What is Vimeo?

What is Vimeo

Founded in 2004, Vimeo is a video hosting service that serves as a platform for notable video content, the majority of which comes from independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts. Vimeo often features animated shorts and indie film efforts played on a full-width video player, to deliver a more cinematic experience. The vast majority of content is shown in standard definition, although in most cases high definition video is also available.

Vimeo – Cable TV Alternatives List

Cutting the Cord or throwing away the dish might seem like a tough task to most people, especially those who really enjoy watching a wide variety of movies and television programming. In actuality, getting rid of cable or Dish TV service is actually pretty easy with all of the excellent cable tv alternatives that are currently available. Many of these alternatives involve streaming online video content that is absolutely free.

Vimeo vs Youtube

At first glance, Vimeo seems a lot similar to YouTube and other services that provide user generated content. However, Vimeo stands apart from those services by providing only high-quality streaming content generated by its members – with support for 1080p Full HD Video. The video hosting service goes to great lengths to promote the creation of high-quality content, and most of the content curated, is by staff and other respected members. The end result is a viewing experience that places quality above quantity.

Vimeo Account

Vimeo’s service features two tiers for consumers: a standard FREE account that limits the number of HD videos that can be downloaded per week. A $60/year “Video Plus” account that allows viewers to enjoy unlimited HD videos in an ad-free environment, as well as the unlimited creation of channels, groups and albums. PRO accounts are reserved for business and commercial users.

Vimeo Devices

While Vimeo doesn’t offer the sheer bulk of content found on Hulu and other similar content providers, it does make up for it in unique and thought-provoking video content that can not be found anywhere else. Vimeo videos can be streamed to Apple TV, Google TV, Samsung, Panasonic, Visio & Phillips TVs, Roku, Boxee, and many more phones, tablets, gaming systems and video streaming devices.

So if you are part of the growing tribe of avid TV viewers who don’t pay for Cable or Dish, but continue to enjoy the TV they love –  make sure you add Vimeo.com to your list of cable tv alternatives.