2012 Fall TV Lineup & the Ultimate DVR Scheduling Guide

The 2012 Fall Television season has officially begun

Guest post by Chris Sully of JumpstartMyPC | Also see: Finding a Cable Alternative Dumping DirectTV for Tivo


Are you ready?  Did you already figure out what shows you plan on watching?

Some of your old favorites made the cut and are back for 2012:

Castle – Hawaii Five-0 – Bones – The Voice – Supernatural – Grimm – Fringe – Once Upon a Time – The Mentalist – The Vampire Diaries – Grey’a Anatomy – The Office – Parks and Recreation – Community – 30 Rock – The Big Bang Theory – Sons of Anarchy – The Walking Dead – Boardwalk Empire

Some new shows have been added to the new 2012 fall TV lineup:

Revolution – Arrow – Animal Practice – Partners – The Mob Doctor – Ben & Kate – The New Normal – Go On – Chicago Fire – Nashville – Last Resort – Beauty & the Beast – Made in Jersey – 666 Park Avenue – Elementary

Unfortunately (or fortunately) some shows got the axe or simply ended:

Alcatraz – Awake – Man Up! – House – Harry’s Law – Terra Nova – Rob – The River – Ringer – Pan Am – The Playboy Club

So Where Does This Leave You

If you take a look at your DVR(s) right now, do you see a flashback to the previous TV seasons? Do you have a bunch of season passes for shows that you can’t even remember?

Take a look at that list of shows above – does it confuse the heck out of you? How do you know which shows are on at what times? Even if you do start adding new programs to the list of shows to record, how do you know that you won’t miss some because they are on at the same time (overlap)?

Your 2012 DVR Scheduling Strategy

Problem: You need to get your DVR(s) cleaned up and ready for this new TV season.  It’s in pretty bad shape right now. How do you get all of these new and returning shows on your Season Pass list without missing any?

Solution: What you need is a handy guide that contains all the information you need to get your DVR(s) organized and scheduled – an all-in one tool that you can have at your side during the process. That solution is the 2012 Fall TV DVR Guide from JumpstartMyPC.

The 2012 Fall TV DVR Guide contains everything you need to take the pain out of scheduling your DVR(s):

  • Broadcast TV Show listings – all the great shows you can get OTA with an HD Antenna – for FREE
  • Cable TV Shows – you might have to turn to another source for these (Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, etc.)
  • Premiere Dates – see when each show kicks off it’s new season
  • New Shows – gold corners have been added to new shows for the 2012 season
  • Web/Social – the guide is interactive, so click away to visit the shows website, FB page or follow on Twitter
  • TiVo links – if you’re a TiVo user you can click on the TiVo icon for more great scheduling options



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6 thoughts on “2012 Fall TV Lineup & the Ultimate DVR Scheduling Guide”

  1. Hi Angelique – Yes I believe Tivo would work just great for that. Here is a great article from a friend over at Jumpstartmypc.com – http://www.killthecablebill.com/finding-a-cable-alternative/ As for watching the Disney Channel it looks like you can watch a few shows for free at: http://watchdisneychannel.go.com/ – Otherwise I would just make a list of the shows you like to watch, and then use tv.com to find out which ones are available on Hulu, Netflix etc… Hope this helps. Best of Luck!

  2. I am wondering, is TiVo the
    only DVR out there? We currently are using the Moho Leaf antennas.
    Also my TV is not Wi-Fi enabled, but I have a blue ray player hooked to the TV
    that is Wi-Fi enabled, would that work for the TiVo or would I need to purchase
    a dongle of some sort for the TV? Also wondering, any suggestions on how to view Disney channel shows?

  3. Glad we could help Joseph. Make sure to go check out JumpstartmyPC.com to learn more about how to optimize your Tivo’ing skills.

  4. I am a political junkie How do I get fox news and fox business without cable???

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