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Web Only shows are becoming quite a prominent fixture on the internet. The great thing about them is that anyone can have their own show. The equipment to make one is minimal and fairly inexpensive. When you watch a web series you will see the full gambit, from high quality, professionally made shows, to nothing but shaky camera in the hand craziness. But this is the real appeal behind web only shows. You never know what to expect.  

Top 5 Web Series – Full Episodes:

  1. Between Two Ferns – This is one of the Funny or Die’s shows. Zach Galifianakis host a somewhat talk show with guests Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman. Galifianakis’ plays a rather convincing part as a tool for his on air personality.
  2. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffeea comedy web series by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, based on the web-series Carpool by actor Robert Llewellyn. In this series Jerry invites other famous comedians out for coffee, and they rap back and forth. In short: Hilarious!
  3. The Guild – This show got its start in 2007. An American comedy web series, it originally premiered on Microsoft’s networks. It then went out to Zune, YouTube iTunes and many other sites.
  4. Mortal Kombat: Legacy – This is one of the better shows based on a video game, and it’s available solely through YouTube.
  5. Jake and Amir – Jake and Amir work across from one another in the offices of College Humor. Jake and Amir are two best friends that work together, live together, and play together. It is Amir’s quest in life to make Jake miserable. A whopping 412 episodes have been produced and are still going.

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Additionally, Hulu and Netflix are now creating their own content. Netflix has been recently raving about their hit: House of Cards. And Hulu has already launched four different shows [ Battleground, Up to Speed, Spoilers, & A Day in the Life ], with promises of many more on the way.

There have been several television shows that have reversed this scenario. Network TV shows such as Scrubs, Homicide: Life on the Street, Battlestar Galactica and The Office, have all made Webisodes as a bonus for their watchers.

In summary there are a lot of good shows out there that are worth watching. When your ready to start exploring Cable TV Alternatives, web series are a great place to start; and if you have already canceled your Cable or Dish TV subscription, I hope you find all the content KilltheCableBill provides to be beneficial.

Now it’s your turn: What did we miss? Do you know of any great shows or web channels we should add to the list?