watch college football bowl games without cable

How to Watch College Football Bowl Games without Cable

As the year draws to a close, football fans are getting ready for the most exciting time of the year: College Bowl season! Starting in mid-December and running through the first week of January, the College Bowl season is action-packed for NCAA football fans.

But can you watch college football bowl games without cable? It used to be nearly impossible. Thankfully, today it’s quite easy! Keep reading to learn how to watch college football bowl games online.


How to Watch College Bowl Games Without Cable TV

If you’re a cord-cutter who still wants to catch the action in the coming weeks, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to watch the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, or the National Championship, the methods are largely the same – and are explained in detail below!

The easiest way to watch bowl games online is to sign up for a live streaming service. These services are essentially cable-alternatives, and they provide the ability to watch live TV whenever you want. Here are the basics of how these services work:

  • Pay a monthly fee between $25 and $40
  • No contract – cancel any time
  • Get between 25 and 60+ channels, depending on the package you choose
  • Enjoy networks like ESPN, TNT, FOX News, CNN, AMC and many more
  • Watch live TV as it airs – including college bowl games!
  • Watch live TV on your streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, chromecast, etc)
  • Also watch live on your smartphones, tablets and computers – even while on-the-go

So in a lot of ways, these services are similar to cable TV – they’re just a lot cheaper and more flexible. Two of our top recommendations for those looking to get rid of cable TV are Hulu with Live TV ($40/mo, 50+ channels) and Sling TV ($25/mo, 25+ channels). We’ll go over the details of these services in the guide below.


Watch College Bowl Games Online via Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is among our top recommendations. It’s an affordable, easy to use and well-rated service for cord-cutters. It’s a great way to watch sports without cable.

Subscribers will pay $40 per month to gain access to over 50 popular TV channels. This includes ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, which are set to air the Bowl games this season.

Hulu works on all your favorite devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, smartphones, computers and more. You can sign up in a matter of minutes and immediately start watching your favorite channels. And for those times when nothing’s on, you can access Hulu’s huge on-demand library of shows and movies.

Click here to try a free 7 day trial of Hulu with Live TV! You can also check out our Hulu review to learn more.


Watch College Football Bowl Games Without Cable on Sling TV

Sling TV is another good option. It’s even more affordable than alternatives, at a price of just $25 a month. This year, it will be the cheapest way to watch college bowl games without cable.

Like Hulu Live TV, this service works over the internet. You don’t need cable to use it – just a reliable internet connection and a compatible device. It costs $25 per month and gives you 25+ channels, including ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3. These channels will host all the College Bowl games.

Sling TV has a lot more channels available, as well, should you choose to expand your selection. There are many $5 add-on packages that you can use to expand your lineup with 5-10+ additional channels.

Sling TV is non-contract, so you can cancel at any time. Read our full Sling TV review to learn more – or get started with Sling TV’s free 7 day trial!


Other Options for College Football Bowl Streaming

Hulu Live TV and Sling TV are our top recommendations, but there are some other options.

DIRECTV NOW – $40/mo for 65+ channels. See our DIRECTV NOW review.

YouTube TV – $40/mo for 50+ channels. See our YouTube TV review.

PlayStation Vue – $45/mo for 45+ channels. See our PlayStation Vue review.

These services are quite similar to the ones we’ve already discussed. They function over the internet, and offer a cable-free way to watch live TV. They are all non-contract, as well.

Any of these services would be a great option for college bowl game streaming. And fortunately, all of them offer free trials. You could potentially try out multiple services to see which one you want to keep long-term.


College Bowl Game Schedule for 2018/2019

Now you know how to get the College Bowl live stream – but when to tune in? The schedule for the biggest upcoming Bowl games can be found below. For full scheduling info, see this guide.


College Football Playoffs

Dec. 29 – Cotton Bowl @ 4 p.m. ET (ESPN)

No. 2 Clemson (13-0) vs. No. 3 Notre Dame (12-0)

Dec. 29 – Orange Bowl @ 8 p.m. (ESPN)

No. 1 Alabama (13-0) vs. No. 4 Oklahoma (12-1)

Jan. 7 – National Championship @ 8 p.m. (ESPN)


Selection Committee Bowl Games

Dec. 29 – Peach Bowl @ 12:00 p.m. (ESPN)

Michigan (10-2) vs. Florida (9-3)

Jan. 1 – Sugar Bowl @ 8:45 p.m. (ESPN)

Texas (9-4) vs. Georgia (11-2)

Jan. 1 –  Fiesta Bowl @ 1 p.m. (ESPN)

UCF (12-0) vs. LSU (9-3)

Jan. 1 – Rose Bowl @ 5 p.m. (ESPN)

Ohio State (12-1) vs. Washington (10-3)

For the full schedule of all the College Football Bowl games, see this guide from CBS Sports.

As you can see from the schedule, all the major Bowl games air on ESPN. Our recommended services all include ESPN, so you should be able to watch College Bowl games online for each and every matchup!

For more information, check out our guide on how to watch college football online. Or, leave a comment if you have questions!