Watch Live Sports Online?

Or is OTA a Better Idea?

Sports OTAIf you’re thinking about saving up to hundreds of dollars every year by killing the cable bill, then you’re probably aware of some of drawbacks to getting rid of your current cable television service. For instance, you might think that given up cable also means giving up much of your favorite sports coverage.

However, there are plenty of ways you can keep up with the latest in football, basketball, baseball and a variety of other sports without having to spend outrageous sums of money on cable and satellite television service. What is Over the Air?

The Picture can be Fuzzy but the Law is Not

Unfortunately, one option you won’t have at your disposal is watching live sports online for free. Many websites will attempt to advertise free streams of popular sports coverage from the major networks. While this seems like an easy and convenient way to catch up on your favorite sports, these online streams violate current copyright statues, a crime that can carry serious penalties under most circumstances. Watching one of these streams can place the viewer at risk of prosecution, in many cases. In the interests of staying completely legit, you will want to stay clear of online sports streams.

Even if you don’t care about the legality of it all, quality is a serious issue. When streaming live sports online you have to deal with choppy, blurry, pixelated resolution that is simply not enjoyable to watch. You cant tell which player is doing whatall you can see is bunch of colored jerseys. And you definitely cant invite friends over for the big game, as they will be very disappointed and most likely make fun of your ridiculous setup.

Watching Sports OTA is FREE, in HD, & 100% Legal

Even if you can’t watch your favorite live sports online for free legally, you do have another option: watching them over-the-air (OTA) with a Mohu Antenna in HD on your TV for FREE.

ABC offers “ESPN on ABC,” featuring a wide range of sports coverage from college and professional basketball to NASCAR and Indy Car racing. Avid basketball fans can look forward to coverage of the NBA Playoffs and Finals, as well as coverage of the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament and other college basketball events. ESPN on ABC will serve as the host of FIFA World Cup coverage in 2014.

NBC Sports offers excellent sports covers on a weekly basis, from the Ironman World Championships to Professional Bull Riding. Avid football fans will especially enjoy Sunday Football, which features excellent coverage of NFL pro football every Saturday night throughout the season. To learn more read “5 ways to Watch NFL without Cable“. NBC Sports also offers coverage of Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball events.

CBS Sports also offers a broad range of sports coverage, including major NFL, college football and basketball events. CBS also covers PGA and LPGA golf tournament coverage. Ice skating fans can also tune in OTA and catch the latest professional ice skating tournaments broadcast on a regular basis. FOX is yet another network that handles sports coverage OTA, offering live NCAA college basketball coverage in addition to NFL football and other sporting events.

OTA TV Guide

To make sure necessary channels are available in your area, visit AntennaWeb.

1. enter your street address, town and zip code <or just enter your zip code>. 2. answer the structural questions. 3. click Submit. 4. confirm your location on a map. ~ And your done, you will then see a list of stations that are available in your area.

To find out what is playing OTA in your area follow these simple steps:

  • go to: Yahoo TV
  • click on Set Preferences
  • enter your zip code
  • under Choose Your Provider – select Broadcast (Antenna)
  • skip the Manage Favorite Channels & Additional Settings
  • click Save
  • Bookmark this page for future use
  • go to: TV Guide
  • click on Change Location/Provider
  • enter your zip code
  • click on Antenna
  • click on your Local Provider
  • Bookmark this page for future use

Now scroll down the TV Guide and you will see icons for major network channels like CBS, FOX, NBC and more.

Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna

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Getting your fill of sports coverage without the need for cable or satellite service does not have to be difficult. OTA broadcasting is one the best and most affordable ways of watching your favorite sports programs without having to put up with the bills and service restrictions that come with ordinary cable and satellite dishes. Whenever you’re ready to cut the cable, it’s always good to know that you have plenty of choices at your disposal.

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