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Making the Transition has Never Been Easier

Chances are you love your current cable TV service, but you cringe in horror every time you receive your cable bill. Thanks to outrageous prices for standard cable packages on top of the various fees and surcharges, most households receive cable bills that easily exceed $120 each month. If you want to escape these never-ending charges, then perhaps it’s time to cut the cord. For those who think they’ll miss out on the best and latest in televised entertainment, there are plenty of cable TV alternatives that allow you to get your fix without having to shell out thousands of dollars a year.



Video streaming services and movie rentals are great alternatives to cable TV. Not only do you get to watch what you want whenever you want, you can also do it for nearly free, in most cases. For example, there’s VUDU, a service that specializes in providing streamed movies in HD (1080p). With a high-speed Internet connection, you get access to movies from nearly all of the major motion picture companies, including Sony and Paramount. Vudu is very affordable and as a bonus, offers its first movie rental for free. | What is Vudu?


Netflix | Hulu | Redbox

Netflix and Hulu are two other great alternatives for cable TV. Netflix specializes in streaming thousands of available titles for reasonable fee, while Hulu provides viewers with the latest primetime television shows from a variety of networks. Netflix offers a full first month of free service for newcomers, while Hulu currently offers two weeks free for new signups. Redbox is yet another alternative for those who want to get away from the high cost of cable TV. Its ubiquitous red kiosks are a beacon for any avid movie goer who wants an easy and convenient way to rent DVDs and Blu-ray videos. Renters can even preserves their favorite movies online, pick them up at the nearest Redbox kiosk and return them when they’re done. And they also offer the first rental for free!

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Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna

Another great way of cutting the cable cord can be found right on your television. As of June 2009, the federal government mandated a massive changeover to a new digital broadcasting standard that enables households with an HD-capable indoor antenna to enjoy high-definition television for free over the airwaves. All new televisions feature a built-in HD tuner that are capable of receiving over-the-air broadcasts, while older TVs require a standalone tuner. The Mohu Leaf HD Indoor Antenna is the #1  selling Indoor Antenna on Amazon because it greatly outperforms all other indoor antennas and costs substantially less than many brands. The Leaf Antenna was designed by experienced engineers who have been designing antennas for the US military for years.

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Video Streaming Devices

Last but not least, video streaming devices help deliver movies and television shows to your TV through your existing high-speed Internet connection. Devices like the Roku player not only provides free HD streaming, but it also features support for Netflix and Hulu. Even video gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 and (preferably) the PS3 allow you to watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows and other content through such services.

Doing away with your current cable TV service doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the latest shows and the best entertainment. With all of the above Cable TV Alternatives, you can enjoy HDTV on your own terms.


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