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Blip TV is a revolutionary platform that gives its viewers access to all of their favorite web series for FREE. The site is able to provide this service by offering airtime to companies through advertisements that target specific demographics. Users can opt in and out of advertisements at any time. Blip’s editors hand pick each and every show that’s featured on the network, such as dramas, sports, and comedies, ensuring that the quality is never compromised. The platform also lets you choose which shows you want to view, when you want to view them, giving you ultimate freedom and convenience when watching your favorite episodes. Using innovative technology Blip’s platform can stream content from sites such as YouTube and ITunes automatically and simultaneously. Blip.TV remains a completely free service to viewers thanks to the paying advertisers who have enabled the platform to continue.

Why Does Blip TV Do It?

Started in 2005, by friends looking to better the availability of web shows, the group came up with a solution that would enhance the lives of struggling producers trying to make a decent wage in the world of web shows. At the same time audience satisfaction was put into the mix to ensure an even medium that would compliment both the viewer and producer, which ultimately led to the creation of Blip TV. Blip.TV aims at reaching the masses with quality entertainment and has given web series producers a way to make a dependable income while continuing forward with their passion. All revenue from advertising is split 50/50 between content producers and 

“the formula purposefully does not emulate the YouTube viral video sharing and friends and family video hosting model”, according to ZDNet writer Donna Bogatin.


How To Access Blip.TV

Blip.TV can be now be viewed using most smartphones, mobile devices, computers. Also available on IPads and IPhones, Apples app makes it easier than ever to access your most beloved shows. You can also enjoy the perks of Blip TV through XBOX Live’s network. Blip TV stands apart from all web series aggregation sites, because they only chooses to post high rated shows that are sure to please the viewing audience.


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