A DVR for Over-the-Air TV that Streams to All Your Devices

TabloRecord & Watch OTA TV with Total Freedom

Many of us know the advantages of plugging antennas into our TVs, getting free over-the-air (OTA) TV with HD image quality being one of them. The only problem here is that we are stuck with live TV. We need the help of a DVR to start making our own programming schedules.

Nuvyyo is hoping to present a more affordable option with its new OTA DVR called Tablo . Here we have a product designed to blend the functionality of a DVR with the convenience of a tablet to browse, record and stream broadcast TV content to any device, anytime, anywhere. Tablo is an ideal choice for cord-cutters because it can record free over-the-air HD content, which means you don’t have to pay the cable subscription bills to enjoy the benefits.

Tablo is a small black box that records over-the-air content and streams it to a wide array of connected devices. All you need is a USB hard drive, antenna and a secondary device to view the content. This set-top box streams both live and locally recorded over-the-air broadcasts to internet-capable platforms, such as Android, iOS, Roku players and web browsers.

Tablo TV

Tablo App

Leaving behind the traditional DVR, Tablo takes free OTA HDTV to a whole new level with its rich, interactive tablet app. The Tablo app works on Android and iPad tablets, with playback and live TV available for Android and iPhone smartphones, PCs, and on TV screens via Roku, Apple TV or Google Chromecast. TV viewers can have a fantastic home media experience with network and local programming in excellent HD, anywhere they happen to be.

What is Tablo

How Much Does Tablo Cost?

Tablo was released in 2015 and the device is available in two DVR models – dual-tuner for under $200 (Amazon link) and quad-tuner for a little under $300 (Amazon link). Both the models have Ethernet, dual-band WiFi and two USB ports for external hard drives. The Tablo boxes also require a monthly subscription fee for guide data, which is around $5.

This $5 monthly fee is really the only down side of the Tablo. If you talk to any Cord Cutter, the last thing they want is another monthly subscription. So if Tablo can find a way to sell lifetime memberships, than I believe they really could take the market by storm.

Now available!  Tablo Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR for cord-cutters officially launched at CES 2014 in January! Buy yours today! Here is a handy Amazon Link.

Other OTA DVR’s on the market include Tivo Bolt and Channel Master DVR+

Am I crazy here or does this just sound Amazing? Do you already have a DVR recording OTA? If so, please share with us how you are currently accomplishing this.

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