What is Netflix?

A Cable TV Alternative Like No Other

Netflix is an US-based provider of streaming media delivered through the Internet. At present, its market presence extends to the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Netflix started out in 1997, began offering its services in 1999, and surpassed a total of 10 million subscribers to those same services in 2009.

Netflix offers a large selection of media catering to a range of tastes. Although it is best known for offering the latest blockbusters produced by the biggest studios in Hollywood, Netflix also offers a number of American television shows aimed at people of all ages and all tastes. Similarly, subscribers to Netflix can also watch documentaries, animated series, and even foreign movies on demand.

Netflix Free Trial

Subscription to Netflix costs $7.99 a month. In return, subscribers have unlimited access to the movies, TV shows, and other media that can be streamed through Netflix. All content offered through Netflix is free of all commercials and can be watched in the manner of the subscriber’s choosing. Additionally they offer a one month free trial ~ click here to take advantage of this new customer promotion.

Netflix Devices

Since Netflix is an Internet-based service, it can be accessed through almost any computing device so long as it has access to the Internet. For example, almost all modern computers using Windows and Mac operating systems can access Netflix through the Internet. Similarly, the same is also true of most operating systems for other devices such as Android for touch-screen mobile devices. Netflix is also accessible through a range of diverse hardware that range from video game consoles to home entertainment systems. For example, all three major video game consoles can support Netflix, while the same is true for a number of televisions and disc players made by manufacturers such as Panasonic, Samsung, and Sharp.
Amazon’s Netflix Ready devices list

Netflix Movie List

Netflix’s streaming library offers 20,000 selections and their DVD library offers over 100,000 releases. From Movies, to TV Shows to  Education Cartoons, Netflix provides a complete solution that everyone in your family can enjoy. Additionally they offer Blu-ray if your a movie buff like me, who loves 1080p HD video.

Netflix provides a user friendly search menu that allows you to quickly find a movie or TV show that interests you. To dive even deeper into Netflix’s Database check out the Instant Watch Database. This tool allows you to filter by genre, availability, star rating, video quality, release year, and maturity rating.

Netflix as a Cable TV Alternative

In short, Streaming Video is the Future of TV, and Netflix is an excellent cable TV alternative because it has a number of advantages in comparison. First, it is cheap. Second, its selection is excellent and ever-growing, managing to cater to a range of tastes and customers. Third, Netflix is convenient. Its subscribers can access the services from almost anywhere using almost any computing device with access to the Internet. Furthermore, Netflix subscribers have ultimate control over their viewing experience, something that cannot be said for cable subscribers.