Why PlayStation is a Better Video Streaming Console

ps4controllerdownflatXbox One vs PlayStation 4 or 3

Game consoles can be a convenient source for streaming services, but there are still many different consoles to choose from. Using video game consoles as streaming devices is a cost-effective option for gamers, combining a source of gaming with a high-quality set-top box to stream TV and video files. The real consideration from that point is which console is best for streaming, with XBox and PlayStation being the two key players. Though the two consoles have similar streaming options, the PlayStation is a superior service. PlayStation and XBox compete so vigorously that any advance one of the consoles makes will quickly be matched by the opposing console, but there are several characteristics that reign PlayStation over XBox.

Set-top Box Streaming Options

Both consoles have a set-top box that will cost roughly $90, which is necessary for converting the video files into formats that are compatible with a television. Beyond that, the prices vary dramatically, as the XBox streaming service costs $60 every year and the PlayStation streaming service comes free with the console. PlayStation Store and XBox Live Marketplace also differ because PlayStation Store has a more diverse collection and Blu-Rays are catered to on a PlayStation. Streaming through a PlayStation allows for high definition videos in 1080p, also converting non-HD files into high definition. There is complimentary access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Youtube, which are very popular sources of streaming television on any device.

Dont need to take our word for it. For an outside perspective read: PS4 outselling the Xbox One 3-to-1 as total sales gap grows to 9 million vs. 5 million

Xbox One vs PS4

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is an amazing new service being offered by our friends at Sony. For around $30 a month (starter package) you can dozens of live TV channels, that can be streamed via popular streaming devices, including the PlayStation. To learn more about PS Vue, read: SLING VS VUE – 2017 REVIEW

NFL Sunday Ticket

There is also a unique option known as the NFL Sunday Ticket App. With this app, every football game of the year is streamed live through the PlayStation, along with stats and reports. The NFL Sunday Ticket App is associated with DIRECTV and necessitates a subscription, but the PlayStation 4 or 3 and XBox One are the first consoles to have it as an option. The progress alone is a sign that the option will become more and more compatible with consoles in the future.

For the 2017 NFL season, DIRECTV has introduced  a streaming service that will let certain fans watch every out-of-market game each week. But it appears that if you live in a residence that DIRECTV deems could get their satellite service, they will not sell you the service. But if your a cordcutter looking for a way to watch NFL for Free in HD I do have a solution for you. Click here to learn more.

Video Streaming via the Cloud

Another largely crucial benefit to the PlayStation streaming service is its cloud-based content. All streamed videos can be viewed on any device, be it iPad or iPhone or Droid, with live TV as well as streaming options. The cloud-based content as well as PlayStation TV (releasing December 2014) allow for remote gaming but also utilize streaming services on any device. People can now access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video from their phones. This advance brings streaming services to a very personal and portable level for consumers, a feat that XBox nor many competitors are capable of.

Is a Gaming Console Right for You?

As stated before, a set-top box converts video files so they can be viewed on a television, acting as unseen but crucial tools to any streaming service. The set-top box has a rich history of converting analog signals into a digital format in the days when cable first expanded beyond several network channels. The set-top box was used to make each cable channel compatible with the television. PlayStation TV is a set-top box that manages complex files and converts them into MPEG and other friendly formats, making the PlayStation processing power similar to the capabilities of a computer.

Realistically though, the streaming service for the PlayStation is only worth it if you are also interested in gaming. Compared to other streaming services, the PlayStation is bulky and expensive. It is only practical for gamers, but in that sense it is a great deal because gamers get a console and a streaming device all in one. In such a competitive market, PlayStation and XBox match each technological advance, so it can be hard for one to rise above the other. With a more diverse marketplace, as well as complimentary streaming services, PlayStation rises above in this occasion.

Just like in the cell phone world where you have Android and Apple enthusiasts, in the gaming world you have PlayStation and Xbox fanatics.

Which are you? And what makes you passionate about your choice?


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