Cut the Cord and Bring the Fight to the Cable Companies

Watch UFC Online
Before baseball, basketball, and football; there was the original sport of fighting. For as long as man has been battling one another, there have been people sitting on the sidelines and making bets. In the bygone times of yesteryear, boxing was the number one fighting sport in the United States; but in the new millennium, the mixed-martial arts league Ultimate Fighting Championship reigns supreme.

Watch UFC OnlineWith millions of Americans watching UFC, many of these fans have become torn between the sport they love and the cable bill they hate. Through bloated cable packages and little competition, companies like Comcast and Time Warner have soured America’s love affair with cable television; and now most people keep cable simply because they think they have no other option.

However, today I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to make a choice between watching UFC and being free of the tyrannical grip of cable television. There are alternatives to cable TV, you can watch UFC online and over-the-air; and today, I’m going to show you how. Let’s get started.

OTA Antenna Combined with Sling TV

A great way to watch UFC is through the use of an OTA antenna. OTA stands for over-the-air; which is a reference to how broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc…) freely broadcast their signal “over-the-air” for anyone to pick it up. An OTA antenna is the device that picks up the signal.

Think of it as the rabbit ears of the 21st century.

The only broadcast network that shows UFC is Fox; with  Fox UFC Saturday airing on the main Fox station and UFC Fight Night airing on Fox Sports 1 & 2 (FS1 & FS2). With an OTA antenna, you will be able to pick up Fox UFC Saturday; and with Sling TV‘s Multi-Stream service you can get Fox Sports 1 & 2.

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UFC Fight Pass

While it’s a shame that Fox is routing otherwise free content to cable companies, all is not lost for the cord cutting UFC fan. UFC Fight Pass is a subscription-based streaming service that delivers all the adrenaline pumping UFC action you’ve come to expect, without the pricey cable subscription.

Watch UFC Online

For $10 a month, you get access to exclusive UFC Fight Night event fights; although, you don’t get every Fight Night fight. You also get access to shows like The Ultimate Fighter and UFC’s considerably large online library; filled with some of the biggest and most exciting fights of the last decade.

Watch UFC OnlineAlthough a good bulk of UFC fights can be found on Fox Sports 1 & 2, the most important UFC fights still take place on pay-per-view. Years ago, you needed a cable subscription in order to view pay-per-view matches but thankfully that is no longer the case. If you still want to watch the biggest fights in UFC, you can watch the fights on UFC.TV

You still have the pay the pricey $59.99 for each PPV event; but at least it carries less commitment than having to sign up for a year of cable..

Sketchy Online Streaming

If none of the above options tickle your fancy, you may be tempted to go online and find a free online stream of questionable integrity; like First Row Sports.  These kinds of websites come and go, and you are almost always guaranteed to be blasted by pop-ups and annoying ads. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find an HD stream; but odds are you’ll be stuck with pixels and buffering issues throughout the evening.

You also run the risk of getting a virus and malware on your computer when you go on free streaming sites.

Finding Your Cable TV Alternatives

While you may not be able to get every UFC fight that airs on cable, you can still get quite a lot; and with the new PPV system, cable isn’t a prerequisite to catching the big fights. The cable companies want you to think that you have no other option. They want you to think that in order to get the sports, the shows, and the movies you want; you have to kowtow to cable.

As we have seen today, that is not true at all. Most of your favorite shows already air on OTA television, most of your favorite movies are on Netflix, and with a little work you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite sports; so what are you waiting for?

The time to end cable’s reign is now; so take the leap, cut the cord, and kill the cable bill today!