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Stream Con is a three-day digital content and creator convention celebrating digital content and online video!

Stream Con

The digital revolution has brought us so many advances in the last decade that sometimes it’s hard to digest all the change. One of the biggest changes to our society has been the rise of online streaming, which has revolutionized the way we consume media and information.

In years past broadcast giants like ABC or NBC held the keys to a vast audience of millions of Americans, but now teenagers with a webcam and an idea can captivate the country by making a video and posting onto YouTube.

Most recently in New York, a gathering of YouTube/social media stars and fans commingled in a crowded convention center for the inaugural Stream Con; and here are a few takeaways:

You don’t need Hollywood to become famous

Connor Franta

If you look up who the highest paid YouTube stars are, you would probably be unfamiliar with almost every name on the list. 

What’s so mind-boggling is that these people have MILLIONS of subscribers online. Take, for example, Connor Franta. According to VICE, Franta has 5 million YouTube subscriber and 270 millions views! And all from someone you’ve probably never heard of.

So what does this mean? It means the video streaming movement is blowing up. It is diverse. And it is decentralized.

Live streaming is becoming more popular

Live Streaming

One of the very first live streams on the internet was a woman giving birth, and here we are – two decades later – and it has evolved into a full-blown industry.

Let’s take a look at Video Games as an example. Would you have ever imagined that millions of people would go online to simply watch other people play video games? Take a look at the popular service called Twitch to learn more. 

Without question, Live Streams are about to become BIG business. Per Mashable:  “Today Show co-host Al Roker launched RokerLabs, a New York-based full post-production video and live streaming studio, because he thinks live streaming is the future. And Roker’s not the only one who shares that theory.”

The live streaming market is getting big… and fast. It’s no wonder that cable is getting left in the dirt.

YouTube is no longer the only game in town

Introducing go90


For more than a decade, YouTube has unequivocally dominated the online video market and for good reason. With Google at the helm, YouTube has been able to climb to the top of search engine results and as well as provide smooth streaming for even the poorest of connections.

But there’s a new competitor out there hoping to unseat YouTube as the king of video and that is go90. Backed by Verizon and aimed at teens/young adults, go90 has been attracting talent to help drive viewers to the new site.

At Stream Con, go90 had a huge presence and in the lead-up to the convention, it was announced that 8 new series would premiere on the fledgling video site. Will go90 be the next YouTube? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see how this disrupts the marketplace!

Interested to see what their competition is up too? If so, then read: T-MOBILE UNLIMITED VIDEO STREAMING HAS ARRIVED

The Decentralization of Television

Digital entertainment is rapidly changing and it is quickly moving away from conventional providers like cable TV and broadcast television. As we’ve seen at Stream Con, the power of the consumer is slowly eroding the big money interests in the entertainment industry in favor of something more decentralized and democratic.

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