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I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Anthony Pica of The Fire Finder earlier this week. The Fire Finder is an excellent blog that helps people cut through the B.S. of the finance world. Much like Kill the Cable Bill, this site is different. You will not find the ordinary mambo jumbo there, you will get real life finance instruction that you can live by.

This interview posed questions about what provides, how we can helping people, how we came up with the idea, and how much people can save by utilizing what we offer.

What service does your website provide and who is it for?

Kill the Cable Bill is an informational resource that provides industry trend analysis, product / service reviewsonline video guide ),and simple but cost effective ways to make the transition from standard Cable to Online TV. This site is for people who want to decrease how much they spend on standard TV programing, while taking advantage of low cost Online TV.

How can this help people?
Simply: helps people save Time and Money. Not only can people learn how to rid themselves of cable or satellite costs, but they can also tap into product and service reviews that will help guide them towards fully utilizing low cost online video content.

Do people need to download anything to use your site?
There is no need to download or plug-in anything to access what has to offer. We are purely an informational resource that can be leveraged to make accurate decisions.

How did you come up with the idea?
Several months ago I decided to cancel cable due to a financial set back, and found myself overwhelmed by the amount of information on the topic. With cable costs going up and the economy getting worse, many people are finding that canceling cable is the only thing that make sense. With this growing demand for Online TV, vendors are popping out of the woodwork – all promising to fulfill this need. The problem is that most of the sites, services, and products out there only offer partial solutions, or no solution at all. Through my research I realized that there is a growing need for clarity in this space. And that people just like me, needed help making this complex transition from standard cable to Online TV.

How much do think people can save using your site as a resource?
Through using the resource people will save money in a few different ways. Some will use the site to learn how to cancel their cable and move to an online setup; and others will use the site to fully optimize those devices used for streaming videos. For those who are just starting out and end up canceling cable, they will save upwards of $500 – $800 a year. For those who are in the market to purchase devices and services to support their online video content – knowing what to buy and what not to buy will save immense amounts of time and money that would otherwise go to waste.

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Helen Back