watch seahawks vs cowboys online without cable

How to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys Online without Cable

Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys have had relatively fair seasons this year. This will make it all the more interesting, when these two teams go against one another one more time to see who can continue on in the playoffs. If you have cable or an antenna, you have everything you need to watch the game legally. Otherwise, in order to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys legally, you’ll need to use a streaming service. Keep reading to learn all of the best methods to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without cable!

If you’re in need of a way to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without cable, you’ll find plenty of streaming options here. We’ll go over all of the great ways that you can watch the Seahawks vs Cowboys live stream. By the end of this article, you should have all you need to choose a service, sign in, choose the channel, and watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online!


What Channel is the Seahawks vs Cowboys Game On?

The Seahawks vs Cowboys game will air on FOX. As FOX is a local network, you can watch it with an antenna. Otherwise, you’ll need a streaming service if you want to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online. Don’t miss the game when it airs on January 5 at 8:15 pm ET. If you’re in need of a streaming service, keep reading because you have a few options!


How to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without Cable: At a Glance

Cable isn’t required to watch the Seahawks vs Cowboys live stream. There are plenty of legal options that will allow you to watch the game online without cable. All you’ll need is an Internet connection, a streaming service, and a device to stream on. Once you have those three things you can watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online, along with just about anything else you want to watch. Don’t forget that most streaming services offer free trials. This is good for two reasons. First, it gives you a legal way to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online free. Second, it gives you the time to test out a streaming service before committing to it in any way. Here are two of our top streaming options:

Hulu with Live TV is a popular option, especially with fans of the on-demand service that shares the same name. If you’re looking for a reliable service to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online, this might be the one for you. The main package offers 50+ channels of live TV, which includes FOX and other locals. While location is a factor in whether you receive local channels, Hulu Live provides locals to most markets. You’ll also have channels like ESPN, TNT, CW, USA, and Food Network. Without add-ons or upgrades, Hulu Live is $40 per month. You can watch the Seahawks vs Cowboys live stream for free if you sign up for Hulu’s 7-day free trial!

fuboTV is another standout option, especially if you’re a sports fan. While the package, which has over 70+ channels, is lacking ESPN, it does offer dozens of other sports channels. Many of these channels, especially the international ones, are not common among other streaming services. Depending on your location, you’ll have FOX and NBC, FOX Sports regional channels, Golf, and many other channels. TV Everywhere apps are also available and will let you watch live and on-demand content. Many non-sports channels are also included. You can learn more by trying the fuboTV free weeklong trial.


Using Live Streaming Services to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys Online

A lot of people want to cut the cord, they just don’t know how. Before cutting the cord, it seems so much scarier than it is. You will be amazed at how easy it is to find everything that you had on cable, plus more, for much less money. Cord cutting is all about finding the right service or services for you. Once you find the places you want to watch TV, you won’t have any problem keeping up on your favorite movies and shows. You may even find that cable and streaming are similar, despite their many differences.

Like with cable, streaming services will give you plenty of options. The streaming market continues to become more competitive. For you, that means more options! You can choose something like Sling TV, which offers 30+ channels for just $25 and the ability to add channels from there or you could go with PlayStation Vue, which has over 50 channels, but that costs $45 per month. There are also packages with a lower starting point than Sling TV. Many streaming services start around $40, but it will depend on the number of channels and the specific service.

Cable bills are known for over-charging, whether they are hiding fees in your bill or just charging too much for some good channels and a bunch of fillers. Streaming services give you the channels you want and don’t force you to pay for the junk channels that up your channel count. Not only that, but they don’t have contracts. This means you can downgrade your account (if possible) or switch packages without any added fees. Likewise, you aren’t penalized if you add a movie channel and then decide to cancel it. You can change or cancel your account whenever you want without any fees or contracts.

While cable bills use set top, cable boxes, streaming services use streaming devices. You can watch on mobile devices and computers. You can also use devices that stream the content to your television. These devices include smart TV and gaming console apps, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. The one factor bringing all these devices together is that they will require Internet to work. As long as you have a decent Internet connection and a streaming device, you can watch as much TV as you want!

Keep reading to learn what streaming services will allow you to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without cable.


