What Is OVGuide?

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What is OVGuide?

What is OVGuideFor those of you wondering, What is OVGuide? OVGuide is the go-to website for movies, video, or music. Simply put, OVGuide is the one- stop online video directory that will link you to the kind of movies that you’re searching for. OVGuide, developed in 2006 by Dale Bock, is based in California and receives an estimated 12 million visitors each month.

There is Something for Everyone at

Navigating around OVGuide is quite simple; the site features easy access to movies, music and video that have been carefully reviewed to make sure that links are working correctly, and that the video content is of the highest quality for the viewer’s enjoyment. The site offers many titles that are popular with movie lovers. The different categories include: Movies, TV series, Music, Sports, Anime, Comedy and Adult titles.

Take a look at the Free Movies Slection

For added viewing entertainment, OVGuide also features access to an assortment of free movies. OVGuide Movie topics in the free movie section include romance, thriller, suspense, adult, comedy and many more. The free movie section is a nice feature when you are looking for something different to watch and are low on cash, or as a reward for good behavior. What’s better than enjoying a quiet night watching free movies while sharing popcorn? Titles in the free movies section include family movies like Rin-Tin-Tin, The Muppets, Charlotte’s Web and many more. These movies are easily viewed by selecting your movie choice and following the suggested viewing links.

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Quick and Simple Membership Sign-up

Signing up with OVGuides is quite simple. You just enter your email address and a desired password, then click submit. You will then have the ability to watch your selection by choosing an item, and following the link provided. There are several choices that you can use, including Netflix, Amazon or web links, take you to your choice.

A Quality Viewing Experience the First Time

A membership with OVGuide can bring any movie that you want to see right to your computer. With this video directory, wondering if and how you can find access to your favorite television series or movie is a thing of the past. This directory will quickly find almost anything that you would like to see in a matter of seconds; the only decision you’ll have to make is what service you want to view it through. All of the suggested links are reviewed for quality and functionality. As always, sometimes technology has a way of acting temperamental. In the event that you experience a OVGuide movie with poor quality, or find a broken link, please bring this to the attention of OVGuide so that the issue gets resolved quickly.

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The Submission Process

For anyone interested in having a video site listed, OVGuide is accepting submissions. To have yours listed, visit the submission site at the bottom of the home page and fill in the needed information. After submitters pay a submission fee, reviewers will decide if the quality of the site follows OVGuide submission guidelines. The submitter receives a acceptance notification or rejection by e-mail with terms and conditions if accepted.

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I have signed up with OVIGuide a long time ago and indeed signing up is fairly simple. For the past year, I have enjoyed watching some favorite movies not to mention the new videos that I have not have heard of. To be honest, during my free time, I lounge in their site and browse through media from songs and videos among others. I just wish downloading their content will be a lot easier in the future. For those who are in search of an avenue for entertainment, OVIGuide is the place to be because you can get to access thousands of free online content and did I mention, FREE! Thanks Kill the Cable Bill!

I am just curious Kill the Cable, with the recent changes in
internet security and piracy, does OVI guide have the license to share videos
like of our favorite movies from the film’s distributors? I mean, I don’t want
to sign up just yet without having that answered because I may end up getting
jailed or something. I know, I am a bit paranoid but the law-abiding citizen in
me is just curious. However, if they do have the license, I will go ahead and
sign up with them. If they don’t, I can go ahead and sign up just for the free
videos that were not commercially released at all. Great read though, as usual
from Kill the Cable Bill!

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