An Internet Television Guide

One Place to Go for All your Online Content

What is ClickerClicker TV is a TV Guide for the Web. It aggregates all the video available for streaming on the world wide web, and then provides access to through a searchable, categorizable, user friendly- interface. And did I say its Free? Clicker TV links to all the major Video Streaming services out there: Vudu, Amazon, Itunes, Hulu, and Netflix, Youtube, Google Play, etc.; & Major Network Stations – such as NBC and ABC.

Clicker is a great resource for people looking to cut down on costs, by living without cable or Dish TV. You can tweak the settings on both and Clicker.TV to show you only free content, and can link to your Netflix, and Hulu accounts automatically. The universal queue is awesome as well, where you can combine all your video streaming subscriptions into one usable play list.

Finding Cable TV Alternatives

Many people love to relax and watch their favorite shows and movies. Television has traditionally been the way people get their entertainment. There is nothing quite like coming home after a long day of work and sitting down in front of a giant 42-inch plasma screen to watch your favorite show or the game. However, with the current recession and the economy taking a nosedive, people are finding themselves in a position where they must sacrifice paying large bills such as cable in order to scrape by.

Traditionally, people would have to depend on their cable or satellite provider for their television needs. However, in an age where everything can be found on the Internet, watching your favorite television shows is incredibly easy. Internet television has revolutionized the way we think about broadcast media. There are many sites online that broadcast television much in the way it has traditionally been shown on TV sets in homes. But there are still other sites that take a unique and different approach to providing entertainment. One of the best sites in this respect is This is a website that allows the user to search for their favorite shows and then queue them up on a playlist for continuous watching. Clicker is a premium Internet television service that focuses on providing high quality episodes to users all around the world.

Introducing Clicker.TV

Clicker.TV (vs brings a more TV friendly experience. To access all you need to do is go to: on any device that can access the internet, and your ready to go. The interface is full of very large buttons, and is easily visible from a distance. You don’t need to hook anything up or download anything to access the tool – which does make it pretty easy to adopt.

Watch TV Free

Out of the box, Clicker TV will try to promote shows and movies that cost money – through linking to affiliate programs with Vudu, Amazon, and Itunes. The reason they do this, is because they make a small commission on anything you buy through when using their links. But if your familiar with KilltheCableBill at all, you know that this completely defeats the purpose. If I wanted to pay hefty prices for episodes and movies, I would just pay the high cost of Cable or Dish TV.

So in the spirit of savings, there lets talk about how to tweak the tool to work for us cord cutters. For and Clicker.TV simply go to the settings screen and adjust your filters accordingly. On you need to find the Source Filters tab. On this screen you put a check next to the different services you subscribe too. If your like me and only buy into Hulu and Netflix, then just select those two boxes to remove all paid content from search and category selections.

~ Or that is how it is suppose to work. Tweaking these settings helps, but it does not remove all the paid content. You still need to sift through the different shows to find ones that are completely free, or offered through Netflix or Hulu. But when you do find those shows you can simply add them to your Universal Queue. The Universal Queue is exactly as it sounds. It ties all your video streaming services together into one manageable queue.

Internet television such as the shows that Clicker helps organize, can be streamed by any Wi-Fi device such as Smartphones and notepad PCs. The Internet holds a distinct advantage over traditional television because there is much more variety to be found. You can find your favorite television series or movie with a simple search. The cost for paying for Internet service is also often cheaper than paying solely for television. There are many legitimate ways to watch your favorite television shows. There are websites that offer premium content for a small fee. This means that you can access episodes of your favorite TV show exactly when or right before it airs on regular television broadcasts. After signing up for Clicker, finding what you want to watch online is very easy. A simple cable can be hooked up from your computer to your television (assuming it is a model that can accept connections such as USB, VGA or HDMI from a computer) and then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.