Hulu with Live TV Can Offer All You Need to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys Without Cable

Hulu with Live TV is a great choice if you’re looking to toss your cable company aside. In the 50+ channels in the only package offered, you’ll get everything from sports and news to movie channels. You’ll also have the chance to add more channels including Starz and Showtime. Hulu Live offers local content to most markets and that includes offering FOX, which makes it a great service to use to watch the NFL playoffs without cable. Depending on your location you may not have live access to local content, but with TV Everywhere apps you will have other ways to watch.

Hulu Live’s basic package is just $40 a month, which is a standard starting price for many services. Of course, with Hulu Live you also get Hulu’s on-demand service at no cost. Other perks include the ability to watch two streams simultaneously and a cloud-based DVR that comes with 50-hours of storage. Both of these perks can be upgraded for a small fee. You can upgrade to unlimited streams and you can up your storage to 200-hours. If you’ve ever used Hulu’s on-demand service, you will find the transition to Hulu with Live TV to be an easy one. Here are some details about Hulu with Live TV:

  • 50+ channels with available add-ons like HBO
  • Watch Hulu’s on-demand service, which is included for free
  • $40 per month
  • No contracts – cancel your service without dealing with anyone
  • Available channels include ESPN, FOX and other local channels, TNT, and USA
  • Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online with mobile devices, Chromecast, Roku, and more
  • Get started with your Hulu Live free 7-day trial

Hulu with Live TV is going to be best for those looking for a well-rounded cable replacement. Of course, with an available trial, you could just watch the game and if you don’t like the service, you could cancel without losing a dime. Hulu Live offers an easy to use platform with plenty of channels and one of the most popular on-demand services at no additional cost. Make sure to learn more in our Hulu with Live TV review.


fuboTV is Another Way to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys Without Cable

fuboTV has a plethora of sports content that should please any huge sports fan. For $45 a month you’ll get over 70 channels. Many of these channels offer sports content. Local channels like FOX and NBC are included, along with regional FOX Sports channels. If you’re in a location that does not get these channels live, you can use TV Everywhere apps like FOX Sports Go to watch live or on-demand. You also get a wide variety of international sports. Of course, there are some non-sports channels that are also available. fuboTV even provides a small discount during the first month. After the free trial, the first month is only $40.

Live TV is what will allow you to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys online, but there are other perks to a fuboTV subscription. You’ll also have an on-demand library that includes a variety of previously aired episodes and sporting events. A cloud-based DVR is also included. This gives you a huge selection of both live and on-demand content to enjoy. Check out these additional fuboTV details:

  • Enjoy over 70 channels, most of which let you watch sports without cable
  • Pay $40 for the first month
  • After the first month the price goes up to $45 per month
  • Add to your package with more sports or movie channels
  • Use your cloud-based DVR to record all your favorite shows
  • Stream on your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, mobile devices, and more
  • fuboTV’s free weeklong trial is a good way to try without any risks

With the inclusion of FOX and regional FOX Sports channels, NBC, NBCSN, and associated FOX Sports Go and NBC Sports apps, sports fans have plenty to keep them busy on fuboTV. The starting price might be a few dollars higher, but you get more channels than some similarly priced streaming services and you can always cancel if it’s not the right fit for you. You can learn more by checking out our fuboTV review.


Other Ways to Watch Seahawks vs Cowboys Without Cable

Hulu Live and fuboTV are great options. Of course, there are other ways to watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without cable. Keep reading to learn about some other popular options for watching TV without cable.

DIRECTV NOW – starts at $40 a month – Multiple packages are available with as many as 125+ channels. All packages offer local channels, but availability will depend on location. Most cities should have FOX. Otherwise, you can watch using a TV Everywhere app. Our DIRECTV NOW review has more information.

YouTube TV – $40/month – Like Hulu Live, YouTube TV attempts to offer locals to as many areas as possible. This means there’s a good chance that you’ll have FOX in most areas. 50+ other networks are also included in the base package. Our YouTube TV review has more details.

PlayStation Vue – numerous packages from $45 a month – Most cities have access to local channels including FOX. PS Vue also allows you to use many TV Everywhere apps, which gives you another way to watch FOX online. Learn more about PlayStation Vue vs Sling TV and other live streaming services.

The more you learn about streaming services, you might notice that they all work in pretty much the same way. The difference will be in the layout of the apps or services, the channel lineups, and the price.


Wrapping Up

You should have all the details you need to go and watch Seahawks vs Cowboys without cable. Hopefully you find the right streaming service for you. Remember that you don’t sign a contract, so if you don’t like the first service you choose, you can always shop around for another. For more info, make sure to check out our article on how to watch NFL online.