In the land of streaming, content is king. As streaming and live TV services continue to scramble to land A-list content and channel packages in the never-ending war for subscribers, a top-tier channel here and a new exclusive series there can sometimes tip the scales in the favor of one brand or another. In the latest large deal to rock the streaming market, YouTube TV has announced it will add HBO, HBO Max, and Cinemax to its ever-expanding channel selection.

Starting this spring, YouTube TV customers will be able to watch both linear and on-demand content from HBO as well as Cinemax, which is owned by HBO – which itself is a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. Both Cinemax and HBO will be available as add-ons similar to how other channels such as Showtime or NBA league pass are already available. Subscribers will be able to stream live content as well as dig through the impressive catalog of on-demand content HBO offers.

YouTube TV will also feature the new HBO Max streaming services when it launches later this year. So far, the projected launch date is sometime in May. HBO Max starts at $14.99 a month and will offer the full catalog of HBO content as well as the impressive lineup of TV shows and films from WarnerMedia. That means the DC Universe, the Lord of the Rings franchise, The Matrix franchise, Friends, South Park, and The Big Bang Theory will all be available on YouTube TV through HBO Max.

In a press release issued today, YouTube TV’s global head of partnerships Lori Conkling says that the deal with WarnerMedia Entertainment furthers YouTube TV’s ultimate goal of giving customers freedom of choice when it comes to streaming media. “Our commitment at YouTube TV is to deliver TV to our members how and when they want it,”Conkling said. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with WarnerMedia to deliver their family of networks that are popular among our members, as well as introduce HBO, Cinemax and HBO Max to our growing line-up of premium content.”

YouTube TV has already made one revolutionary agreement earlier this year when it picked up the rights to some of the biggest names in streaming esports. Will YouTube TV be able to take on some of the more established names in streaming TV? If it keeps making deals like these, count on it.