesn’t require a subscription — is now moving towards an “always on” experience.BGR

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but Crackle’s collection of original content is the closest thing we’ll come to. While they may not have as many shows as Netflix or Hulu, you can’t beat the price to content ratio on this one. If you’re looking good cable TV alternative and you hate spending money, then you’ll want to check out Crackle and it’s collection of original series.  

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