Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has moved up two weight classes, going from middleweight to light heavyweight, to take on current WBO light heavyweight champion, Sergey Kovalev for his belt. Kovalev is hopeful to continue his current 3-win streak, but Canelo is known for his cunning fight choices, along with the fact that he is younger and faster than Kovalev. No matter who wins, you can expect an explosive fight. Normally, you might expect an event like this to air on cable or even pay-per-view. However, thanks to DAZN, you can watch Canelo vs Kovalev online!

DAZN is an online streaming service. They will be airing the Canelo vs Kovalev live stream in ten countries and the United States is one of them. The fight will take place in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 2 at 10 p.m. ET. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve cut the cord or you’re thinking about it, DAZN is the only place you can watch the Canelo vs Kovalev live stream.


How to Watch Canelo vs Kovalev Without Cable: At a Glance

Rather than a channel, you will need the streaming service DAZN if you want to watch the Canelo vs Kovalev live stream on November 2. If you’re a fight fan, there’s a good chance you’ll love DAZN. The service offers 100 fight nights a year and much more for one low monthly price. More importantly, it’s the only way to watch these fights. So, if you want to watch Canelo vs Kovalev online, DAZN is your one chance to get it done!

DAZN offers a wide range of MMA and boxing events throughout the year. You’ll pay $20 per month or you can save some money and pay $100 for the full year. Either way there are no contracts involved and you’re free to cancel whenever you wish. While DAZN mainly offers fights right now, they plan to branch out in the future and offer more sporting events. You’ll be able to stream a host of fighters from Canelo to Ruiz live and on-demand. You can stream the Canelo vs Kovalev live stream on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, computers, mobile devices, and more.


Using Streaming Services to Watch Canelo vs Kovalev Online

The idea of cable is a good one, but the reality is that the prices and poor customer service often drive people to seek out other options. Now that streaming live TV is a possibility, more and more people are choosing streaming over cable. There are many reasons people make the switch, but most of them revolve around money and convenience.

Some of the benefits of streaming include:

  • Extra Cash in your Wallet – Streaming services cost anywhere from $6 to over $50 per month. The average multi-channel package starts at around $50 per month. Comparing that to cable, which often averages $100 per month, that’s quite a difference. You can spend $50 (or less) a month and have an equal amount to save that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Just imagine all of the fun things you’ll be able to do with all of that extra money!
  • No Contracts – Cable tends to like to rope people into contracts. This might seem okay in the beginning, because they often come with promotional pricing. However, if you want to cancel you could be charged penalties. Also, when your contract ends, your promotional pricing disappears, and the prices go up. These are things easily avoided with streaming.
  • Watch Live or On-demand – If you want to watch live TV, you’ll find plenty of it, but there are other ways to watch TV. Most streaming services include on-demand catalogs of content. Some even go further, offering cloud-based DVRs, so you can control what you save and when you watch it. In general, these features are part of your base package and often do not require any extra fees.
  • Watch on the Bus, on your Couch, or in the Backyard – Streaming devices allow you to watch TV from any location where you have an internet connection. This means the options are endless as long as you have Wi-fi. Streaming devices include computers and laptops, iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, Roku, Apple TV, gaming consoles, Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs, Chromecast, and many other options.

These are just some of the reasons that people are switching to streaming. Now let’s move on to more details about DAZN and how to watch Canelo vs Kovalev online without cable.


Watch Canelo vs Kovalev Online without Cable using DAZN

DAZN, might seem like a strange name, but it’s pronounced “Da Zone.” This all-sports streaming service offers mainly MMA and boxing in the United States, but you can expect to see more from them in the future. They are a global streaming service and they offer a wide range of sports in each country they serve. Plans are available from $20 per month, but the real savings come from the annual membership, which is just $100. Here is more on DAZN:

  • Events from the best in boxing and MMA including WBO, Bellator, Combate Americas, Golden Boy Promotions, and more
  • $20 per month
  • Save money with the annual plan and get DAZN for $100 for a full year
  • Stream exclusive fights from GGG, Michael Venom Page, Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua, and many others
  • Watch Canelo vs Kovalev live or on-demand
  • Stream the show on gaming consoles, Roku, mobile devices, Apple TV, and other devices
  • DAZN does not offer a free trial
  • No contracts – you can cancel anytime you want

The only major downside to DAZN is that they don’t offer a free trial. This is a handy way of making sure that a service is right for you. Still, DAZN is a contract-free service. So, if you sign up for the first month to watch Canelo vs Kovalev online and find that DAZN isn’t for you, just cancel. It only takes a few clicks of a button and you won’t be charged for any more than what you received.

Our DAZN review can tell you more.


Wrapping Up

DAZN should be a great option for fight fans. Combat sports from boxing to MMA are offered in abundance through DAZN. Over 100 fight nights per year are available, which means you’ll have plenty to watch. You can save tons of money choosing the annual membership for $100. If you think about it, that’s like paying just $1 per fight for the whole year! It’s hard to beat pricing like that. DAZN is also the only way to watch Canelo vs Kovalev online without cable!

DAZN is another easy way to watch sports without cable. Still, if you’re new to streaming and have questions about how to watch Canelo vs Kovalev online, our comment section is always open.